Prevented From Matchmaking For 30 Minutes. Better Than Craigslist Hookup!

From For Minutes Matchmaking Prevented 30

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Naturally, I was unable to accept and got a small penalty for matchmaking. Fair enough, I thought. Being penalised in this manner is fair. Unfortunately I accidentally did this again (I don't usually do this, I guess I was just a bit unfortunate) and I was given a penalty of around 30 minutes. That was fair, I thought again as I had. 9 Mar Currently as ranked is designed, the matchmaking actively tries to keep you from climbing. Which is wrong. . But it's not hardto have decent cs 30 min into the game. What is . Since that's the case, then it really doesn't matter if matchmaking is actively working to prevent you from climbing. The goal is to. 15 Apr Prevented from matchmaking for 5 minutes, 30 minutes, 24 hours, 24 hours. If you think people who have criticism are not allowed to post then you are very narrow-minded. Solution to the problem: Don't fail to accept the match. The penalty will go back to 5 minutes. You can accept failure but not constant.

Forum Dota 2 Misc Yet another "prevented from matchmaking" frustration thread.

Submit a new text post. Next, it should go without saying that while the wide variety of playstyles that Dota players bring to a given match will always be welcome, intentionally ruining games for other players is never condoned. Originally Posted by GermanViet.

Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Yet another "prevented from matchmaking" frustration thread. Please Prevented From Matchmaking For 30 Minutes you have a problem with the thread or you feel like trolling or coming in to say "You deserve it" just save us all the hassle and refrain from posting a comment, this is barley a Dota player voicing out his opinion and i don't want it to turn into a flame war or a trolling thread for any reason. I've always posted here and on Reddit criticizing the Dota 2 automated punishment system because as a player who lives in Egypt and have to deal with terrible ISPs and tons of power outage problems it is bound that i will have my fair share of abandons therefore low priority matches i shit you not at some point it was as bad as getting 5 games in low prio finishing them and get an abandon in my first game after due to a power outage and end back in low prio but thankfully due to the winter kicking in i've moved past that, for now.

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So you can say that for me the past few months have been a long honeymoon of playing Dota without interruptions, problems, rage and i finally felt that Valve started respecting my intelligence as a player UNTIL this week when Dota decided to screw up with me again. Let me first clarify that due to the swarm of russians and eastern europeans in general on EU servers which has the optimal ping for me i always end up playing on US East because i love being able to communicate verbally not via pinging and spaming pre made Prevented From Matchmaking For 30 Minutes with my team mates because i do believe it's crucial so anyway due to differences in timezones my peak time could be very late in the US which causes the queue to take sometimes more than 40 mins and Prevented From Matchmaking For 30 Minutes honestly have no problem with that because i end up doing other stuff while waiting in the queue.

Sometimes you sit on your computer for 40 mins and the queue doesn't pop you go grab a drink and during those 10 seconds the queue pops and you miss it then get a 5 min ban which probably makes you wait another hour because in those 5 mins the 9 people who were matched with you are likely to find a 10th that is not you and start a game but who cares no big deal, the other day i miss read article queue and it's a 30 min ban and still idc fair enough, the 3rd day an hour and then i was stunned when i saw i was prevented from matchmaking for 24 hours i was seriously speechless because thats a harsher punishment than quitting an actual ranked game 50 mins in and fucking with everyone's mmr but then i raged a bit cursed at Valve, banged my head against thew all few times and got over it.

Woke up the other day eager and ready to get some Dota and played my first game which i really enjoyed and queued for another which took over 30 mins to pop and only poped when my door bell ringed and i was outside getting it and i come back and guess my surprise Seriously i don't understand why is it so excessive?

I did send a wall of text by e-mail this morning to Valve mainly to urge them to reconsider their punishment system because it's seriously silly and although i am Again please if you don't like my post feel free to just ignore it. Failed to accept match 4 times. Prevented from just click for source for 5 minutes, 30 minutes, 24 hours, 24 hours.

If you think people who have criticism are not allowed to post then you are very narrow-minded.

You are prevented from MatchMaking for mins. W T F ???? : DotA2

Solution to the problem: Don't fail to accept the match. The penalty will go back to 5 minutes. You can accept failure but not constant failure. Many people manage to click accept match.

Article source personally have always managed to do it. If I can do it you can do it as well. If you fear about being prevented from matchmaking because you left your PC cancel the queue. Great for moments when you need to afk for a min or so. Possible solution to foreigners issue In the grim darkness of the far future there is only war.

Originally Posted by GermanViet. Originally Posted by Redthirst. Originally Posted by Ducard. I agree with everything you said and my post was not to point out that i am not at fault here but just that the penalty is excessive, like you i've been playing Dota for years and i always managed to accept the queue this is the first time and i find 24 hours ban back to back is way too much.

Yes it is my fault for missing the queue but what harm did i cause to you when you waited for 2 more minutes to get another queue? Originally Posted by katsaroulhs.

Prevented From Matchmaking For 30 Minutes

Failing to accept once or twice in a row is acceptable. Failing so many times is not.

Cannot queue for matchmaking for this time.

This is to prevent abusers. If you have a better system in mind, say it. I am not sarcastic, nor making fun of you. If you really have a different system in mind that could work, please share it. Stuff like above might get you banned, you have been warned!

Also, Prevented From Matchmaking For 30 Minutes off with your middle-east attitude. Troubleshooting crashes Dota 2 Resources: Panorama tweaked hotkeys NEW!

Someone has a friend with an account that they don't care, or just another PC with a different acc. They both put some stupid but rare combinations for examplesouth arfican server with whatever language, on certain hours of the day, so that they know the server is almost emptythen they wait until both of these accounts get the "match ready" pop-up simultaneously article source if that happens those two will be enemies, and one of them will constantly feed the other and hinder his own team.

Resulting in a clear win for the booster. Now as you can imagine, even with these parameters, the chances of this happening are not so great, so it will take some tries. How are they doing that?

Prevented From Matchmaking For 30 Minutes

If the pop-up does not simultaneously appear to both of them, they decline. Again, and again, and again, and again and so on. This is impossible now. All times are GMT The time now is

They are going to lose because of the two losers. Once i enter the game, i had ping and 45 packet loss and all i could do was wait for it to disconnect. I dont know either, but people are actually downvoting this. Don't have an account? It would've been frustrating if I didnt make it past that hump, I'm trying to do everyone a favor.