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Is He SHY or Just Not Into You?

16 Signs A Shy Guy Likes You

Some men are very overt in their approach and you will know when they mean business. And then there are the shy guys who are extremely conscious of their feelings for you but they won't let it out directly. All shy guys are faced with one dilemma – 'to let know' or 'not to let know' – when it comes to their love interest. Instead, he resorts to admiring you from afar. Engaging with someone you like is terrifying and a shy guy is often afraid of being rejected or judged. He rarely opens up. That being said, it's very hard to tell when a shy guy likes you. However, once in a while, you may pick up on signs like subtle eye contact indicating his. It's not always easy to tell if a shy guy likes you. Often, shyness and uninterest are mixed up and a shy guy often comes off as uninterested when in fact he really likes this one girl. The best way to talk to a shy guy is to be the one who initiates the conversation and be the one who shows interest in him because shy guys have.

Shy guys are extremely secretive and can be very hard to read. In general, they play by a different set of rules, mainly because they don't know what the rules are or because they are too self-conscious. Now you are helping others, just by visiting wikiHow.

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Does He Like You? 14 Ways to Tell if a Shy Guy Likes You

Thanks for helping us achieve our goal of helping everyone on the planet learn how to do anything! Featured Articles Getting a Date. Confrontation makes shy guys nervous. Always use subtle techniques when interacting with a shy guy.

How To Tell A Shy Guy Is Interested

Asking his friends has a very serious downside: You may be given bad information about whether or not he likes you. Because he's shy and doesn't express his feelings often, you might get the idea that he's not interested when he actually is. Asking his friends also has the downside of putting the ball in his court. When he knows — or guesses — that you like him, he's going to think that you want him to ask you out. This makes him feel pressured. As frustrating as it may be, you're going to have to do a lot of the work here, helping him feel relaxed along the way.

The Best Way to Know if a Shy Guy Likes You - wikiHow

Compare his behavior toward you with his behavior toward others. Remember, guys are guys - they will act like guys around their friends, but when it comes to just the two of you talking, he will think before he speaks, tend to be nicer, and will find a way to make you laugh. Is he extra nice?

He wants to know every single detail about you until he finally sums up the courage to ask you out and give you the best date ever. Article Info Featured Article Categories: For them, the friend zone is a happy medium.

If he treats you differently than everyone else, he definitely has strong feelings of some sort for you. Does he get really quiet around you? His inability to talk might be nervousness: He's got a crush on you, and he's so afraid of saying something weird or stupid that he's told himself it's better just not to talk when you're around.

Read his body language. However, instead of looking for the usual flirting behavior ex. Does he fidget with his hands, clothes, or his hair when you talk to him?

These things are definitely a sign of nervousness; talking to you makes him so flustered that he can't keep still. Does he sweat or perspire around you? Sweating is another sign of nervousness.


Sweating is an involuntary bodily function, and if he could control it, he would. But he can't, so his forehead and underarms are likely to bead up. Does he blush or gulp a lot around you? Blushing can be tough to see, but on some guys it's obvious: His face lights up and he looks like he's just run a mile.

Gulping is a sign that he knows he needs to say something but can't find the exact words, or any words, to say. Is he around you often, but never close to you? It could be that How To Tell A Shy Guy Is Interested savors being near you, but doesn't want to tip his hand by being close to you. If he's always somewhere close, but never close enough, he might be as hopelessly drawn to you as you are to him.

Try to catch him looking at you. Since shy guys suppress their feelings so much more than other guys, keeping their interest a secret and sometimes avoiding their crushes altogether, they often steal glances to make up for it.

How To Tell A Shy Guy Is Interested

Smile at him if you want to give him hope. At the same time, does he avoid looking at you altogether? Even shy guys look at girls some of the time. If he consistently avoids looking at you, it could be that he doesn't want you to notice his secret feelings. Notice whether he looks at other girls to find out if he acts like that in general or just around you. Pay attention How To Tell A Shy Guy Is Interested the way he talks to you.

Again, note whether or not his speaking is extra awkward around you compared to around other people. Does he give you short "yes" or "no" answers and refuse to elaborate? It's not that he's not interested in the conversation; it's that he's too interested in the conversation and doesn't want to say anything that might reveal his affection for you. Is he more confident around his friends? His friends offer go here a little bit of psychological support.

He still doesn't want to mess up in front of you, but he's a little more willing to engage in conversation. See if How To Tell A Shy Guy Is Interested makes friends with your friends. It's not necessarily that he likes your friends, it's that he wants an excuse to be closer to you, and he wants to be able to hear about you from the people who know you best.

Especially if he makes friends with all of your friends and not with you, it could mean that he's crushing. With this scenario, make sure he's not flirting with your friends.

If he is, it could be that he genuinely likes one of them and not you. On the other hand, he could just be flirting in order to show you that he can impress other girls. Ask him to do you a favor. However, do not abuse your power over him. Calmly and sweetly ask him to carry your books or your backpack for you to the next class.

If you need an excuse you don't, you can just ask himtell him that your back is hurting you and you don't want to make it worse. Ask him to help you out with hard homework problems.

If he's not great at math, don't ask him to help you out with geometry — it'll only make him more nervous. Find out here he's good at and ask him to explain something to you.

Ask him to trade something yummy that he brought for lunch. Maybe he brought some jelly beans and you notice them in the cafeteria. Ask him for some jelly beans in return for a toffee apple or something sweet. If he grants your wish without hesitation, it's a good sign. Pay him a nice compliment and see how he reacts. The compliment doesn't have to be over the top — a "good job on your report" or "Hey, thanks for helping me with my math!

You may find it hard to compliment him, especially if you're shy yourself, but this will go a long way toward making him feel more secure around you and letting you know if he likes you. The most important part to look for is his reaction: He likes you reaction: He stammers, clams up, or gets visibly embarrassed or even more shy He pays you back a compliment of his own, even if it's a little bit awkward He doesn't like you reaction: He doesn't seem phased or affected by the compliment at all He reacts with obvious displeasure or disappointment.

Talk to him online. Source lot of shy guys feel more comfortable writing click the following article behind a screen than speaking face-to-face.

If he sends you a Facebook request, that's a great sign.

How to tell if a shy guy likes you? Be patient while he comes to you. If he doesn't have the courage to talk to you and converse, then he'll most likely just stare at you. Help answer questions Learn more.

Hold out sending the request source if you just met him.

Wait and see if he does it. Guys usually can do over the internet what they can't in person. And he definitely wants to get to know you if he sends that request.

If he's really talkative online, and enjoys sharing things with you, it's because he relishes the chance to talk with you, but wants to control the situation. He feels more in control now that he doesn't have to worry how he comes off in person.

Ask him questions and see if he asks questions in return. Shy guys are usually pretty good about asking questions they don't want to have to talk all the time. If he consistently asks you about your past, about your goals, or simply about your day, take it as a good sign.

Don't keep your conversations just on the internet. It's fine to begin talking to him online or in texts, but eventually, you're going to need to approach him and try to get him to open up in person.

Otherwise, he'll get too comfortable with the internet and might need extra courage to make the move in person. Start interacting with him in his element.

Shy guys often feel at odds with the world — like it's moving see more one speed and they're moving at another. This can make basic things like talking to people at school painfully hard.

But chances are that a shy guy will have a "safe place" where he feels completely at home. If you can find that place and make yourself welcome, that's the first step in becoming more than just friends.

What is How To Tell A Shy Guy Is Interested special place? It depends on the guy!