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Living In Is Like What Montana

Why Billings, Montana, Is the Best Town of 2016


Living in Montana gives residents access to some of the best trout fishing in the country, massive mountains and wide open prairies. Some of the best places to live in Montana include Billings, Bozeman and Missoula. These cities offer thriving economies, vibrant culture and lots of things to do, including shopping, great. Town in Montana. 1 Best Places to Live in Montana. Current Resident: Bozeman is a wonderful place to live. t is an up and coming city that still feels like your old hometown. There are many outdoor activities at your fingertips; floating the river, boating, fishing, hiking, skiing/snowboarding. Perfect & beautiful place for. Home to just over 1 million people, Montana is sparsely populated, due to its large size. Inner city areas like the state capital of Helena give you a taste of metropolitan living while, at the same time, give you great access to the great outdoors. We have created our list of 15 best places to live in Montana by looking at crime.

Bozeman is a wonderful place to live.

What Is Living In Montana Like

The only complaint I have is the cost to rent housing. There are lots of newly developed apartment buildings and condos.

A bit too expensive. Especially for an independent college student. There are other options that aren't completely brand new, but it is difficult to find an updated place to live for a reasonable cost. Overall, I love Bozeman. Would recommend to anyone. I couldn't imagine myself in a different city or state.

Livingston is anot eccentric little town located at the base of the absaroka bear tooth mountain range. There is quick access to a great number of outdoor activities, such as hiking, What Is Living In Montana Like and sightseeing. I love my little town! The night life is pretty active in the summer and in the winter you are garenteed to find a local sitting on the barstool next to you!

Livingston is a good place to own a home. The schools areally pretty good and the sense of community is amazing! I love the access to the mountains.

What Is Living In Montana Like

There is so much wilderness here! But, it is a resort community and there are seasonal crowds that drive up prices and congest the roads. Helena is a nice little town. I lived in Helena three years.

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The only thing I didn't like about it was the cost of living. In my opinion is was fairly high compared to other places I have lived. I also felt the people of Montana here a bit different coming from the mid-west and south. Not as friendly in general, but you still find a lot of nice people in Montana.

Land and rent will be your biggest drawbacks. Higher than average gas and grocery prices as well. Montana is a gorgeous State and Helena has a more temperature climate than most of the State because it is in a valley surrounded by Mountains.

If you like outdoor activities then Montana is the place for you. You also have to like cold and snow, which I do. We had a white Christmas every year we lived in Helena. There is also a ski hill just outside of town which the kids loved doing for PE. Just don't expect them to cancel school for check this out, that doesn't happen here.

Dillon is a small college town in South West Montana. It has a great community with lot of agriculture.

I live in Montana

Jobs are available but not a lot of opportunity for a successful career. It is very nice to walk into the bank or safeway, get called by your first name and know everyone there. The University of Montana Western is a good college that attracts students from all over the states. As for the outdoors, there is no better place for hunting, fishing, What Is Living In Montana Like, water sports and wildlife viewing.

Overall, Dillon is a great little town in Montana. Missoula is a unique, hip, fun town to live in. Home of the University of Montana, Missoula is a bit more diverse and "happening" compared to other Montana cities. There is a lot of great art, music, and recreation.

15 Best Places to Live in Montana

The scenery is beautiful. The winters are cold and snowy. One problem is a fairly poorly planned transportation infrastructure roads, traffic lights, sidewalks.

I walk everywhere, which can be a pain when the sidewalk just ends! Overall, I really enjoy living here. East Helena, Montana is a small town outside of the state capital of Helena, Montana.

It has a wonderful public school and a tight-knit community. The click at this page supports local activities such as school fundraisers and veteran appreciation.

There are year-round activities for families and local law enforcement presence that actually listens to the needs of residents. Having relocated to Central Montana from a large metropolitan area in Southern California, I was thrilled to find the people of Lewistown warm and welcoming. The vibe in Lewistown is simple: It is understandable how folks looking at Lewistown could see just another small town in the heart of the Treasure State.

But, I would encourage them to look deeper and they will find an abundance of year round outdoor activities and a rich, abundant history.

Lewistown is worth a visit and who knows? Maybe you'll find your new hometown, too. Billings is a city that has everything. There are two universities for higher education.

There are so many businesses that provide job opportunities. There are sports attractions from college to semi pro. There are many beautiful places surrounding Billings for hikers and bikers.

I have been attending Montana State University in Billings for the last year and it has been a great experience. I have gotten to know many of the teacher and staff at MSUB and they are very willing to help the students in any way that they can. I recommend MSUB to others, especially those majoring in education. The education department bends over backward to help students! What Is Living In Montana Like Montana is a beautiful wonderful place!

The views are extraordinary, full of mountains rivers lakes and valleys. The people here are friendly and willing to help Neighbors and those sometimes they don't even know. There are many things to do here from snow skiing and snowboarding in the winter time comma to water skiing and wakeboarding in the visit web page. There's fishing hiking camping and just about any other outdoor sport you could think of.

Climbing ice is something click most people would do cautiously—in Montana they see who can do it faster. Yeah I saw your thread about that. On the whole, though, Montana politics are the same as any other political arena. Great Falls, is a Great Town! All the people are nice, many, many high paying jobs and hot babes in short skirts everywhere.

It is one of the most beautiful places in America and not only that but it is also like taking a step back in time. Although Kalispell has grown in the past few years we are still not up to date as some people would say in areas of technology and infrastructure. But it is a wonderful place to source and a beautiful place to explore.

A small town where the train rolls through the center of town. We love it though. Here we have our Panther Pride and our Montana charm.

I loved growing up in Belgrade. No matter where you lived there was a friend on your street.

We celebrate and respect all opions here because we know the truth is in the middle, not the far left or right, and we know how to spell California. It may not be as far or have as alluring a reputation among your audience, but it has I think everything you are looking for much nearer to home. Be in the know!

Belgrade is located close to Manhattan a tiny town and Bozeman a not so small town. If we wanted to do something fun we would get our parents to take us to Bozeman or we would make fun right where we were. As we grew up, we all realized Belgrade needed something fun we could do. The community splash park was no longer enough to keep us entertained and we didn't want to go to Bozeman.

My friends and I discussed opening a game center or even a movie theater to give Belgrade something of it's own. However, while we wished there had been more "teenage" hang-outs we were so blessed to be located in such a beautiful location and so close to other towns where we could make friends and participate in fun activities.

Great Falls, is a Great Town! It is very family What Is Living In Montana Like, with lots to do! Great Falls has Hiking, biking, rafting, camping, What Is Living In Montana Like, hunting, great food, fun family museums and much more.

The Mighty Missouri River runs right this web page the town and makes a great place to do all kinds of recreation! The town is also filled with great places to eat that are very family centered. East Missoula has been a laid back part of town for me. I live on a very mellow street with little traffic.

The only negative experience I have had is a couple strangers wandering in to my yard. I went up to them and kindly asked the men laying in my yard to leave and they were respectful. I wouldn't suggest living on a street where you can see the highway, it can be quite noisy at times between traffic and the train going by. It's a small town, but I have lived here all my life! Housing is cheaper than in town, we don't have to pay for every drop of water we use, and you can basically walk anywhere you need to go!

Click am currently attending Montana State University Northern in Havre, Montana and am very pleased with the experience so far. The town itself embraces its "small town" aesthetics and it has grown on me.