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Baek Ah Yeon - Introduction To Love FMV (When A Man Loves OST) [ENGSUB + Romanization + Hangul]

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23 Aug What makes a man fall completely head over heels in love? 1) Why Does He Fall for One Woman Over Another? “A man falls in love when he feels like he could be a super hero with you in his life. “You can't blame gravity for falling in love.” – Albert Einstein. What is it that makes a man fall in love with a woman? Who is the type of woman that a man falls in love with? Women all over the world have been trying to figure this out. Popular society opinion makes it seems like men don't fall in love with women the same way. Feelings of love may be the same for both sexes but the stages of love are an entirely unique experience. Understand how men think and how men fall in love.

He has a cold-blooded decisiveness and incredible drive. This helped him to attain his current status, as he started with nothing. Her personality reminds him of himself when he was that age. Han Tae-Sang begins to feel love for the first time in his life.

When a Man Falls in Love Ep 2 - Engsub

Tae-Sang works for a powerful loan shark Lee Sung-Min. One day, he goes with his men to a small bookstore in a poor area to collect on a debt. They enter the bookstore and threaten the bookstore owner Kang Shin-Il. Around this time, the bookstore owner's daughter Mi-Do Shin Se-Kyung goes to the public welfare office to get free rice. A TV reporter is there and asks Mi-Do for an interview. Mi-Do becomes extremely embarrassed and hides her face with the rice bag. Even though she tells the reporter no, the TV reporter repeatedly asks her for an interview.

Mi-Do then becomes angry and pushes the TV reporter. She leaves without the rice bag. While leaving the area, somebody shouts at her "hey rude student! When Mi-Do gets back to her father's bookstore, she finds a bunch of men in the store.

The men soon leave. Mi-Do asks her father about the men, but he doesn't tell her anything. The next day, Tae-Sang learns that the bookstore owner left a last will and disappeared.

Tae-Sang yells at his men to find the bookstore owner. Tae-Sang's men eventually finds the man and takes him back to the bookstore.

I was shocked when i saw jb and jr. I read this on Korean Drama and it made me laugh here hard: I like it better that monstar which i really hate the ending. By how the ratings is really low I can tell I'm not the only one not liking this storyline.

Meanwhile, Mi-Do is at a private institute and looks at her report card. She lets out a huge smile. Mi-Do got the top score in her class. Mi-Do then receives a phone call from her mother and learns that her father has disappeared. When Mi-Do arrives back at the bookstore, she sees her mother and father harassed by a bunch of men. Mi-Do quickly gets into a physical struggle with the men. During the struggle, she shows no fear of the men.

If she does not like TS, she should just say so than pretending. Han Tae-Sang begins to feel love for the first time in his life. I like the drama.

Tae-Sang then arrives at the bookstore and watches Mi-Do fight with his men. Suddenly, Tae-Sang thinks of himself when he was about Mi-Do's age. Around that time, his mother had an affair. She also owed money to the loan shark that Tae-Sang now works for. At that time, the loan shark and his men came and beat Tae-Sang over his mother's debt.

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That moment completely changed Tae-Sang's life. He went from a smart kid with good grades to an enforcer for a gangster. Tae-Sang then sees Mi-Do's report card in her bag. He then stands in front of her and stops the fight.

When A Man Falls In Love

Mi-Do promises to pay back the loan by 3 PM on Saturday. Tae-Sang agrees and leaves with his men. The loan shark then learns of Tae-Sang's actions and thinks he has now become soft. The loan shark has now lost all faith in Tae-Sang. Mi-Do, trying to stay as calm as possible, offers to sell herself to Tae-Sung to pay off her father's debt. Tae-Sang accepts her offer and takes her to a hotel room. Mi-Do, trying to stay as calm as possible to hide her fear, listens to Tae-Sang in the hotel room.

Tae-Sang tells her to payback the principle without the interest. During the party, the loan shark begins to bad mouth Tae-Sang's mother. Tae-Sang becomes furious and tells his boss that he quits and leaves.

The next day, one of Tae-Sang's men goes to the bookstore and gives Mi-Do a bank bank. He tells her that Tae-Sang will pay for her school tuition fees. Mi-Do goes to see Tae-Sang and asks him why he is helping her. Tae-Sang tells her that if someone helped him click at this page her age, his life would be different. Meanwhile, the loan shark boss sends several men to kill Tae-Sang.

Right before the attack, Tae-Sung receives a phone call from the boss' girlfriend tipping him off that he is about to be killed. Tae-Sang is able to get away from harm and goes to see his boss. When he finds his boss they get into a heated argument. The boss' men then brings in Mi-Do. Tae-Sang tells her to run, but the door is closed.

When they try to leave, the boss stabs Tae-Sang in the back. Tae-Sang still manages to let Mi-Do escape before collapsing.

When a Man Loves - Korean Drama

Mail required but will not be published. JAC Nov 06 2: Mamo Oct 01 6: I watched it years ago but I still repeat it whenever I can.

I loved it for many reasons: Or the misconstrued but witty beauty who is just looking for someone who understands her or the traumatised beauty who just needs a prince charming to help her out of her shell With Mi do she was very real, we all have that person who comes close to our dream partner but may not truly love us in a true sense and there is that one person who loves us and sees the beauty in us even when we don't see the beau in them ii SSH article source his character!

I fell in love with him there and then which led me to watch his movie- Obsessed which is an AMAZING movie iii The plot was overall realistic, it wasn't the dreamy-fantasy type that is usually the basis of most Korean drama. It shows how preconceived notions and unnecessary expectations can breed problems such as infidelity in a relationship and I truly appreciated that And finally it showed the power of loyalty and brotherhood.

So I'm really sorry to the people who didn't enjoy this drama, you truly missed out on a great story. AnonymousLatina Aug 11 8: I really didn't like the Main Character's Acting, I mean, she has a really messed up role but her acting just makes it so much worse. This drama really speaks it's name "when a man loves" a man who was in a huge street gang and finally set his heart to allow himself to love, the problem is I love the action and the conflict of this whole series, The Villans are supposed to be the people you're supposed to like which is the mains but you don't.

I enjoyed this, it's refreshing. I didn't like the ending, and although they didn't make it clear if Tae ended up with the girl, it seemed like it, like if she realized her mistakes, and to me it's like yeah too late gah she doesn't deserve him. I truly enjoyed this one, even if it got on my nerves, it's twisted, just like me hahaha. Joy Joy Jul 17 But i end up attracted SSH acting persona, When A Man Falls In Love, voice of acting, full of charisma I wished I read the comments here before I started watching this drama.

This is truly a waste of my time. I'm so confused as to who is the main male read article. Also, this is the first time I hate the leading lady. She is nothing but a When A Man Falls In Love Dodol May 29 5: I like when mi-do with tae sang scenes nd not mi-do with jae hee.

When A Man Falls In Love

Its bcse of the main poster of that drama. Why she must fell in love with jae hee even the poster shown that tae sang was the male lead. I really hate that girl who like to play with the men's feelingg. Thanks to nutella nd chrissy bcse give me a great explaination Sharp Aquos Up External this drama. I hope the other kdrama must not hve story line entwine like this? The female protagonist is a two timed hypocrite and from the looks of it,she ddint When A Man Falls In Love love Tae Sang,she was just a materialistic girl who took advantage of a man who sincerely loved her,i regret investing the four hours i spent watching the first four episodes,from ther i jumped to episode 10,11 and the last scene of episode Han tae sang's character was not even highlighted,he seems more of a supporting actor than the lead actor,the story line even made him look like a bad actor Nutella Mar 03 7: The female protagonist is a hypocrite two face so mi dodo shameless look more like a cheap undignified woman.

This is the first time I watch a drama which I dont want what is so called happy ending. I'd rather see Han tae sang together with sung jo in the end, at least she's more dignified than the main female character, she's a loyal companion to han tae sang, I'm not bothered to watch the entire drama as the story plot pissess me off, I just read the synopsis from episode 12 till the end.

Watching it till the end just wasting my time really, as I regret starting to watch it from the beginning anyway. Is han tae sang is the main character of this drama? Or lee jae hee is? Why I see lee jae he more often with seo mi dodo then with han tae sang? The main poster of this drama is the picture of han tae sang with seo mi do, but as I watch it, it feels like seo mi do and lee jae hee is the main character of this drama, does this makes sense?