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UBC Theses and Dissertations. I further agree that permission for extensive copying of this thesis for scholarly purposes may be granted by the head of my department or by his or her representatives. It is understood that copying or publication article source this thesis for financial gain shall not be allowed without my written permission.

Orientalism, Edward Said's ground-breaking study of the ways in which Europeans projected their own social problems onto the nations of the Near East in an attempt to take their minds off. Chapter One examines the continuities and discontinuities of French travel writing in America from the days of the Jesuits to the heyday of the existentialists.

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Certain motifs and idees fixes—the uniqueness of American racism; the "magic" of New York—are first identified and then examined. World Solutions to Old World problems.

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This chapter encompasses two major sub-themes: First of all, I would like to thank the Killam Foundation, the federal government, and the UBC agencies for the generous financial help they provided during the writing of this thesis. Secondly, I would like to thank my doctoral committee for the unique and varied insights with which they broadened and enriched my work.

Marguerite Chiarenza, the committee's chair, served as a cool and calming voice of reason when things seemed most hopeless, as well as an eagle-eyed proofreader. Steven Taubeneck proved equally knowledgeable about university procedure, and made sure that I didn't wander too far afield from my central point.

Patricia Merivale's vast erudition, meanwhile, provided me with an endless supply of pertinent literary leads. I would also like to thank Professor George McWhirter and the students in his translation class for their helpful suggestions in regard to the English-language renderings of the dissertation's appendices. Eva-Marie Kroeller's contribution should likewise not be under-valued, since she initiated me into the mysteries of Comparative Literature and introduced me to two committee members.

Thomas Salumets, her worthy successor as program head, proved to be no less helpful. I would also like to thank the library staffs of the Pacific Cinematheque and the Italian Cultural Institute for granting me access to out-of-print texts which would otherwise have been extremely difficult to obtain. Similarly, my appreciation extends to the helpful folks at Manhattan Books who kept me regularly supplied with the latest French and Italian tomes.

Finally, I would like to thank my wife, Carola Ackery, who stood by me during the months following my nearly fatal automotive accident in April, If not for her selfless care, it would have taken much longer than it did for this dissertation to get back on track.

Consequently, it is to her that this project is gratefully dedicated. Amid endless accounts of pagan souls lost and won, of the hardships and torments endured by Christian missionaries in the land of the heathen, of the endless perfidies committed by French drunks and English Protestants, there is a single description that owes more to the fantastic tradition of Herodotus and John Mandeville than it does to the dispassionate, hardheaded journals of itinerant monks, merchants, soldiers and sea captains.

As we shall see in Chapter One, many of the Jesuits' letters to their religious superiors were written in a style that seems to anticipate the anthropological tone of Claude Levi-Strauss's Tristes tropiques. Even so, while reading these texts it click the following article important to article source in mind that even the clearest-eyed observations leave room for monsters.

Proto-ethnology, zoology, and botany are never far removed from the realm of magic and wonder. If French and Italian artists colossus of and intellectuals the New World did not impose upon the same humiliating the economic prejudices and misrepresentations which—as Edward Said so eloquently complains in Orientalism onto its and Culture and Http:// non-white colonies, the object of their Europe projected observation nonetheless characterized by otherness rather than by any was "genetic" points of cultural similarity.

In other words, America was always seen as something larger than Europe or as something smaller; it could be "inferior" or "superior". What it could not be was the same. National history, local customs, and frustrated wishes impinge on collective distortions rooted in psychological always projection. Probably the only peoples immune to this cultural debility are those whose extreme geographical isolation blinds them to the existence of other nations and other mores.

The three countries covered by this study obviously do not fall into this exceedingly rare category, although they do enjoy differing degrees of otherness and affinity. French and Italian, for instance, are both Latin-based languages, while the structure of English owes most to the ancient Germanic tongues.

On the other hand, both French and English are, in Gilles Deleuze's sense of the term, "imperialist" languages, while Italian is not. Even so, it should not be forgotten that Latin- the language of ancient Italy, was once the universal tongue of the Pax Romana, and must therefore be ranked as the Western World's first imperialist system of discourse if—on the basis that it was spoken mainly in Asia Minor—one does not Youtube Cat Hookup Video Bobby Rydell Sway Hellenic Greek.

While FrancoAmerican sociocultural affiliations their Italo-American can more often be perceived counterparts, these comparisons are than often contradictory and ambiguous. For every conclusion reached, one could have arrived at a counter-conclusion which was almost as sound. What's more, the ties of influence and observation do not always Youtube Cat Hookup Video Bobby Rydell Sway in a bilateral direction.

In many cases, definitive pontification exceeds even the most generous boundaries of academic speculation. To speak on such matters is to commit the intellectual sin of hubris. In order to avoid the worst of these excesses, I have decided to limit my study of French and Italian perceptions of America to models which at least two of the concerned parties —one of which must always be the USA—have shared to a significant degree.

For this reason, the reader will find little or no comment on such subjects as opera, science fiction, Renaissance painting, Impressionism, rock 'n' roll, collections of aphorisms, peplumi, thousand Broadway musicals, book length Youtube Cat Hookup Video Bobby Rydell Sway rhythm and blues, epic poetry, commedia other locally popular manifestations dell'arte, of national or a creativity. Instead, I have decided to focus on three primary areas of production.

In this relation, American commentators are more or less silent partners.

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This was the period when virtually all Gallic observers saw the United States as "other," regardless of the political travellers. All are, to a greater or lesser extent, realistic. Readers in search of a "fantastic" New World akin to the one depicted in J.

Ballard's science-fiction novel, Hello America, will surely be disappointed. For my purposes, the words "Fantasy America" refer to certain carefully defined outsiders' "takes" on their country of study—nothing more. By adhering to this policy, I hope to underscore the fantastic elements which underlie the surface naturalism of the texts and films under discussion. For reasons of topicality and source availability, the lion's share of critical attention will be focused on postwar works of film and literature.

For historical reasons, early Italian impressions of the Youtube Cat Hookup Video Bobby Rydell Sway World are not included here. La Nouvelle parcel of the more info France, after all, was once part and regime.

Whatever after expansionist impulses the brainchild of Cavour and Garibaldi might have felt during the last decades of the nineteenth century were, of necessity, directed towards the last few acres of Africa which were not already under European control. In other words, French voyagers to the United States were imbued with a vestigial proprietory interest which was to be denied to their Italian counterparts. No matter how "other" the New World might appear to Parisian travellers, the ubiquity of French place names could not help but remind them of a very distant familial relation.

Conversely, the very size and success of America had to appear on some level as a Youtube Cat Hookup Video Bobby Rydell Sway of cultural defeat, an emblem of "AngloSaxon" hegemony, the economic consummation of anglophone selfaggrandizement that began with the Hundred Years' War if the words "Englishman" and "American" seem mutually exclusive in the White House and Whitehall, they sound far more convergent in the Elysee Palace.

The French intellectual elite's deep-seated suspicion of perfidious Albion reborn as the crude but vital USA did not, however, entirely preclude feelings of love, admiration, and curiosity.

America's vast spaces, mechanical ingenuity, democratic practices, limitless wealth, industrial capacity, motion pictures, music, automobiles and literature were at least as much adored as they were derided. Above all, the new nation was a paradox.

It was, rather, more like the admirable but entirely ersatz Asian lands which Voltaire conjured parables designed to underscore the social, up a century earlier in religious and political shortcomings of continental Europe.

With the possible exception of Canada and the other dominions, the United States was the only nation to emerge from the First World War in better shape than it went in. Wanna take a stab? I can't recall the names of the artists but the memory of the songs came rushing back! Emblematic of this sometimes concrete, sometimes formless erotic yearning is New York City itself, a polis where every building is a symbolic erection:

In some ways, French writing about America can be seen as a sort of convergence of these two styles of "Occidentalism".

Italy's interest in the USA was far more selective and pragmatic. As we shall see in "The Ruins of Rome", my argument's third chapter, for Italian intellectuals America was primarily seen as a storehouse of possible solutions for endemic Italian problems.

While statistically the most open of all European nations to outside influences, specificity was implicitly assumed to be too strong to suffer Italian significant alteration. In the foreward to link bestselling popular history, The Italians, Luigi Barzini wrote that, for Italians "the most fascinating subject of all [is] why are we the way we are" Barzini xv.

To write about Italy was notoriously hard, he claimed, because of "the absurd discrepancy inhabitants' between the quantity achievements through many and dazzling centuries and array of the the mediocre quality of their national history In this endless selfsearching, the presence of America can only appear as a distant echo, shadow or beacon, despite the fact that, post, the United States has meddled more directly in Italian internal affairs than it has in the political ambitions of the French.

As its title suggests, "A Meeting of the Mafias: It is no accident that it is also the chapter most marked by sociological bias, since its author will attempt to prove that many, if not all, of a given society's underlying social structures are reflected or revealed by its attitudes towards social deviance.

According to this logic, Inspector Javert, Philip Marlowe, and Vittorio de Sica's anonymous bicycle thief say more about deep French, American and Italian societal assumptions than would a similar array of Rolands, Leatherstockings, and Infernal poets.

The fine points of a nation's imagination are at least as revelatory of hidden assumptions, fears and yearnings as are its economic infrastructure and political mythology.

In January ofSartre was one of the very first French intellectuals to visit the seemingly invincible United States. She said the musician's manager, Tom Vitorino, confirmed Manzarek died after being stricken with bile duct cancer. Rapidly wearying of her trans-Atlantic playground, Beauvoir goes to see Roberto Rossellini's neorealist film, Roma: If, in contrast to the phallic skyscrapers between which they walk, American women are unusually beautiful— albeit in a not entirely acceptable "masculine" way—they nonetheless exist is in a very uncontinental sort of purdah.

This belief is, of course, very widely shared by genre critics. For the duration of Chapter Two, I must count myself among them. To achieve this effect, I have eliminated from consideration what Gilles Deleuze would call "le roman a enigme" that is the genteel detective story whose guiding geniuses were, are, and probably always will be, Agatha Christie and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Since the roman a enigme is a quintessentially English style, it has been dispensed with here. Essentially, deals with three sorts of policier: These styles are among the most widely scattered in the domain of international cinema, so Chapter Two's conclusions are correspondingly broader than those made on behalf of Fantasy America's less cosmopolitan quarters.

It deals with the present historical moment wherein American cultural influence has assumed a position so commanding it threatens to occlude all rival visions.

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In the once culturally secure, closed circuit of France, U. Italian cinema, for many years the most vital and commercially successful in Western Europe, is now desperate for international exposure it must package new films so like venerable classics and peddle them to film societies around the globe in the probably vain hope that such tactics will attract the attention of local distributors. Under the implacably expansionist aegis of Jack Valenti, the big studios represented by the Motion Picture Producers of America conglomerate have effectively banished all but a token number of subtitled features from U.

Meanwhile, in post-GATT Europe, Francois Mitterand's former minister of cultural affairs, Jack Lang, still struggles to put meaningful films together by the desperate different expedient of yoking together backers from countries.

If Jean Baudrillard is to be believed, the barbarians are no longer simply at the gates, but actually in the living room, mixing drinks and flicking source channel converter. What's more, they're inter-marrying with the locals to the point where the genealogy of certain works is difficult to determine.

Luc Besson's Le Cinquieme elementfor example, is reputedly the most expensive European feature ever released, yet everywhere it is known almost exclusively by its U. Like a Freudian parent, American influence is now so deeply embedded in the European subconscious it might well prove impossible to ferret out.

While Chapter Four will include a number of recent literary sources, including Julia Kristeva and Philippe Labro, it will focus more particularly on the changed perspectives and survival problems of European mass media in general, and film in particular please see attached appendices for related documents. The now dated Gallic enthusiasm for be-bop, Alfred Hitchcock, Jerry Lewis, and le roman noir will be reconsidered in the light of post-modern affectlessness.

In a similar vein, the subtle downgrading and redefining of Italy's unique, seemingly insuperable problems will be reassessed. Following what might, at first glance, appear to be a somewhat dubious distribution of analytical emphasis, fully half of Chapter Four is taken up with the ways in which Quebecois poets, novelists, and cineastes have tried to make sense of their uncomfortable closeness to the United States and their painful separation from the ancien regime.

At the present time, political power is being relentlessly bled away from nation states and ruthlessly transfused into the "veins" of large corporations. The governments of France, Italy, and other industrialized countries are all signatories to a new generation of free trade agreements which read like documents of absolute continue reading, treaties Youtube Cat Hookup Video Bobby Rydell Sway which the rights of nations to protect their own medicare programs, cultural industries, and social welfare benefits from interference are corporations to make sentiment declared is moving secondary unrestricted away from to the profits.

True "Italianness", Luigi Barzini believed, lay in what he called cose all'italiana. These were the Youtube Cat Hookup Video Bobby Rydell Sway few national characteristics that distinguished his countrymen from their European neighbours. But "What exactly are these cose all' italianaV he asked rhetorically Barzini xv.

To answer this question he wrote an entire book devoted to the attitudes and trends, the strengths and weaknesses, the strokes of good and bad historical luck which resulted in this unique psychopolitical situation.

Forgotten Hits

While the queries posed by Fantasy America are nowhere near so straightforward, in some respects they are quite similar. In the process, hopefully, one will learn something about both the nature of cultural production notoriously elusive trail of international cultural influence.

On the other hand, I have tried to make these queries as stimulating as possible so that they investigation in the future.