Was My Weed Laced With Pcp. Cleveland Hookup!

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NO, your weed is not laced.

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21 May Most personal users who lace their own weed will add cocaine or LSD. A joint or bowl laced with cocaine is called “primo”, and a joint with LSD-laced paper is often called a “rainbow joint”. It is also not unheard of for users to add heroin, meth, PCP, and MDMA, in order to make those drugs “go down easier”. 13 Jan Learning if you have laced weed is essential if you don't want to end up smoking it. Laced weed is rare because it takes away from profits and makes enemies. It's more likely that you are smoking moldy weed. What is laced weed? Laced weed is most commonly laced with coke, PCP, meth, and heroin. if i smoked some weed with PCP on it (knowinlgy smoking PCP i mean, not that " oh i got laced weed" shit) what would the effects be? ive never done PCP, so im curoius I find it all a bit funny and usually find myself giggling during a lot of the high, but all my giggles sound extremely twisted and not right.

Laced weed is rare because it takes away from profits and makes enemies.

Laced weed is most commonly laced with coke, PCP, meth, and heroin. Using a residue drug test is the best way to test for weed laced. Residue drug tests are made to detect the presence of drugs within seconds and can be bought cheaply on Amazon.

What can laced weed do to me?

Your cannabis should look green and smell pungent. If you shake a bud, not many crystals should fall off, a little is alright as those are probably trichomes. Trichomes are brown to clear in color. If you see blue or white crystals, the weed is probably laced. In order to get a close look of the trichomes, I like to use a scope.

Coke is the white powdered form of cocaine and is normally smoked, snorted, or ingested. The texture is close to powdered sugar. Cocaine smells like ether, gasoline, or the chemical that used to extract the freebase from the mash. This smell can sometimes even be mistaken as cannabis. Imagine putting a Tylenol in your mouth and chewing it.

This is close to what cocaine tastes like. However, when smoking or ingesting weed laced with coke, the numbness it causes may make it difficult to taste. Smoking cocaine Was My Weed Laced With Pcp weed is dangerous because it puts stress on your lungs, heart, and brain. Your muscles tense and your heart will beat faster from constricted blood vessels which can result in a heart attack, stroke or even cardiac arrest. Crushed glass can be added to weed to make it weigh more, make it look like there are more trichomes than there actually are.

Glass laced weed may also be the result of an accident. A good way to test if your weed is laced with glass is to use a CD. Weed, on its own, will not scratch a CD easily. All you have to do is to gently rub a bud on a CD and if it gets scratched your weed is probably laced. Although, if your weed is dry it may still scratch CD. Phencyclidine, aka PCP or angel dust, link be found in the form of white powder or crystals, capsules, tablets, or liquid.

Developed in the s as an intravenous anesthetic, PCP was soon discontinued due to its side effects. PCP has a distinctive bitter chemical taste and can range in color from tan to brown. In small amounts, weed laced with PCP can make you feel detached, distant, and estranged from your surroundings.

Friends may notice you staring blankly and blinking often. Smoking PCP laced weed can also cause:. However, if you buy pre-rolled joints or blunts the tip may have LSD or acid on it and when you put it in your mouth it will be absorbed into your system.

It tastes bitter and smells vinegar or rubber. Embalming fluid contains formaldehyde which is known Was My Weed Laced With Pcp cause cancer. Weed is laced with embalming fluid in order to make it seem stronger than it actually is and is very dangerous. By itself, formaldehyde is colorless and smells somewhat like pickles.

Testing Was My Weed Laced With Pcp laundry detergent is very easy. First, find a small watertight container and put some water in it along with some of the weed in question.

was my weed laced with PCP???

Next, simply shake the container and look for suds of soap. Now that you know how to detect laced weed, please spread this knowledge and share this guide and you just might save a life.

Was My Weed Laced With Pcp

Spot on with this write-up, I truly believe this website needs a lot more attention. Just tested a nif on the cd thing left scratches should I throw it away or give it to some homeless dude?

Well we would always throw it away since that raises flags! Get a new supply since that sounds sketchy. I smoked one blunt with a buddy that night…I was high normal high on dro smoked last blunt in the morning with 2 co workers. Bout time I got the 2nd hit my hands started shakin. I just had a bad trip and ran out there apt. Thinkin they wur trying to kill me. It took me hours to come down off that high. I was so scared and confused bcuz iddnt get the same effect I did the first blunt the night b4.

Was My Weed Laced With Pcp

I believe Someone laced the bud. I been smokin for 7 yrs dat has never happen to me.

This is close to what cocaine tastes like. I just had a bad trip and ran out there apt. Member Chat My Stuff. You could of smoked somed heroin for all you know.

Do you still smome. I had a similar experience and last time I tried to smome again I had a bad reip. Racing heart panic attack eve. Grow your own or from a known grower the risk to your health is not worth it. I have smoked a lot of weed before and so when i got some more i knew what to expect.

bad weed experience (Acid laced weed? PCP?) (Life Story)

I usually wait about twenty minutes for the high to kick in. But this one kicked in about 20 seconds after i smoked it. I did it around 11pm in my room and it is 9am the next morning and i am just now feeling the normal effects if it were like any other weed i smoked.

Discussion in ' The Lounge ' started by nickleDec 9, Pot is rarely laced considering most drugs disintegrate when burned. I suspect that I smoked meth laced weed. It was like part of me was falling asleep and malfunctioning while the rest of me was processing my surroundins. Thanks for your time.

It was so weird i cant explain half of it I was so lost into my music and this trippy Was My Weed Laced With Pcp video i was watching. I could barely with all of my energy get out of bed and find the toilet to throw up which was five feet from my bed. The worst part was probably after i threw up. This was way past feeling like a dream. My head was leaned over thr toilet and it fely so heavy and i was so dizzy i couldnt lift my head up when i did i threw up.

The walls were shaking and zooming in and out. And they were dark purple and orange. And my bathroom walls are originally blue. I started to dream again with my eyes wide open leaned over the toilet cuz i couldnt mske it to my bed.

I started to hallucinate again too but this part was the worst. I felt like i was traveling through space to hell and every time i had my eyes open i thought the toiley was a portal and it was like melting really weirdly. The whole thing was just Was My Weed Laced With Pcp fucking different from any of my other weed expiriences. If someone could help thatd be dope.

You had weed with Was My Weed Laced With Pcp in it. It probably did not have dmt in it, dmt takes you to another dimention and can last short or long time from 1min to hours and when you take it your not even in the room. My friend and I smoked source weed from a bong and she told me she threw up about 5 times after but I felt fine and nothing happened to me, could it have been laced?

My daughter smokes weed. Any info as far as what she might be smoking is greatly appreciated. You only mentioned that she smokes weed, and maybe this is something else.

I do not know you or your daughter, or what your life looks like. You have the first hand knowledge, and I will take your indication that you think there may be other substances at play here as a sign you think drugs are causing this behavior, so I will work from that assumption. While I cannot say for sure, this does not sound like a case of someone just using cannabis, and there is the possibility of some sort of poly-drug abuse going on here.

There may also be underlying psych issues, but those are exceedingly difficult Was My Weed Laced With Pcp diagnose if there is substance use on top of it. She is 21, you cannot legally force her into rehab, but it may be worth while to surprise her with taking an at home dip stick style drug test if you have leverage over her does she still live at home?

This can help provide some objective evidence of other substance use, and avoid emotions screwing the view, or your daughter trying to manipulate her way out of the situation.

A 10 panel test will test all of the major categories of commonly abused drugs. A 2 pack can be picked up pretty cheap but may require you providing the specimen cup. This enables you to replicate the results, and avoid accusations of the test failing or providing false positives. The kit mentioned in the Up I Guys Hook Dont With tests for 10 specific drugs: If she shows as positive, ANY line no matter how faint is to be read work to get her into treatment.

If this turns out to be a more serious drug abuse issue, whether is is the amounts she is taking or if it is a more dangerous substance as Meth or Heroin she will require some form of in patient treatment. This is especially true for opiate abuse, which may require extensive in patient treatment, and sober living style step down.

If she refuses or will not take it where you can supervise and assure the sample was not tampered with, I would treat just click for source as a positive result.

If she will not allow you or a medical professional to administer the test in a controlled environment, and withdraws from you or runs, this is a critical time to determine and set your boundaries. My totally not certified, and absolutely-not-medical-advice-GUESS is it is one of the two above substances, depending on how things are playing out. If your daughter has an abnormal amount of acne, or has been picking pimples, or showing other compulsive behavior, staying up all night or for multiple days, and generally seems to be experiencing mania, I would guess meth.

If she is slipping away and becoming distant, but sleeps pretty regularly and otherwise seems pretty normal, I would suspect heroin, or other opioid abuse. I wish you the best of luck, I hope you, your daughter, and your family come through this, whatever it may be, happier, and stronger for it.

If drugs are causing this: It is heart breaking, and so frustrating to watch those we love become ensnared in the abuse of these hard drugs.