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American blues singer, songwriter and guitarist born March 31, in The Bronx, New York City. Sites:, MySpace, Wikipedia. Aliases: Ted Horowitz. Variations: Viewing All | Popa Chubby · Popa Chubby Band, Poppa Chubby. [a]. In , she released her solo debut, Hush!, through the German label Ruf Records. The album was recorded in Memphis, with the members of Ana Popović Band, as well as studio musicians. It was produced by Jim Gaines, who previously worked with Carlos Santana, John Lee Hooker, Alexis Korner and others. 25 Jan It all eventually paid off as Sari Began to tour nationally and internationally with artists such as Popa Chubby and Joe Louis Walker. I'm just so moved by the power of music to transcend the barriers of language. R.V.B. - Can you tell me how it was playing with Papa Chubby and Joe Louis Walker?.

After hearing jazz greats Ella Fitzgerald and Billy Holiday as a young girl, Sari decided to start singing. She began to study and research these American legends.

The Dim-bulb Radio Tester. It's one of the great songs. Are these newly written songs? How do the ideas come to you?

In the process, she found out about the great female blues singers from the 20's, such as: It was these major blues artists that sent Sari off to the blues races. She honed her skills, practiced her craft, and paid her dues, by playing in New York City dive bars. Equipped with a hot new band "The Engine Room", they are about to release their Debut album and perform at Carnegie Hall I recently corresponded with Sari Did you have a musical family? My parents loved music, but neither were musicians.

My father was a pilot in the Air Force, and my mother was a fashion model.

How did you wind up in the blues genre? I listened to them endlessly, studying their every nuance and phrasing. I learned to sing trying to emulate them. Then I wanted to know who their influences were. These women were pioneers at a time when racism, poverty, and abusive relationships were part of article source daily lives. I wanted to fall in line behind these impressive and powerful women who had to overcome so many obstacles to sing the blues.

Were you involved with singing in school? I was encouraged to pursue opera because of my 5-octave range and the volume of my voice.

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But, I was already very much committed to developing myself as a songwriter. When you first start out there are shows when your band outnumbers the audience.

Popa Chubby Wikipedia Deutsch Languages In Florida

I made some tough choices, most of which involved not taking jobs that were offering real money. My biggest career break was meeting the legendary producer Mike Vernon in Memphis in He has produced my new album which will be released on Manhaton Records in September We had a fantastic concert here last night in Seville.

You can feel so completely connected to people through music. He saw me perform in NYC. We had a great synergy and it was inspiring to play with him. Our respective agents are trying to coordinate schedules. I knew that he and Mike had done continue reading album together.

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Innes was on tour in Germany but quickly got back to Mike saying that he had heard the demos and was very interested in playing on the album. The success of the recording sessions led to the decision to build The Engine Room band around Innes; a decision that has already been entirely vindicated. His enthusiasm, creativity Popa Chubby Wikipedia Deutsch Languages In Florida unbounded energy make him a force majeure. Are these newly written songs? How do the ideas come to you?

Do the audiences there react differently then the audiences in the US? But, I find there is just something very special about a blues audience, no matter where you are. I try to work as often as possible to keep on top of my game. Thanks for considering answering these questions. It was a pleasure to answer your thoughtful questions. Thanks very much for your support! To stand on a stage where everyone from Billie Holiday to the Beatles once stood is thrilling and overwhelming.

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There is the 'meet and greet' going on, interviews and photo ops. Backstage at Carnegie Hall is a production team in constant motion, working together like a well-oiled machine. It takes dozens of people with headsets, clipboards and nerves of steel to keep a show of this magnitude running smoothly. Walter Trout is now going to be a guest on my new album.

Seeing Edgar Winter is always a pleasure. He's approachable and humble.

Popa Chubby Wikipedia Deutsch Languages In Florida

And, the lovely Dana Fuchs and I finally met although we have many mutual friends, both coming from New York. Interview conducted by Robert von Bernewitz. This interview may not be reproduced in any part or form without permission from this site. For information or to advertise on this site contact musicguy aol dot com. Musicguy has thousands of rare music items on Amazon Click here to view items. Link A celebration of people involved in music.

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