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POETRY REVISION: i wanna be yours

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2 Nov There's nothing nicer than hearing a reading that I've never heard before, as with this beauty 'I wanna be yours,' by John Cooper Clarke. You may also be surprised to know that not only is this reading over thirty years old but that I came across it, not at a wedding, but when I was watching the BBC's Would I. 2 Aug Punk poet John Cooper Clarke goes way back with Arctic Monkeys, and their mutual love comes full circle on latest album 'AM'. On closing track 'I Wanna Be Yours', the band put John's poem of the same name to music. You might recognise it, as it's been a staple in GCSE English for years (and rightly so). The poem, 'I Wanna Be Yours' by John Cooper Clarke is upbeat and positive - it is effectively a love poem. Here is a complete analysis of the poem.

Night People - Radio 1 Live Version One of the main themes in this click is him not just wanting to be with this person, but wanting to protect them. John Cooper Clarke keeps a very consistent rhythm and form to his poem. It also speaks highly of British automotive engineering!

As Alex Turner has previously explained, it was a huge inspiration for him as a lyricist:. Both men seem to share that surrealist, kitchen sink-drama sense of Britishness when it comes to their writing, so of course I had to speak to John about their shared interests. I wanna be your vacuum cleaner breathing in your dust I wanna be your Ford Cortina I will never rust If you like your coffee hot let me be your coffee pot You call the shots babe I just wanna be yours.

Secrets I have held in my heart are harder to hide than I thought Maybe I just wanna be yours I wanna be yours I wanna be yours.

John Cooper Clarke – i wanna be yours | GCSE ENGLISH TEACHER

I wrote it along with a load of others at the time, I tend to write like that. I probably go to a great many more funerals than you do, so take it from me.

People propose to it then — so how does that compare to Arctic Monkeys closing their album with it? I only heard the day before yesterday!

'i wanna be yours:' poetry analysis

Alex sings it in a very emotive way. I think it is!

I Travel in Biscuits 4. The Ghost Of Al Capone The only time he changes his style link a tiny bit is in the last two lines of each stanza. One of his poems was also the inspiration for the video to their single "Fluorescent Adolescent", while the band chose their name after Clarke gave it the nod of approval.

Are you cool with that? Yeah, I would have expected that. Especially a number like that, because it cries out for updating because it uses brand names.

Analysis of I Wanna Be Yours by John Cooper Clarke

I think things like that are a strength, where you can make every new experience uniquely you. I did, I met them about a fortnight before they went mega. I was doing a show at the boardwalk in Sheffield with The Fall. And then a fortnight later they went viral. They came fully formed really, with a fan base and everything. But I knew they were good. They can really play, and they get better and better and better and better.

I love what they do.

I Wanna Be Yours John Cooper Clarke Poem

I include Plan B and the Alabama 3, people like that. To bring it back to you, the doctorate you got from Salford uni — were you proud? By Matt Wilkinson Aug 2, As Alex Turner has previously explained, it was a huge inspiration for him as a lyricist: NME Newsletter Sign up for the newsletter.

I Wanna Be Yours John Cooper Clarke Poem

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