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17 May Recently, Superman managed to warp his personal timeline—and maybe even vast swathes of the DC Universe—by merging both his New era and Pre- Flashpoint selves into one single Superperson. While we still don't know the full ramifications of what's been affected, we now know one thing: Clark. 6 Sep DC Comics currently has Superman in a dating relationship with Wonder Woman . Does the Man of Steel His relationship with Wonder Woman does not strengthen, but actually severs, that essential connection. It is no Even after Truth, Clark and Lois should be, and still can be, together. Are you happy. 22 Aug Earlier today, EW revealed that the Man of Steel and a certain Amazon princess are the Justice League's new power couple. Though Lois Lane isn't romantically involved with Superman in DC's “New 52” continuity, the news has still left Metropolis's most famous reporter feeling curiously sad. Want proof?.

Moon Knight has been dealing with the different personas he's created. Turns out it goes back to when he was a kid. Superman is not married to Lois Lane in the New A pairing often speculated on is Superman and Wonder Woman. This was a question I raised back in June Now it appears we may indeed find out how that will play out.

Apparently this isn't just a "one-issue stunt. I mean, come on DC!

Is Superman Still Hookup Wonder Woman

You know you are doing something wrong here! The characters are nothing alike and Superman is still madly in love with Lois! Oh no don't do this DC. Besides they're better as friends, not lovers. Please don't do this DC. The worst thing about this is that we have already read that story. They realised they had nothing in common pretty fast and decided not to do that again. Like so many things in this reboot, it has already been done and it was better the first time around.

I know and your explanation does sound like a reasonable one. Graves does seem to be using the spirits of the Justice League's loved ones against them and this could be a similar illusion. However, a last page that will have the world in shock source indicate that Superman and Wonder Woman hooking up would fit the bill. This is the only bit I have a problem with.

They didn't have anything romantically in common but there are a lot of similarities between Superman and Wonder Woman that made their pre New 52 friendship so endearing. Didn't Clark and Diana go on just one date that was interrupted by Darkseid attacking the Olympian Gods? Of course, it is not going to stick but it makes it even worst, especially if you have read Action I think everyone is pretty calm about it except clois shippers.

I'm not a Clois shipper. I want to see Clark with someone new not Lucy Lane I might add but a new interest. DC called this the New 52 but what they're doing isn't new at all.

To be fair to DC at least showing a relationship between the two, even if it doesn't last, makes sense and doesn't hurt the characters in any way.

So high run emotions and all, I think DC should get a little latitude to put these two together if only to showcase why they may not work out in the end. The only real problem I have with this idea if it actually occurs and isn't just a misleading cover is that the Wonder Is Superman Still Hookup Wonder Woman presented in Justice League bears little resemblance to Is Superman Still Hookup Wonder Woman character in her own title.

This second arc of JL still feels like its taking place in the past though its clearly in the present. Yet the JL WW looks, feels, and acts far younger than in her solo series that this type of "hook up" doesn't seem plausible given the personality of the older appearing WW. Of course team books and solo series have always had a few different interpretations of characters but for the most part the Justice League series has matched characters solo titles very well Much like I have issues with Grant Morrison writing Action Comics in a far different tone than what we get in Superman, Johns Is Superman Still Hookup Wonder Woman Lee seem to have no leash on what they can do with the characters in Justice League even if it conflicts with the characters solo depictions.

Just don't see Superman showing up in the pages of WW's solo title to continue this relationship if it actually goes past one panel or even one issue because Azzarello and Chang aren't going to want to put him in given the tone of the series right now.

October 14, at 1: Maybe a magician is just what Wonder Woman needs to tap into her fun side. Cyborg Superman also destroys Steel's ship, but Steel and Lana manage to escape. This just again calls into question, do company writers and artists talk to each other? Well, that source blessings and costuming from mythical deities, but we all have those, right …?

This just again calls into question, do company writers and artists talk to each other? Does someone above them make sure the various titles connect? In the past their have been a few times I've thought each team just sits together in a little sound proof room and refuses to take visitors, but for the past few years DC has done a great job of maintaining consistency between titles and story arcs. Not with the new 52 however. Its been all over the place and each title seems to be going in an entirely different direction from the other.

A relationship read article these two, even briefly, could work to grow their characters in the new DC universe and even bring back a deep friendship that old readers are used to seeing Is Superman Still Hookup Wonder Woman a result of this.

Wonder Woman Takes Supergirl

But I just don't trust the writing of DC right now in the new You misinterpreted my response. I don't want to see Clark and Lois together yet.

I want to see Superman with a new love interest.

I'm not surprised nor do I really care. The Nuclear Men Green Team: ThePremium offers ad free access to all CBR content and so much more! It was, in my opinion, a welcome change after 50 years of the same pairings.

Not with Lucy Lane in the Superman title or Maxima. Someone new who'll be able to kickstart an original Superman romance that isn't dictated by Clark's feelings for Lois. Also, seeing that Kingdom Come was probably the only good comic book to ever make something acceptable out of that couple, and even then Lois was still Superman's true love, I just do not get why anyone would want to see those two together.

DId you not read what Geoff Johns said in the article? I feel like that part is important. It is apparently going to affect the entire universe. I've just read the article. What else could it mean? It also said that some tragic event will cause Wonder Woman and Superman to seek solace in one another. Also Johns and Lee said Is Superman Still Hookup Wonder Woman they welcome the 'watercooler chatter' Quite odd really. They should know that the wrath of spurned comic book fans is not a pleasant one.

Clark should have a few relationships before Lois and Wonder Woman Ways To Make Woman be perfect as one of them.

It just makes sense to me. Nothing shocking about this at all. My only problem with this is if Wonder Woman will be depicted as a weak woman. She has to be vulnerable if she's in a relationship and that might damage her character.

This is interesting i kind of figured that this would happen in the new 52 at some pouint. Anyway i think this is a good move and hopefully this gets supes to move on and DC not makeing lois Supes main romtic interst.

Is Superman Still Hookup Wonder Woman

I didn't want Diana to turn into Clark's love interest. You got me to ship SteveDiana and now this happens? Did you forget Superman 1? He seemed pretty upset about the way Lois Lane was talking about him to her boyfriend.

Also, in Action 12, his fantasy, a "For the Man Who Has Everything" moment, which he literally called "a dream come true" was that he would marry Lois. I don't mind this relationship. I know Johns said that this relationship was the new status quo, but that probably means it will only last like two years.

Personally, I never understood the appeal of Superman and WW being together. Just because they have similar powers and are the top male and female superheroes doesn't mean they have to be together. Oh so that's what happens in Action Comics 12? Haven't read it yet. But I hoped Superman would move on to a new love interest in the New Someone who comes to mean a lot to him only to get snatched away.

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Let the speculation begin. Previously the solicit did mention this: A shocking last page that will have the world talking about this issue!

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This is the new status quo. Ohhhhhh Superman is gettin' it! Ulfghuld Follow Forum Posts: Probably one of those covers that has nothing to do with what is inside DerfelMacklin Follow Forum Posts: DarthShap Follow Forum Posts: You know, the crappy ones. JohnnyGat Follow Forum Posts: SirSparkington Follow Forum Posts: Steve Trevor, welcome to the friendzone. Playa Playa of the Year.


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