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Best Way To Charge A Dead Car Battery - how to hook up in this video

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How to Hook Up a Battery Charger. Three Parts:Preparing to Charge Your BatteryHooking Up the ChargerDisconnecting the ChargerCommunity Q&A . Yes, the first stage is Bulk Charge, the second stage is topping or Trickle Charge and the third stage is Float/maintenance Charge. Usually, those units are amp and. Trickle chargers keep lead-acid and nickel-cadmium batteries fully charged to make up for battery self-discharge during storage. Keeping a battery charged at all times In the same way, connect the black (negative) alligator clip on the charger to the negative battery terminal. 4. Calibrate the maximum current on the . Also, if you remove the cables, you have to connect the charger's ground clamp directly to the negative terminal on the battery instead of the frame or block. My previous edit the first place. Most trickle charges come with a permanently mounted set of leads, like you can see in this Black & Decker version.

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How Do You Hook Up A Trickle Charger

I have a trickle charger. However, I have a question as to how to connect it. Do I want to put the Negative black from the trickle charger on the battery post under the Black cover on the battery and the Positive red from the trickle charger on the battery post under the Red cover on the battery? Do I want to set the charger to 10amps or 2? Also, I have 3 settings: The picture on page is horrendous.

Welcome to the site. You can charge the battery inside the boat only link you have a charger and other equipment that is specifically meant for doing so. All times are GMT Therefore, while trickle charger connected, with hood open, my front headlights come on every couple of minutes while trying to charge. That's why I say the answer is a double-edged sword, because there are risks either way you go.

Find More Posts by coachdennisgreen. Thanked 5 Times in 3 Posts. I use the cigarette lighter adapter and plug it into the ashtray lighter. Mines been this way from day one in Sept No problems to date, and you don't forget to unplug it either since it's right there when you get in. I dont have the cigarette lighter on my trickle charger. I'd suggest a Battery Tender. No need to worry about overcharging, etc.

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Originally Posted by coachdennisgreen. Originally Posted by IrishMac. Thanked Times in 83 Posts. Originally Posted by shopdog. The factory approved way is to use the remote positive connection in the fuse box and connect the negative lead to any unpainted bolt head on the engine.

How Do You Hook Up A Trickle Charger

The idea visit web page this is if you create a spark, it will be away from the battery. But I just hook up directly to the battery, making sure the battery charger is unplugged while doing so. Then I plug in the charger and charge the battery. When I'm done, I unplug the charger, then remove the charging cables from the battery terminals.

That also avoids ever creating a spark. Since it also gives a better and lower resistance connection to the battery, it is in my opinion a safer and more reliable way to charge the battery. Positive goes to positive and negative goes to negative. For a dead battery, set the charger to 10 amps. It'll take a bit over 7 hours How Do You Hook Up A Trickle Charger recharge the battery at that setting.

That's assuming the battery will still take a charge, which it may not if you ran it all the way dead. Don't bother trying to use a trickle charge setting to recharge a dead battery. In the first place it probably won't successfully charge the battery, and in the second place, if it does, it'll take forever.

Thanked Times in Posts. Yes, there is a bolt under there where the manual says to hook it up. I'd use 10Amp Fast Automatic for about 6 hours.

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That should get you up and running. Then I'd go to a motorcycle shop and get a Battery Tender Jr. What you to have is a charger designed for deep cycle batteries.

Typically those are used in marine applications. Your charger can not be left on the battery even on the 2Amp setting for more than a day without starting to boil the fluid out of the battery.

A battery tender has a computer control that is designed to be connected for months or years at a time without damaging the battery.

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It charges the battery and then holds a constant voltage just below the point where it would boil the fluid. Do NOT get the automatic charger that lets the voltage drop and then recharges because the thing that kills a battery in addition to vibration is discharging and recharging. Thanked 28 Times in 26 Posts. Sounds more ike you have a charger. I attach mine to the Battery no problem.

After you have gone to Costco and bought a new battery,leave the negative cable disconnected for the winter time! Yes, he has a charger, not a tender. I have had no problems using a charger direct to the battery for charging ie, short term use and second the recommendation earlier about hooking up the charger before plugging it in.

Check this out, just as a general practice, hook up the positive terminal first and then the negative same order if installing a battery. This will reduce the chance of doing a little surprise welding. As an aside, if your battery will not take a charge at 10 amps, try it at 2 amps for a couple of hours and see if will take a charge that way.

Sometimes you can "sneak up on it. I have never used a tender, but plan to get one since the car will sit inside unused all summer. Originally How Do You Hook Up A Trickle Charger by BigKitty. What a piece of crap. Vette sits for 1 month and battery dies? Trickle charged overnight and still nothing! Cant even put car in neutral to roll out of garage to have someone try and jumpstart. Some battery chargers automatic require that there is some voltage left in the battery.

This is for the sensory circuit to work properly.

Sounds like your battery is completely drained no voltageand your charger, being an automatic, did not sense anything, so it did not put any current out to charge. I manual charger is what you need in this instance.

Also, my trickle charger cables are not nearly long enough to run up from the bottom to enable my hood to be shut. Therefore, while trickle charger connected, with hood open, my front headlights come on every couple of minutes while trying to charge.

Thanked 12 Times in 11 Posts. Is the fact that my headlights come on during my attempt to trickle charge result in the battery not being able to get charged?

How would you stop this from happening if you must keep hood open? Why would lights even come on????????????? Thanked 70 Times in 66 Posts. They shouldn't come on. Too much coffee this morning maybe? Thanked 1 Time in 1 Post. Thanked 69 Times in 53 Posts. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Search this Thread Click for Advanced Search. BB code is On. How Do You Hook Up A Trickle Charger times are Source This web page time now is We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.

What you seem to have is a charger designed for deep cycle batteries. Not mechanical at all. The main site is intended for questions and answers, not discussions. There are a few ways to tell which is which:

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