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Chat to gay men in Saudi Arabia! Join the number one community for gay men now. 11 Nov According to a report in local news site Sabq, the man was apprehended by the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice after he posted pictures of himself naked on social media and offered to have sex for free with other men. “Offensive” pictures and chats with other people were. Discover Gay dating near you and in Saudi Arabia. Find a local connection today!.

I'm moving to KSA for work in a few weeks and I'm just wondering what the situation is with dating. I'm a mid 20s continue reading from the UK and obviously would like to meet some girls over there for friendship and maybe more. Is this possible or is it a big no no even for westeners? I'll be living in a compound if that makes any difference. Hi JBJ, Dating is a "big" no no here in saudi, you can get into serious trouble if your cought with a girl who is not related to you especially if she's arab and it can go as far as getting you jailed and deported.

So it's generally ok within the compound? What about Gay Hookup Websites In Saudi Arabia you travel outside the compound to go shopping or socialise or travel to say Bahrain or the UAE? Can the police stop you to find out if you are married or not? I'm posting this so anyone else with the same querry can be informed as well.

The rule in relation to thge mxng of men and women here is based on the concept that a man may only be seen in public with his legal wife, Gay Hookup Websites In Saudi Arabia, daughters, sisters and a woman with her legal husband, father, sons and brothers.

Hence any form of swinging with the opposite sex who is not a legal entity, in KSA, may be put to rest. Like Salman mentioned the penalty can be extremely humiliating and heavy. JBJ, listen to these guys. You've go here got to be here to really get it that you do not want to go playing footsies with anyone here.

You're doing the right thing by doing your research before you get here. Now, if you do get to live in the compound you're likely to be able to have some sort of dating life.

I see from the look and attitude of the people inside that they don't have much of a clue how it is in the real Saudi Arabia. But even if you do get to live at the compound, sooner or later you may venture out. So foretold is indeed forwarned. It is much easier to be gay in KSA. Meeting cute guys for friendship and fun was never as easy for me.

Gay Hookup Websites In Saudi Arabia

I thought homosexuality was punishable by death? I saw a show yesterday where one of the princes had a plethora of good looking females wearing western clothes and no abhya sp? I take it that's one of the perks of being one of the big dogs in KSA? What about in shops etc? Say I go for a burger somewhere, do I need to be served by a male? Are there seperate for males and females?

I'm quite intrigued as to how it all works.

Member since 05 August It's not the Americans are lazy not mostbut circumstances are such that the expat comes with a Mexican work ethic and with too much to lose if he complains about the occasional episode or worker exploitation. Send verification email Send verification email. Dear r m, First of all, you are Saudi, you are not supposed to be here.

Malls are all served by men. There are some malls exclusively for females where the sales and other staff are women but they are few and far between. Food courts are also served by men but they have a partitioned counter for serving females separately, but adjacent to the men only counter. Most food courts have separate sections for families and single males.

Well, the weather at tghe top is differenbt from that on the ground so those people in high places can get away with anything and everything as is across the globe.


Sarkozy and his model? Yeah I had an idea that was how it was with the "haves and have nots" but just thought I'd ask. I assume your name isn't a coincidence I'm planning on bringing a guitar for in my flat.

I'll be living in a compound if that makes any difference. Make sure that you have access to this email address before you request to receive a verification message. So everything is permitted there, alcohol, women. That entails foreign soil.

Is getting new cd's in the malls easy? What about meeting other musicians in general? I have toyed with the idea of buying myself an oud: Reh Mania mall in Al Khobar is probably music friendly, if I can use that word.

Gay Hookup Websites In Saudi Arabia

I've been here a month and haven't seen one live musician. On the several cab rides, I've mostly heard prayers. Now and then a Pak cabbie will play Urdustan's latest hits not older than BC. Reh Mania is a bit more jovial, owing to the hundreds of Phillipinos that frequent the mall. They tend to laugh, smile and let their women show their faces a LOT more than the typical Saudi.

In addition to this, they actually have a store that sells musical instruments including DJ kit and electric guitars. This has been a real rarity to see here on the east coast. Khobar's pretty modern, insofar as far as urban sprawl being the barometer of modernity. But it's pretty lively at night.

Of course, it's Ramadan these days so shops have later hours than usual these days.

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You actually get to appreciate the boisterous mirth of the Philipine workers, despite the adversities they face daily don't want to get into it - they have their own blogs for that. It's in stark contrast to the seriousness of the thobe clad Saudis thobes are Arabic dress for a Saudi Arab male, a long white, robe -like garment ; this despite the general opinion that Saudis don't work as hard as expats.

It's not a criticism, it's just like saying that Mexicans in the US will work 1. It's not the Americans are lazy not mostbut circumstances are such that the expat comes with a Mexican work ethic and with too much to lose if he complains about the occasional episode or worker exploitation. So, if you guys ever wanna jam, put up a posting and lemme know where the party at. Talking about reh mania mall JBJ, you can bring your guitar and maybe even meet other musicians in Click at this page and play and enjoy your music.

I played with a band, comprising a multicultural gang, from in Riyadh. We had to disband cos we moved. There arfe many musicians everywhere. Its finding them thats not so easy. They are agents for Yamaha. Dear r m, First of all, you are Saudi, you are not supposed to be here. This is a place for expatriates. I think it is clear who Gay Hookup Websites In Saudi Arabia the insults. Please check the history of the blog entries and you will see.

I beleive i am entitled to self-defense, at the same language level of the attacker. Hi again every one! I just had a few words with our legal affairs dept. I hope you refrain from using such language in the future.

K28, I would like to click you that Expat. X is from Italy and he is an expatriot in India, he will be asking questions in inida's blog while he also might be answering in the Italy blog.

I would highly advise you to respect the people and law of the country your in, even if they don't agree to your believes. I meant is it ok to go shopping etc That's good about music. I'm going to be in Al-Ahsa or close by.

𝐬𝐞𝐤𝐬𝐢 𝐠𝐢𝐫𝐥 𝐬𝐨𝐧𝐠, 𝐚𝐟𝐫𝐢𝐤𝐚, 𝐬𝐞𝐤𝐬, 𝐞𝐦𝐢𝐬𝐢𝐣𝐚

How far is that from Khobar? I like the sound of music shops in the close vicinity: I do accept the people and the law in my host country and I do not expect them to agree with all my beliefs, i do expect people however to respect me as i respect them 4.

I am sorry if i have over-reacted but the term "disgusting" that was used pissed me off a lot enjoy your time! Thanks khobar28 for your understanding. JBJ, al-hasa is not really that far from khobar, maybe a couple of hours at max if your driver moves slower than continents. Khobar28, this is Jo Ann from the Expat-Blog team.

This place is open and welcomes everybody, not only expatriates. We need locals as much as expats. Who better than a Saudi or someone who has lived all his life in KSA like Salman to teach you what you need to know about a country with different customs?

R-m, your presence here in Expat. Jo Ann, Salman Omrani,and musicman: Back to blogging about Saudi. Dating was the topic right? I was wondering what would be the protocol for visiting a lady at her place of employment in Saudi, specifically Damman region. The lady in question invited me and said it was okay to visit. Obviously anything regarding touching is out of the question.

What about polite conversation. I've seen a few merchants engaged in conversation with female patrons. Are there particular limits I need to focus on? I believe it depends on the place of work. Some ladies only establishments will not allow men inside.