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How to Cope With a Condescending Spouse: 15 Steps (with Pictures)

16 Sep Nagging is irritating habit of a person to go on and on about a particular issue without giving themselves or others any rest. If you have a nagging wife or husband then you know exactly what I am talking about without any explanation. It is normal to feel that marriage problems arising out of nagging are. Wife Coach Julie Marah has Three Top Tips for Dealing with an Annoying Husband. I can say that in the past two days since reading Julie's tips I've honestly been bemused rather than annoyed by my husband. My go-to . On the other hand point scoring and constant nagging are demoralizing for all and energy sapping. 28 Jul 4 Ways to Deal with Your Critical Spouse. Dr. David Hawkins - Marriage Blogger. Critical spouse. It has been said that what we focus on becomes larger in our lives. This truism seems applicable not only to the goals and dreams we have for our lives—and this My wife doesn't like me nagging her.

A condescending spouse can make you feel worthless, frustrated, and sad. If your spouse is condescending to you either in private or in front of others, this behavior must not only be dealt with, but changed as well. A marriage cannot survive if one spouse is always looking down on the other, so address the behavior swiftly and identify ways to make a change.

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How To Cope With A Nagging Husband

Determine the best time to approach your spouse. During the heat of the moment may not be the best time to have the conversation, since tempers are charged and either of you might say something regrettable. If you allow too much time to pass, the incident will be forgotten and the details will become blurry. Try to sit down with your spouse within a few days of the incident in order to address it while it is still fresh.

Find a calm setting where you two can be alone. Presenting your case in front of friends will make you look wounded and your spouse like a jerk. Talk with your spouse after he has had time to relax and unwind from work.

Present your case with a non-threatening tone. For example, you might say something like, "I feel sad when you talk to me in that tone of voice. Use examples to illustrate your point. It may be helpful to provide specific examples when you talk to your spouse about more info or her behavior.

Choose a recent instance and be specific How To Cope With A Nagging Husband what was said and done. For example, you might say, "Last night during dinner you made a remark that was pretty condescending. You said that it would be a waste of time to try to explain your new project to me because I wouldn't be able to understand. Ask your spouse why he or she is condescending.

Your spouse might respond to you in condescending ways due to insecurity or a sense of inadequacy. Try asking your spouse to tell you what is really going on by saying something like, "I feel like you might be upset about something other than me. What is going on? Although your spouse's behavior is still inappropriate, knowing what is really going on behind the condescension may help you figure out a better way of living together.

Make it clear that condescending behavior is not acceptable and that you will not tolerate it. Stand your ground and do not change your mind if your spouse further belittles you or tries to make light of the situation. One example of a consequence you could set is to say something like "if How To Cope With A Nagging Husband speak to me in that tone, I will leave the room.

If you continue putting me down in front of others, I will take steps to end our relationship. Use humor to shrug it off. Don't let your spouse's condescension get to you. Next time he is condescending, think about what is funny about the situation. Make a joke or laugh it off by pretending to think that your spouse must be joking. By using humor, your spouse loses some of the power he or she is trying to wield through condescension.

Turn the spotlight around.

How To Cope With A Nagging Husband

One way to stop condescending remarks in their tracks is to turn the spotlight onto the person making the comments. For example, if your spouse is being condescending about your parenting skills, you might ask "how would you do it better? Assess when the condescension began. Think back as to whether your spouse click recently become condescending or whether he or she has been condescending your entire relationship.

Have you tried confronting your husband and asking him why he puts you down behind your back? I honestly think if you can attempt to clean your home for 15 minutes 3x a day on top of anything you do now it would make a world of difference. Anyway, I was just going through old posts, saw that I never gave an update to this post, and thought I'd let you all know how it's been going with us. All Comments Your Activity.

You can do this by asking yourself some questions: Did you originally marry someone who came into the relationship with a condescending attitude, or did it develop later in the marriage? Determining if this is a new behavior or an attitude that he already held can help you figure out how best to handle his inappropriate behavior.

Did your spouse completely change after marriage? Could a new job be influencing your spouse's behavior? From on-the-job stress to feeling heady about being promoted to How To Cope With A Nagging Husband lofty position, job influences can have a powerful impact on even the most unflappable personality.

While this information can help you figure out more about why your partner is being condescending, when you confront your spouse, be sure to keep the conversation How To Cope With A Nagging Husband and on the present.

Determine whether the behavior is context specific. You can get a sense of whether the condescension is motivated by something you may have done by looking at when the condescending remarks are likely to occur.

Do they only occur in certain contexts, such as in parenting discussions? Or, are they more widespread? Nailing down a specific time and circumstance will help you determine if your spouse has a trigger behavior or context. However, keep in mind that sometimes people don't know their own click here for their behaviors, so don't get stuck on this step if it is not helpful for you personally.

What kinds of comments are delivered? One possibility is that your spouse feels intimidated or even embarrassed by your job and covers up his true feelings with catty, rude remarks. If this is the case, you can focus on addressing his condescending behavior within this specific context.

I f you are in the middle of a cricket match or your favourite TV program and your spouse asks you do something, don't ignore or deny the request completely. Don't expect perfection in your plan - just start something and build on it, with hubby's help: You need to work on getting your boys to be more independent. I respect that he has certain preferences and ways of doing things.

Do you find that you are always keeping your guard up when you and your spouse are around your family and friends?

Examine if your spouse is aware of his behavior. In some cases, your spouse has been chronically condescending to the point where the behavior is part of his personality. That said, people aren't always aware of their own behaviors.

Also, if your spouse is overcompensating due to an insecurity, he may be so determined to muster confidence that he may not realize that his behavior is offensive. Does your spouse continue talking with you after a condescending remark, acting as though nothing happened?

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If this is the case, he may not be aware that the remarks are rude and inappropriate. Does your spouse seem to speak to everyone around him in the same manner or are you the only target? Watch for signs of psychological abuse. Abuse can take many forms and it is not always easy to spot an abusive person. Some subtle signs of emotional or psychological abuse include: If your spouse is also emotionally abusive and condescending to your children, you should take extra steps to protect them during this fragile stage of development.

To do this, you can: Tell them how much you love them and treat them especially well. Explain to them that when people get angry, they say things that they don't really mean.

Make check this out clear that what people say about them, even a parent, isn't necessarily true. What matters is how they feel about themselves. Alert social services to ask for help if the emotional abuse is severe or persistent. Tell your spouse that he is emotionally abusing the children and that it is not appropriate and that if he doesn't stop you will take steps to end the relationship and get custody of your children.

Talk to your friends and family. Friends and family can offer excellent support and advice during a relationship crisis. Try talking to your friends and family about what has been going on. Ask for suggestions about what to do next or where to get help. You may even be able to stay with a friend or family member until you can figure things How To Cope With A Nagging Husband and find a place of your own. This may be the best thing for you to do. If you have children, then getting them away from an abusive spouse will benefit them as well.

Tell your spouse you want you both to go to couple's therapy. Couples therapy can be effective at helping you both to change your dysfunctional relationship dynamic. To get him to see how important this counseling is to you, consider saying that if he is unwilling to try this, then you will take steps to end click relationship. To find a here mental health professional in your area, try this site: Speak to a counselor on your own.

Counseling can help you to become more assertive and to determine whether or not you want to stay in the relationship or move on. If your partner won't do couples counseling with you, then you should still speak to a counselor on your own.

How to deal with a nagging partner

Try to find a counselor who has experience dealing with situations similar to yours. You're helping people by reading wikiHow wikiHow's mission is to help people learn, so we really hope this article taught you what you wanted to know. Yes, I read the article. My husband always answers me sarcastically or with some irritation. He can be very cold, insulting and it doesn't matter how much I do for him — it's never enough.

He doesn't do for me any of the things that he expects me to do for him.

How to deal with a Nagging Wife

A, Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I suggest you seek counseling to fully discuss your marriage with a trusted counselor.