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Udemy vs Teachable for Creating Online Courses

1. Create an Outline of Your Course Content

Miguel Hernandez reveals all the secrets he uses to make over 90K a year teaching online. In this course students will learn how to create and market a Udemy course in just one day. 10 Feb Creating a Udemy course takes a lot of work, so you want to make sure you do it right. Learn the steps to success here.

You want to capture users who have purchased other courses and have no interest in repeating and possibly paying for the same thing.

How To Create A Successful & Profitable Course on Udemy

This is probably the most difficult part of any research, but remember it is part of the job of creating a successful course. Take time to look around and see what is already being offered on the topic you would like to create a course on and then take a unique angle.

If you are going to commit to this, really commit to it. Users typically prefer and, again, pay for courses that have a lot of content. Having a larger course—for example, 50 lectures and 10 hours of video content—is always better than a smaller course with, say, only lectures and two hours of video content. For one, it shows that you know the subject—which is why you are making the course in the first place.

You want to create as much content and as many video lectures as needed.

This is where you tell your potential readers about yourself. You can get an awesome landing page designed from Odesk or Fiverr at a very nominal rate. Creation and setup process of new courses on Udemy with easy and effective style to give proper understanding is great.

As you can see in the screenshot below, this course has lectures or 27 hours of video. While this may seem overwhelming, the great thing about Udemy is students can read the lectures at their own pace. They are broken up into sections, so there is clearly something for everyone.

Students seem to agree, as this course has one of the highest numbers of ratings and students enrolled.

Before you get started in developing your course, you want to clearly lay out all of your goals. Here are some things that you want to keep in mind:. You want to build a rapport and keep students engaged.

You may want to also think outside the box and offer a Google Hangouts or another live discussion with the instructor for all who have purchased the course. This helps students interact in real time and ask questions.

Above is a high level picture of what a Udemy course is and what it should accomplish. In both the cases, you will find numerous available courses on Udemy. These courses incorporate the instructor's personality, the skills taught, and the structure of the curriculum itself.

There are many ways to keep your audience engaged, but this really is the key to keep people coming back and making sure that they successfully finish. This is also how you become a successful course developer. Good courses get higher reviews and, ultimately, are the ones chosen if there are several courses taught on the same topic. Do you have experience developing your own Udemy course? Were these tips helpful?

Let us know in the comments section below. He has over ten years of experience in Jason Hawkins Click here Udemy How To Create A Course, But that is easier said than done.

Learn some tips on creating a successful course below. Develop a Large and Detailed Course If you are going to commit to this, really commit to it. Clearly Lay Out Your Goals Before you get started in developing your course, you want to clearly lay out all of your goals.

Udemy How To Create A Course

Here are some things that you want to keep in mind: Who are you making the course for? Knowing your target audience Udemy How To Create A Course essential for making a great course. You want to make sure you know the level will it be beginner or advanced? Sometimes clarity is key and users will thank you for being thorough. How will you choose the topic? Choosing the right topic might take some work, but you can write a successful course and achieve your goals if you take your time.

How much will you charge? To decide on what you will charge, really look around at what others with similar amounts of content are doing. Keep in mind your audience and what the target demographic can afford.

As you can see in the screenshot below, even a small amount can help you get the ball rolling.

Udemy How To Create A Course

If you browse through Udemy you will see the majority of courses have titles that make sense and are very clear. However, there are also those courses where you have absolutely no clue what they are about. When people search on Udemy they tend to look at the top results that come up, which is why it is super important to develop and use a clear title. Lay out your content and develop from there: You want a road map for where you are going.

Decide how you will break down the lessons.

Five Tips For Writing Online Course Descriptions That Sell (Udemy Course Lecture)

In addition to the main title of the course we just discussed, you also want to pick a title for each section that demonstrates this road map. With Udemy, you are able teach in six different formats: Text, video, presentations, audio, document, and mashup. Mashup video and presentation is the most recommended of the formats. A Few Content Development Recommendations: You want to use as much video as possible.

It will be much more like a live lecture and will engage your audience more. Always have an intro and conclusion.

5 Steps to Creating a Successful Udemy Course | SEJ

Your intro should be a guide of what they will learn and the conclusion should highlight the main points. Image Credits Featured Image: