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To start downloading and buying items on the Google Play Store app, you need to add a Google Account on your device. You can repeat the steps below to add multiple accounts to your device. If needed, repeat steps to add multiple accounts. 24 Jul Hello, I created a Payments account when I lived in Ireland. Now I'm in US and I created a new one, yet I can't set the new Paypal account I set up in the new profile as the payment method for one of my recent purchases. It errors out every time I try. The old irish account still also reads "Individual profile for. 27 Feb EDIT: My HTC 10 and an old Alcatel Idol 2S have since updated to , but the M8 still says is up to date. Strange indeed. Kuba Kajor • 8 months ago. When i go to settings and i found that version tab, i tap it, and it says There will be downloaded a new version of Google Play Store (translated from.

I use two Google accounts and add them to.

Add one or multiple Google Accounts

Let's say acc1 and acc2. When I try to buy an app in the Market, it chooses acc1's Checkout account, and I don't see an option to change to acc2.

Can I use acc2 to pay this? And I still want acc1 as the main account for other purposes.

You can help protect your Google Account and your Google Play purchases by adding account recovery options, like a backup email address or phone number. Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered. If you don't see one of your accounts listed, tap Manage accounts. Privacy and sharing settings for inappropriate Gamer IDs will be turned off and will need to be turned back on manually.

To add another account To activate or use another gmail account in the market, open the new market app v 3. It's worth noting that originally the only way to change the Google Account associated with the Google Play Store was to do a factory reset of your phone and set it up again from scratch.

That should unlink your account from the system and will ask you again for an Account to link to the system.

How to change Google Play Store region to other! On Marshmallow, LOLLIPOP, KITKAT or OLDER

Mainly because you are changing your linked account and those services use info from that linked account. Thank you for your interest in this question. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count.

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How To Change Profile On Google Play

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How To Change Profile On Google Play

How to change the account for Android Market? Talk, Mail, contacts Possibly related question: Fitri 1, 7 21 I'm pretty certain the first Google account you add to your phone is the one that links with checkout.

When I try to buy an app in the Market, it chooses acc1's Checkout account, and I don't see an option to change to acc2. The other way is to download shareit, find someone with an updated play store send it to yr phone via shareit and install. At the top of the screen, tap Profile. For example, your Gamer ID will appear in leaderboards, other players can see your profile in multiplayer matches, and your profile will display games played. Head down to the bottom of the settings screen until you reach the About section.

As far as I know, you cannot change it aside from removing both accounts and re-adding them in the opposite order. As of mid the Android Market supports multiple accounts.

Use & manage your accounts

How is this accomplished on KitKat Google Play account?