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Genesis - King James Bible, Old Testament (Audio Book)

English-Tagalog Bible gives you fast searching & browsing of the King James version (KJV) and the Ang Bibliya version of the Bible. New American Standard Bible "I am the true vine, and My Father is the vinedresser. King James Bible I am the true vine, and my Father is the husbandman. . It is a term applied in connection with the traditional significance of the vine to the head of the theocratic family. In Isaiah 5. it is the . KJV · John Biblia Paralela. King James Bible (KJV) has been installed by millions of believers around the world - a FREE, easy and friendly way to read the whole Bible with no need of internet connection. The KJV Bible App gives you an improved Bible experience by keeping track of your readings, having instant access to any chapter, adding.

The Holy Bible - King James Version is a beautiful, easy to use, full featured Tecarta Bible app designed for quick navigation, easy note taking and powerful Bible study.

The World English Bible. Charles Osobu January 18, Gill's Exposition of the Entire Bible.

Also available for purchase in the app are a large selection of Study Bibles, Commentaries and Devotionals -- with all of their extra content integrated beautifully in the app so it is easy to navigate, search and study.

The app does contain a single ad in the verse of the day screen. For customers who have made an in-app purchase the app remains ad free. As our user base expands, we have made this change In order to continue our efforts. All Bible translations, Study Bibles, Commentaries and Devotionals can be downloaded to your device so you can use them off-line without an Internet connection. Tecarta Bible makes it easy to navigate, search, highlight verses, bookmark, make margin notes, and copy and paste into your notes.

Or if you would like to use these Bibles offline, you can do so by purchasing the license from inside the app. Purchasing any Bible license will also remove ads from the app. Are we missing any translations you would like to see?

Do you have any suggestions?

He put a wall here it, dug a winepress in it, and built a tower. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Nerlyn Alejandro rated it it was amazing Nov 22, I love this Bible app brcause it's God words and the truth way he want us us to go by which is the best Full Review.

Email us at biblesupport tecarta. The Bible application by Tecarta, Inc. I have been using it now for a couple of years and it has transformed my daily Bible study. I still use my hands-on Bible loving the feel of the leather in my hands traipsing through the Word checking and reviewing the verses as the morning study takes me through the Word. However Tecarta allows me to take notes and save the study and messages in an organized manner that is quickly and easily accessed as never before.

The method of keeping margin notes, not available in countless other apps and programs used in the past, allows quick access to a verse, inserting a note and keeping the verse and verses in a separate note that can be recalled by the search tool.

This program has revolutionized my Bible note taking.

Ang Hookup Biblia King James Version

Additionally the manual is short and simple allowing the application to be quickly learned. I hate the hundred page manual poorly indexed. Not so with the Tecarta application. It is a quick study, short and simple making the user adept almost instantly. I pray that the author and all of the staff are continually blessed by the Lord as He makes his Word available to us through Tecarta. I pray also for a continual supply of electricity and support for the existence of this app.

I love this app. I use the Tecarta KJV bible app not only to read and sometimes listen to the scriptures but I use it every week to make my messages and teaching notes on.

Ang Hookup Biblia King James Version

I love the way you can input scriptures into the lesson and add my own notes to it. Makes it so easy to use when preaching and teaching.

Matthew - King James Bible, New Testament (Audio Book)

I have used this app since and have lots of notes and sometimes I want to go back to a lesson or look for a particular lesson without having to scroll through them all. But overall great bible app. The Lord's blessings upon the developers! I could not image a bible app better than this one. It is simply awesome. The split pages, the different bibles, the study books, notes taking and tools to make it better and more organized than using the conventional methods.

Your notes are easily found and viewed. How can you beat that. I really like reading two different bibles types at the same time on split screen and also the studying bibles in the same way, make studying the Bible easy and organized. Vista previa de App Store.

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