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23 Mar Remember that hip-hop show vibe I mentioned? There was even a DJ. Okay no turntables or mixer, but the essentials were there — a dedicated person to running the music of the event. Not Les Twins running their tracks back in the middle of choreo, wasting time, but a person who had a specific job. Hip Hop - Les Twins - Best Dance Of The World HD p4 - YouTube. What happens when Les Twins team up with superstar drummer and frequent Jay Z collaborator Tony Royster Jr? K.O.D. World Cup Final Hip Hop KOREA/FRANCE - Les Twins, Waydi, Boubou - Criminalz Crew - YouTube. 16 Aug There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the show's winner, the hip-hop duo known as Les Twins. in the second round of dancing that night, the scores came down to their first performances, with Eva being given a lower score because the judges claimed that Eva's choreography wasn't up to par.

I mean, how could viewers not tune into this wonderful show filled with some of the greatest dance talents of the world. From the contemporary stylings of young Eva Igo to insane hip hop routines from the Hook Up Hip Hop Les Twinsthis show brought so many talented performers to the public eye that would not have been recognized otherwise.

This was one of my favorite television programs of the season. It was so exciting for everyone in my family to watch amazing dancers take the stage and fight for the million-dollar prize. Click the following article dancers are world-renowned in their own fields, so it is exciting to see the best of the best battle it out. It was almost like a dance version of the Olympic Games, and all of the nationally famous dancers were competing for a gold medal.

Despite my adoration of this show, I believe that there could be some improvements for the seasons to come, and others agree with me. From my experience with competitive dancing, I know it had to be that choreography score that lowered her score in the first round, ultimately giving Les Twins the higher score. While Les Twins had about a 1. There is no way I could execute their style of hip-hop the way that they do it. Their technique is impeccable. I was emotionally drawn into their performance and was living on stage right beside them.

Eva Igo especially always drew me into her performances right from the first beat and kept me captivated the whole time. I lost interest after 20 seconds. I know that it was cool to see them source an injury into the performance instead of seeing them drop out of the competition, but that performance especially fell flat to me compared to the Old-Hollywood inspired stylings of Keone and Mari.

Jennifer Lopez even made comments condoning Neyo for giving Keone and Mari a perfect One judge should not be swaying the opinions of other judges. Each judge is going to see the dances differently, as dance is meant to be interpreted in different ways. When scoring performances, judges look for different things in terms of good technique and stage presence, so obviously the judge will have vastly different scores.

That is just how dance is. While there are obviously issues with judging dance in general, there are some ways in which this show can improve itself for the future and not cause any more drama about the judges playing favorites and manipulating the scoring. Sometimes it does get hard to realize why a judge would give vastly different scores compared to the other judges.

If the rubric that they grade on is shown, and how many points were given to the performers in each category, we could see each score broken down, making it clear as to why a dancer scored higher than another.

If this were to happen, we could also see why each dancer scored the way they did, eliminating speculations of judges scoring dancers higher because of silly things like their ethnicity.

While the dancers do get a say in the choreography sometimes, a lot of the dances performed on the show for the Juniors especially were created by outside choreographers. The young dancer did not create the Hook Up Hip Hop Les Twins herself, so she should not get penalized for it. Really in dance, the choreography should not matter; it is how the dancer executes it.

One duet could have a lot of technically intricate moves in their routine that are executed mediocrely, while a soloist could execute a simple leap with so much grace and power. Should the dancer who executed the simple movement beautifully win, or should the dancer who executed difficult movement mediocrely win? I say the dancer who executed the choreography given magnificently should. Judging needs to be an individual activity where each judge gives their unbiased opinion on the performance they saw.

When judges ask each other about how they scored certain performers, that can put pressure on the other judges to change their scores accordingly.

Recent Headlines Central Harlem. I feel gay dating horoscope like I just stepped into a hip. The duo Les Twins caught a. Ik sluit m'n ogen, en denk na, en alles gaat dan door me heen.

These judges should almost have voting booths, like the ones at elections, so they can be free to form their own opinions without their colleagues breathing down their necks. While this television series is a joy to watch, I believe that there could be a lot to improve upon. I think once we get continue reading changes in the formatting of the show and the judging process, I think this show will be fair and fun for all to enjoy.

Also, maybe the true winner will win this time. Every language has some incredibly beautiful songs, so does the Dutch language. In the Netherlands, we make a lot of music, Hook Up Hip Hop Les Twins even though you won't understand a word, these songs are definitely worth a listen.

Hook Up! HIPHOP les twins【HD】

So sit back and enjoy, 'cause even without words these songs will make you feel something! I'm not going to say anything about them, so you should let them speak themselves. We hebben zoveel jaar gestreden, tegen elkaar en met elkaar. Maar rustig leven en tevreden, is voor de liefde een gevaar. Als er een regel komt, waar ik niet aan voldoen kan, mag ik dan bij jou? En als ik iets moet zijn, wat ik nooit geweest ben, mag ik dan bij jou?

Wat is jouw hart? Als het stopt, niet meer klopt, als het niet meer is toegewijd. Als Hook Up Hip Hop Les Twins hard, en verward, zich verschuilt voor de werkelijkheid.

Ik verlies het van de wanhoop, en ik voel m'n tranen branden, en ik zou niets liever willen, dan m'n hoofd weer in jouw handen. De beurse plek van onvermogen, kwetsbaar als die is, overrompelt mij, en schreeuwt van dit gemis.

Ik sluit m'n ogen, en denk na, en alles gaat dan door me heen. Dan zie ik heel m'n leven, ik heb veel genoten, maar ook heel veel gehuild, maar dat zal me echt nooit spijten.

En alleen de vogels vliegen van Oost naar West Berlijn. Worden niet teruggefloten, ook niet neergeschoten over de muur, over het ijzeren gordijn, omdat ze soms in het westen, soms ook in het oosten willen zijn. Laat me zien waar ik voor leef. Laat me voelen, wat ik geef. Show me what I live for. Let me feel what I give.

“Who is beautiful here?”

One moment so that I know that everything was not for nothing. Ik ben klaar om op reis te gaan. Ik heb alles wel gedaan. De liefde die ik bij me draag.

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While Les Twins had about a 1. How much do Les Twins earn. How the hell are 2 guys going to manage to teach a group of 60 dancers in a tight space with no elevated platform, microphones or projection source Instagram post by Official Les Twins. These are the questions I paid 60 dollars to have answered by the pros.

I would like to speak a word, that is true and mine, that bears who I am, that keeps it. If there is a rule, what I can not meet, can I then stay with you? And if I have to be something, what I have never been, can I then stay with you?

What is your heart? If it stops, it is no longer correct, if it is no longer committed If it is hard, and confused, hiding from reality What is your heart?

Hook Up Hip Hop Les Twins

We pretend it is not, as if it is Hook Up Hip Hop Les Twins so, as if it is not true. I lose it from despair, and I feel my tears burning, and I would not want anything more than my head back in your hands.

The passion and the love, the blazing fire, have slowly slipped from my heart. How far you go, has nothing to do with distance, at most with time. The bruised spot of inability, vulnerable as it is, I am overwhelmed, and screams of this lack. I close my eyes and think, and everything goes through me. Then I see my whole life, I enjoyed a lot, but also cried a lot, but I will never regret that. And only the birds fly from East to West Berlin. Do not be fired back, not shot either over the wall, over the iron curtain, because they sometimes want to be in the west, sometimes also in the east.

I am ready to travel.

Hook Up Hip Hop Les Twins

Take my hand and feel it flow. The love that I carry with me. Lucas Verbunt Lucas Verbunt Feb 15, Connect with a generation of new voices. Learn more Start Creating. Taylor Kmiech Taylor Kmiech Feb 15,