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Six(6) Killer Sex Positions That Will Make Your Woman Go Crazy [GONE SEXUAL]

How To Satisfy A Woman In Bed - 4 Golden Rules

19 Oct Q: This is a rather general question, but I was wondering if you could write about how men can be good sexual partners for women. I have had several Her pleasure should be important to you simply because you want her to feel good, not because you want to boost your ego. Don't make her feel guilty if. 15 Oct SEX TIP #4: MAKE HER PLEASURE, YOUR PLEASURE. “So many guys grow up watching porn and think that's what great sex is.” Porn is made for men to get off to, and is focused on them – which is the least likely way to get her to orgasm. It's also a surefire way to become a horrible lover! “Play her body. 20 Oct Everybody has different taste in bed, but there are a few things that are pretty universal. If you want to make sex better for your partner, start here. 1. A partner invested in my pleasure too. A woman is not your hand, a fleshlight, or any other masturbatory aid. Don't just use her body till you orgasm and then.

For you to score those awesome points in bed, you need to know your lady in and out. Take time to ask her about things that turn her on and find fun ways to make these things come alive.

Your information is enlightening. You can find it here. Have you asked her what she likes?

There are different strokes for different folks. Some ladies get turned on by listening to Rock Music, others get turned on by having mild liquor, chocolate and stuff. Some others are turned on by beards and facial hair, others by the smell of male cologne and bla bla. The onus is on you to discover her deepest fantasies and go right on to make those happen. Bite gently, lick softly, and penetrate the honey pot with the tongue if you desire to get the bell in her head ringing.

Relationship Tip: How To Satisfy Your Woman Sexually

Take your time to work her body, let your hands and tongue be active as crazy. Even when you get under and penetrate, still maintain contact with the lofty pair of boobs; cup them, squeeze mildly and tickle the nipples and be sure to get her to a faster, here orgasm.

Get her to lower herself on her elbows instead of her palms, then thrust in with gentle strokes initially; and then work it into a faster, rhythmic penetration.

10 Great Tips On How To Satisfy Your Woman Sexually [18+] |

As you get into her like this, you are certain to hit and stimulate the G-spot. This is Africa, how do you expect a lady to make the first move when as a society we have all the many stereotypes within us?

Women like to be pampered, forget all that feminism talk you hear on twitter but they really intend for their men to take ABSOLUTE control of things, especially in bed.

Tips On How To Satisfy Your Woman Sexually

So, initiate the idea; make the first moves, put your mouth here and there, take her hands and slide them in and out of places, unbutton this, unzip that and boom! Think of when you were saving for your first car, your first link necklace, your first trip abroad and all that stuff.

In other words, she wants you to take the lead! Men are usually ready to get it on at the drop of a dime. But then again the feeling of getting her mind build into pleasurable fantasies can be really great for you and could serve as a catalyst for great sex. The perfect orgasm is the high point of lovemaking. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

Do you remember how it felt as you neared your target? In truth, chances are many guys will never be able to get their ladies into great, multiple orgasms.

Tips On How To Satisfy Your Woman Sexually

But then again the feeling of getting her mind build into pleasurable fantasies can be really great for you and could serve as a catalyst for great sex. In popular Twitter parlance, not every time do missionary, sometimes have quickie in the kitchen or in the car with seat reclined, AC and windows up. Also, if you know anything we have omitted here, feel free to drop us a comment or two. You touched on alot.

Truthfully this sucks for me as it tkes me like 45 minutes to finish now. Hey man really appreciate the advice.

10 Great Tips On How To Satisfy Your Woman Sexually [18+]

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