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4 Tips on How to Ride Your Mans Dick

The Ride of Your Life

20 Jan You've requested me to show you the way to easiest being on most sensible, and those are my fundamental pieces of advice. Driving your man is all approximate. 25 Jan The biggest misconception women have when it comes to riding on top of a guy during sex is that it requires a lot of skill to do it properly. On top of this, he's going to be worrying about making sure that he stays hard, that he doesn't come too quickly, that you don't think his penis is too small and that he is. 3: Slide up and down, or grind back and forth while leaning slightly back (don't lean too far back because that will hurt his penis. Your knees bent, and your feet flat on the floor. Push up with your legs. Placing your palms flat on the floor, or on his legs for balance, and extra support. 4. Same as #1, but along with sliding up.

Find a reasonable and understanding partner. Make it a competition to make him bus before you do. One thing I hate is, the dick slipping out at ANY point. That is how I wont to take one or too im a man what should I do how do I get dicknno strings attached. What i do is put most weight on his dick when I turn. Lean to the side and How To Properly Ride A Dick sure to not knee him in the face. If he in laying flat rap your left knee over his stomach before spinning. Then toss your right knee over his source and just get into a comfortable position and proceed to do your thing.

But you got to keep it inside when you turn around.

How To Ride A Man: 15 Tips On How To Be Great On Top

Plus I am so totally getting mine first…. The juicing thing is nice for him but it takes a lot of concentration from me…. Think squeeze with your vaginal muscles like you have to pee…then pull your body away from his and release the squeeze as you come back down…. I am pretty and fun…. Want to be a better lover?

How To Properly Ride A Dick

Ask your lover what feels good to them…. Im Glad you checked out the videos as well.

Ask your lover what feels good to them…. Instead of trying to go up and down on the shaft, bouncing, you wanna get the dick in you, squeeze your pussy walls around it, then slide your pelvic region back and forth. The biggest mistake women make when getting sexual with a guy is that their man is going to be just as nervous as they are if not more so. His worm is dead, sorry! After he's done, are you going just to sleep there?

Even talk during the ordeal. I just hate when a guy tries to take over when im on top. Mine doesnt have wheels tho lol. Another good move is squatting on the dick rather than riding. Bum popping is a good way to go too.

Lay on him and How To Properly Ride A Dick. This way your thighs get a rest, you get that whole body touching thing we love, we get the clitoral stimulation and he still gets the bounce sensation. Lastly, I suggest laying down in the reverse cowgirl and bum popping as well. The twerk movement will give bounce AND you can hold the testies against your clit for nice and soft stimulation. Juicing…cute i like that term. Its a simple act that if done right pleases both the man and the woman because it draws the dick in deeper and engages all parts of the pussy.

Its like rapid fire touch and go…delicious!!! It is a squeeze, suck, release motion while bouncing preferably but once you get it down pact it is an read article inner pussy function. It takes practice so pay attention to your body when you orgasm this is when juicing happens involuntarily. It takes practice but it will drive you both crazy it can be. Best drive him crazy positions to do it from are while on your stomach and while riding him.

I just recently learned how to ride. These were really great tips especially the juicing but is there like certain stroke patterns or different ways to move your hips to make it more pleasurable? Because I feel like bouncing up and down gets boring. I want to be able to do something fun and freaky while riding ontop other than just facing the opposite way yet bouncing check this out and down.

Hey thanks for the comment. A few different ways to move are- 1. Winding your hips 2. Straddling back and forth 3. Loved this article lol…. Asking for pointers I can seebut damn near asking another woman to walk u through step by step is not cool. There is too much info at your finger tips! Great article funny and informative! I used yours as a reference while trying to come up with ideas for my own! I have never rode a guy before? My boyfriend has been hinting about it, but my nerves are terrible about it.

I really wanna How To Properly Ride A Dick on top…. I imagine I was initially shy about it, but I was also naive and shy about sex in general. Everyone starts out as a Rookie, so in an effort to improve we must try new things and perfect it. Work on your legs, do some squats, run, bike, etc… Get those legs stronger to handle taking over.

I asked him to train me. He said he would love to. Personally, i always start by riding his dick. I like when he takes control sometimes, other times i prefer to. I like to mix things up. I LOVE this post….

My man loves a woman who can ride dick…. Think squeeze with your vaginal muscles like you have to pee…then pull your body away from his and release the squeeze as you come back down…. Just wanted to saythanks.

My ex and I broke up for one year and during that time I had a short lived sexual relationship with a man that taught me how to ride dick and I got so much better at it. For the longest time i always hated getting on top, i felt like i was never gonna get. I compete alot, i learned on my own how to grip and squeeze and it feels good.

I mastered the reverse cow girl real good. I can make most men cum easly in that position. I just wanna say thanks for the helpful advice, you also mentioned techniques that i havent tried yet but will soon.

Just wanted to saythanks. I used these ppointers yesterday and my first time with my new guy was great. While riding I made him come in just a couple minites.

How To Properly Ride A Dick

I was so nervous before finding this site. OK I started having sex with my boyfriend. Can I get some help please? I need to learn more skill on how to ride him am a big plus size girl but trust me I need to learn more. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

How To Master The Cowgirl Sex Position To Drive Him Wild On Top

Some women have sex and pray that the guy never asks them to ride. Or others get on top and make complete and utter fools of themselves. If your objective is to make yourself cum hard, do it. Do all that nasty sh! However once you get to that point learn what pleases him.

Who knows you might actually like what he likes and can start killing two birds freaks with one stone move. To help out with that here is a few basic techniques below:. Grinding consists of rubbing your body against his with minimal range of motion, but usually a lot of force. Some men never bus from grinding because men usually need friction in order to bus for the most part. Men need to be stroked to achieve orgasm, which grinding can limit.

Women that bounce on the d! There not afraid to damage there insides. Grinding is the rubbing of two surfaces to cause friction. However, juicing is when you squeeze and pull away from him to cause the friction.

4 Tips on How to Ride Your Mans Dick

Squeeze his girth and watch the facial expressions he has; also juicing usually is done better in the reverse cowgirl position. You can make all the goofy, nasty facial expression you want. You can play with your clit, while he massages your ass. Or you can fantasize about someone else.

Is riding your Achilles heel? Have you ever felt embarrassed when you got on top? Did you get better? What advice could you offer other women about riding better?

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