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23 Jan Carly and tori find out they've been dating the same young man and set out for revenge sports journalists and bloggers covering nfl, mlb, nba, 40s 50s dating site nhl, mma, college football and basketball, nascar, fantasy sports is sam puckett dating freddie benson and more. plot. gueth chancing. 7 Sep Believe it or not, this Friday is iCarly's tenth birthday. Yup, it's been ten years since the show premiered on Nickelodeon. And even after ten years, there's still one burning question the fans are still dying to know an answer to: WHO DID FREDDIE LOVE? Carly or Sam? Nickelodeon. Some fans say that. Yes, I am wondering which episode of iCarly where Sam and Freddy become an "item".

I love you too. It was next mentioned in the episode iLost My Mind in which the episode is centered around Seddie getting together. All Ship Warring will be punished severely by the administrators! Sam and Freddie started off with a love-hate relationship, showing strong feelings of dislike towards each other, constantly fighting and arguing.

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First, it was Sam showing hatred towards Freddie, then he started showing hatred towards her. However, as time has progressed, the two are shown to have developed their relationship to Is Sam From Icarly Hookup Freddie that is similar to a friendship, which led to a romantic relationship as seen in iLost My Mind but ended in iLove You. Yet, they still have deep feelings for each other, which were made clear by the fact that they declared their love for each other.

It is unknown if they will get back together. During iQ the episode right after iLove Youthey seem to act awkwardly to each other.

Carly was the only one who was nervous about it. Despite that, she actually knew what Missy was trying to do before anybody else in the episode. Gibby also snaps and drags Mrs.

In the episode, they don't talk to each other that much either. This may prove that they are still feeling a little bit weird after their break up. Dan Schneiderthe creator of iCarly, had put out many hints that Sam and Freddie may end up together even some of the iCarly cast members have hinted on this. Seddie can also be seen as an "opposites attract" relationship. In the Season 4 special iOMGit was revealed that Sam is in love with Freddie when she unexpectedly kisses him at school during the "lock-in.

This is the third time the two have Is Sam From Icarly Hookup Freddie a kiss. In iLove Youthey break up because of how little they have in common, but they state that they love each other and share their final kisses in the elevator. Their check this out has been brought up in iPear Store. Sam told Natalie, her boss, that she and Freddie here and that Freddie is still in love with her.

Is Sam From Icarly Hookup Freddie

This suggests that Sam and Freddie may still have feelings for each other. Freddie then asks Sam if she wants to get back together in iGoodbye. This shows how much Freddie cares about Sam and Freddie also almost admitted he loves her but he did admit that he still has feelings for Sam. At the end of the episode, Sam asked Freddie out to dinner showing she still has feelings for Freddie too. This shows that it's possible that they might get back together in the future. You may also see Seddie's Fanfiction pagevideo gallerylist of similar ships page Is Sam From Icarly Hookup Freddie, Userbox pagefriendship pageand songs page.

Fans consider this as the pairing's official song because it was played during Sam and Freddie's first kiss. The official Seddie color is purple due to the fact that during almost all Seddie moments Sam and Freddie are wearing red and blue making purple. Sam's phone is red and Freddie's phone cover is blue forming purple. Freddie's backpack is blue and Sam's backpack is red, again forming purple. Some fans think this is a "connection".

Often in romantic scenes between the characters on the show, one or both will be wearing purple. Livin4Skatinga former user on this wikia made a fanart of those foods combined as 1 food, and here it is:. Wow, a tech-talking witch boy! She is not like other girls. I haven't insulted Freddie in days. I can't handle not insulting that boy! Freddie and Sam have you noticed they are again wearing red and blue which equals purple?

I made that up so he'd leave This is the first time Sam and Freddie ever kissed anyone or each other. I know, can you believe this! I Is Sam From Icarly Hookup Freddie you said you were doofy and annoying. Carly puts a nice slice of lemon on my glass. How does she think of that? And I'm not classy?

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Classy people don't clean out their ears with their cell-phone antenna! That was your cell-phone antenna. No wonder I keep dropping calls! You want to kiss me?

Benson would accept, leading Freddie and Sam to change him up for his interview. What are you looking at? Carly thinks it wrong to go through Lewbert's things while neither Sam nor Freddie have a problem and look through together. At the end of the episode, Gibby link still lodged in the chimney. This technically means Freddie asked Sam out on a date.

You know, they say when a girl constantly rips on a guy, it really just means she has a crush on him. But I wasn't ripping on a guyI was ripping on you.

I know what I want to do when I look at you.

Is Sam From Icarly Hookup Freddie

And that was really personal, and I shouldn't have said it on the show. Yeah, that's right, I've never kissed anyone. Which is a bad idea unless you live near a hospital!

iCarly: iLost My Mind Sam and Freddie Kiss!

I was just gonna say That we should kiss? You're gonna break my arm now, right? Just so both of us can get it over with? Just to get it over with. And you swear we both go right back to hating each other as soon as it's over? Oh totally, and we never tell anyone! Okay just… forget it Because I came here. Have I ever come to you for help before? What did you do to my locker?

When did you turn into my wife? Why didn't you tell me you and Freddie kissed? I'll turn my back, and you guys can resume kissing behind it! How long was it? How long did you guys kiss? And was it fun? Spencer runs Is Sam From Icarly Hookup Freddie, leaving the question unanswered] iThink They Kissed.

Dude, we have got to stop doing that. She's not in love with you, she's in love with what you did! You just can't stand the idea of Carly and me as a couple! Very true, it makes me wanna puke up blood. I'd be please click for source offended if I knew what a "stub-rag" was.

She stuck her tongue in my ear!!! Freddie, come rub my neck. I wanna try it! And look who's late again! Don't start with me! Show them the prank, Fredwiener! And that's why you're behind the camera. Wanna putt some meat? Yeah, I'll play some meat golf.

You have got to try this Fat Shake!! Freddie [grabs the Fat Shake out Sam's hand]: Will you get your head outta your Fat Shake and listen to me?! Sam [to Cort, excited]: You got the job! What about Brad's fudge?! It doesn't work on us! Is Sam From Icarly Hookup Freddie do you mean? Or at least boy up. Why'd you come here? To figure out why you checked yourself into a mental hospital. More info wanna know why?

Because I hate you! Then why'd you kiss me?!