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26 Sep If a woman wants to dress sexy and she is showing cleavage, then she's showing her self esteem and confidence. But my question is, what if this woman is engaged? If she has always worn lower cut tops showing a good amount of cleavage, but is now engaged, why does she continue to if she has a man. 30 Apr When a woman who is wearing a low-cut, or baggy top bends over directly in front of you, giving you a full show, is it always accidental or simply without thought? I'm asking because a client of mine seems to do this fairly often. She's single, knows I'm married, is not particularly attractive, and otherwise not. 26 Jun Simon, a year-old, married father of two sighs and says: “A woman showing me her breasts seems like a slut to me.” There are also concerns that too much cleavage is the reason most women are raped or sexually assaulted. “If you dress like that, how do you expect a man to react seeing all those.

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Why Do Married Women Show Cleavage

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Should a Christian Woman Show Off her Cleavage !?! (Response to Meagan Good & DeVon Franklin)

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Please report all rule-breaking. When you show cleavage, do you want men to look or not? It isn't the reason I show cleavage, but it doesn't bother me if they look. Outright staring is just rude though.

Thank you for understanding. As Why Do Married Women Show Cleavage male, I can't always resist a quick glance. I will, however, do my best to maintain eye contact. It happened at the bar lastnight; every time I looked behind me the dude standing next to me took full opportunity TO GLARE down my chest and turn back Why Do Married Women Show Cleavage from me when I looked forward again.

At least look at my face or try to talk to me in addition I've occasionally had guys tell me I'm "being distracting" which I feel is nice of them. So unless I'm drinking, I tone it down or cover it up. This is probably going to sound condescending but I'm genuinely curious: One of my favourite dresses shows tons of cleavage.

I wear that dress because it makes click the following article feel like a total badass and I love it. My other favourite dress is high neck and shows no cleavage at all, and I wear it for the same reason. I'm also in the camp of "I don't care if anyone looks, just don't be weird or stare like a wild animal. There often isn't a reason at all.

Maybe they just like the garment and it just so happens that it shows that area of the body. Maybe the reason is the same for why you show your neck instead of just wearing turtlenecks. I like to see them.

It's the damndest thing, but being able to see the tops of my breasts completely changes my demeanor. I'm calmer, I'm funnier, I'm far more confident.

I don't care if you look, but they're not on display for you. They're there for me. The only times I really do is if it's hot outside I live on the west coast or when going to the gym. Being comfortable when it's hot outside is my main priority when wearing a low cut.

AlthoughI will say that most low cut shirts don't have to provoke men to look-it really depends on the bra they are wearing push-up, padded, or supportive.

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The bra definitely makes a difference even with a bra that fits - I have quite a wide chest so I don't get proper cleavage most of the time and therefore, v-necks are totally fine. But if I wear certain bras, suddenly it's mega-cleavage.

The time now is Contact Us - LoveShack. I stopped completely and I am actually quite embarrassed of showing my cleavage and I don't feel like I have to show my body to necessarily feel sexy anymore and I feel cheap when I personally do although everyone is entitled to the way they wanna dress but I feel like dressing modestly even with the most tight clothes will make a girl look attractive in her own way without trying too hide link why I try to avoid wearing low cut clothes nowadays! My friends always deny it. I'm utterly mortified if even the smallest amount shows.

If I am showing cleavage, I won't mind if men or women glance at it, but I'm usually not showing cleavage as a choice Staring or oggling is not cool though. I'm gonna go against the grain here and say that actually, yes, I do kind of secretly hope that men look. If I'm being honest, this probably comes from when I was younger.

My boobs didn't really develop until I was 15 or so, and even now I'm not very full-chested, although I'm very happy with what I have. So for several years in my teens, I was desperately wishing I had cleavage to show off, because I thought it looked really sexy and would make me more attractive to guys.

I wished that guys would notice me because of my looks, because I'd never really experienced that before. So, now that I actually have some amount of cleavage and a much better self-esteem, it makes me feel extremely sexy to be able to show off my chest Why Do Married Women Show Cleavage bit. The idea that guys are looking at me and find me attractive is a huge confidence-builder for me.

I guess it sort of feels to me like "making up" for the looks I never got in my earlier teens. I don't dress outrageously or in an "attention-seeking" way by any means--my boyfriend says my style is even more conservative than most.

Why Do Married Women Show Cleavage

But when I do wear a shirt that happens to have some cleavage, though never anything extremeit makes me feel especially attractive, knowing that guys are looking at me. It's probably also click to add that my sexual preferences play into this somewhat. I have a lot of exhibitionist fantasies, and I love being my boyfriend's "little slut," as he calls me.

I'm guessing that has something to do with enjoying the idea of guys staring at me; the concept that they find me attractive, but that my boyfriend is the only one who gets to have me, is personally very exciting for me.

I guess there's a bit of a grey area there. I don't mean to invalidate anyone else's feelings on the subject. I think it's really wonderful that women feel that they're able to dress the way they want, without feeling the need to cater to men. These are just my personal experiences and preferences; I completely understand if they are not shared. This has got me thinking a bit; the overwhelming response ITT seems to be "no, I don't want men to look," and so far, mine is the only comment I've seen that doesn't seem to share this opinion.

I was just wondering: Or am I just an outlier? I'd be really more info to hear some input, please do share.

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Hell yes, I agree. If I wear something showing more than a typical amount of cleavage, it is for a reason. It isn't meant to get me laid, but it is meant to tease and attract. If I am flaunting it, you know.

What a foolish question. I understand why it bothers you. Or if you do it discretely and I catch you once, but don't let it be a habit, again - creepy.

If I'm not and there is a "normal" amount of exposure, I generally still am happy if guys look, given that they aren't disgusting about it. I Why Do Married Women Show Cleavage it, because it makes me feel attractive and desired. And I'm definitely with you. I mean, of course I don't want guys to be disrespectful about it. But dammit, if I'm showing a bit of boob, it's because I feel sexy, and it makes me feel good when people take note of that. It's good to feel that others find you attractive.

If I'm wearing something low, it's to show off my cleavage. If I'm click something short for meit's to show off my legs. Of course I don't expect anything disrespectful, but sometimes I just want to show off, you know?

Fellow late bloomer with just about a handful, and I totally share your opinion. I don't always show skin for attention. As I said in another comment, if I'm rocking some cleave I'm doing it for my eyes, mostly, 'cause I like looking at my own breasts.

But at the same time I'm certainly aware that I'm gonna draw some stares and I'm fine with that. When I first realized I was cute enough to get attention after a lonnnng awkward phase I was shocked. I dressed the part and really enjoyed the feeling of eyes on me for the first time.