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“I am a servant of the living God that carries the end time message, and it's either time to wake up now, or go down with your boat, friend” (The Shepherd's Chapel Questions and Answers period, aired 5/16/91). This has to do with his unique interpretation of the mark of the beast. While most of those who enjoy Murray do not. I know that is not explicitly what Pastor Murray teaches but that is what it does to many Shepherd's Chapel students I have known. Dr. Murray frequently emphasizes how important this doctrine is; it is the subject of his free, "Mark of the Beast" tape, but it is not even a biblical doctrine. I know some people are going to object. I watched it all the time, I ordered a Mark of the Beast cd from them, which says the mark is not a pyshical mark, but it is in your head, and such. Then I found . Shepherd's Chapel is an independent Church in Gravette, Ark, which is the product of the gentleman by the name of Arnold Murray. Arnold Murray.

The name of the beast of Revelation There have been many theories on what the name of the beast is, but none have figured it out until now: I learned the true name of the second beast of Rev To know more on this please see Bible study 10, where we go into great detail of how God rescued and strengthened us to victory many times over satan and his fallen angels.

Dramatic rescues and signs by Divine intervention have become a part of my life over the last year.

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Wickedness is greatly among us. Learn to discern because satan and his minions disguise themselves as angels of light, 2Cor Learn the truth and be free in the name of Jesus. The enemy is small to God and His servants. But unfortunately, this is the method that most Christians use.

I am average at best when it comes to math, so if math was the way to understanding the name of the beast, I would need great help from God. These Signs gave me confidence that God was with me and lead me to the name of the beast.

Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: KJV — stone, voice. Remember when we told you that we were sent to 2Chronicles 9: Because within this Shepherds Chapel Mark Of The Beast we have the two things needed to find the name of the beast: Tyre stands out because in Ezekiel Tyre was a place of commerce in ancient biblical times. There is evidence of gold-smelting in the great Zimbawe buildings, where the ancient ruins resemble the ruins in Syria, temple and fortress being combined.

The Sukkims were a black tribe also connected with the mark of the beast. The Sukkims were on the East coast of Africa. The Lubims were also connected to the mark of the beast. This all ties in perfectly, especially when we consider that Cain, after being cast out of the presence of God in Gen 4: Nod was a city in the land of Mesopotamia. I have highlighted important parts of Mrs. A problem faces us which we cannot hope to solve — why click these people thus stigmatized as belonging to the Devil?

All that is plain to us is that, according to the Bible and the Babylonian inscriptions two non-Adamic races existed in the beginning of history. According to another authority, the civilization of Babylonia arrived there suddenly and unaccountably, as Cain would have done Shepherds Chapel Mark Of The Beast while the Babylonians relate how Sargon arrived mysteriously in Babylonia ; that he was a gardener when young see Gen 4: One writer quotes an inscription in which Sargon says: In multitudes of bronze chariots I rode over rugged lands.

I governed the upper countries Assyria, etc. Three times to the sea I have advanced. Below we have a short list of the peoples and lands who were involved with the mark of the beast, known as the Babylonian mysteries spoken of in Rev What an insult to the black race, especially Almighty God.

KJV — be dyed, made red ruddy.

I can see that temptation, someone gets the Holy Ghost and now they want to stand up and address the Church in tongues. It's something they need to buy and sell. It it best not to submit to him as a teacher of truth.

The history of the Bible covers the genealogy of the Adamic race. W hile I have taken an Excerpt from this page, I did not fully inspect the entire site, so use caution as you research. Therefore it must be Canaan, your first-born whom they enslave …. The above is what the Pharisees wrote against blacks, not white Christians. The animals, the four-legged creatures of the field, they artfully called into existence.

We may reasonably conjecture that the word Igigiespecially if identified with the black-headed Niggilmamay contain the root of the word Niger blackNegro or Nigger. This also explains why blacks are given credit for the invention of religion, ancestor worship, polytheism which were all forced on them by Shepherds Chapel Mark Of The Beast. Ninhursag might at one time have been the Sumerian Earth Goddess, Ki.

Of these four gods, Enlil was considered the King. He was worshipped more than all other Sumerian gods. Enlil also also invented the pickaxe and plow necessary for agriculture, provided favorable conditions for crops, but who could at times unleash destructive catastrophes.

Sumerian Cosmology and Biblical Parallels.

Every person ever born gets one chance to prove they love God, by believing on the name of Christ Jesus, who died in the place of all who believe on Him. Kenites and the Devil's Children. The good, bad and ugly all go to heaven when they die to await judgment.

Compare this with the very first verse in the Bible, Genesis 1: In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. An and Ki gave birth to their son Enlil god of the Air. Enlil then carried away his mother, the Earth, from Heaven. Heaven was believed to be surrounded by the primeval sea, both article source the Earth.

The Earth was believed to be a circular disc. Underneath the Earth was the Netherworld. The journey from Earth to the Netherworld was made with the help of a ferry-man along a river, as with the Egyptian belief that a ferry-man carried the dead along the River Styx, and the Greek god of the Netherworld, Hades Pluto to the Romanswhose realm was reached by a river journey with the ferry-man, Charon.

Overlooking the Sumerian Cosmos, there were numerous immortal gods, each in charge of ruling a specific part of the Universe. Although immortal, these gods experienced human emotions. In the Shepherds Chapel Mark Of The Beast tablets satan is called the Father of the blackheads, notices satan trying to compare himself to our Lord Jesus: The reason we can even come here with confidence is because of the Word of God, knowing the Holy Scriptures will give you the advantage over all these lies, as we have been able to document each time.

Adam and Eve were actually the last people God created, Gen 2: But before we get to the name remember as we stated earlier, God by Divine intervention gave Signs that were unmistakeable to lead me in finding Shepherds Chapel Mark Of The Beast name of the beast, I actually found the name of the beast before I conducted any research in the bible, which is amazing, as you will see.

Are there any Scriptures that connect satan to wealth or gold?

Mark of the Beast Revealed | World Events and the Bible

The answer is YES! This is what the Levites did. I will cast thee to the ground, I will lay thee before kings, that they may behold thee. Shepherds Chapel Mark Of The Beast takes place in the Great tribulation, see Rev I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: At some point satan became violent because of his merchandise wealth he became greedy, and blasphemied God. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

After God destroyed the earth it was unrecognizable, this is what the verse is saying. And the evening and the morning were the first day.

And the evening and the morning were the second day. The lost city of Atlantis as known in Greek mythology was what we believe to be an actual city. There are whole cities found underwater, some almost in perfect condition, how did they get there?

The only exception being Christianity which is not a religion, but a lifestyle and a True Relationship with the only Living God, Jesus Christ: However this may be, the important fact remains that one of the most barbarous of customs survived at that late period of history in an outwardly polished society, because beneath the surface lurked the besotting influence of the Golden Cup of Babylonia.

If, as Professor Kittel and Max Muller claim, it is psychologically impossible that the notion of gods can have preceded the knowledge of the One God, where can we look for the originator of the gods of Ancient Babylonia if not to Cain? Like the clinging weed which devastates a cornfield, mythology has, I hold, obscured the whole of ancient history. Cain of the bible, the son of satan, invented mythology and the babylonian systems. Yoga, Hinduism, polytheism, Ancestor worship, human sacrifices, cannibalism, nature worship, just to name a few.

The Babylonian gods are the first of which we have any monumental record.

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In studying them, therefore, we are as it were, getting down to the root of mythology and analyzing the ingredients of the Golden Cup of Babylonia, which, down through the ages, has blinded the majority of mankind to the truth. Then in the same book the author finds that astrotheology was invented by satan: This astro-theology must go Shepherds Chapel Mark Of The Beast to the very earliest times.

The cuneiform characters alone are source proof of this. There are other indications that the Devil played a real and substantial part in ancient Babylonia; he seems, for instance, to have been looked upon as its king-maker.

Shepherds Chapel Mark Of The Beast

The whole outlook of Zeus religion is based upon the reestablishment of the way of Kain after the Flood. All these lies by satan and Cain were and are done in revenge against God, because God is the Saviour of mankind, whose will is that none perish 2Peter 3: Job was a righteous servant of God, who God blessed greatly.

God is good all the time! If you want truth then study the Word of God. Please note that we are not talking about reincarnation, which is a false teaching made up by satan. Those that believe in karma have no urgency in life, because of these lies by satan.

Shepherds Chapel Mark Of The Beast

Every person ever born gets one chance to prove they love God, by believing on the name of Christ Jesus, who died in the place of all who believe on Him.

God destroyed the ancient city of Babylon. Metaphorically Jerusalem will be Babylon in the great tribulation. Jerusalem is called a harlot. However, when satan arrives as the Antichrist, satan will sit in the Ezekiel Jewish temple spoken of in 2Thess 2: Antichrist satan arrives to earth after being casted out by Michael, see Rev 9: