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Married men who cheat, rarely leave their wives | Lisa E. Scott

7 Apr Two weeks ago, I wrote a blog entitled “6 Steps to Help Your Wife Recover from Your Affair.” One woman who commented on the blog offered up six of her own tips for women who find that their husbands cheat. The sound tips all reinforced her basic premise that, when wives discover infidelity, they should. One of my smart women clients who had thought she had dealt with her partner's affair 20 years before and stayed in the marriage, found it coming back to haunt her as they both approached retirement. Both smart women and smart men stay in relationships both straight and gay, where one has cheated on another for. 21 Aug If you're in this situation and are a married man's mistress, you need to be aware of the reasons why men will never leave their wives for their mistresses, even after years of adultery. The statistics show that the vast majority of cheating men end up staying with their wives and drop their mistresses once they.

Keeping a marriage afloat can feel complicated and difficult for many couples. In the United States, about 40 to 50 percent of marriages end in divorce, while 57 percent of men admit to committing infidelity in any relationship they've had, and 74 percent of men admit they'd have an affair if they knew they wouldn't get caught. They just want it all," says an article published in Todayin which several women who have relationships with married men comment on how these men "never" leave their wives.

Although this does not apply in all cases, it is very common for men not to leave their wives for their lovers. He has known you forever, and no one else knows him as he really is.

It was very eye opening. It was I who overrode my gut feelings when his lies got more obvious. A guy raring to go, with a partner who has let herself go, has been set up to cheat. Cheating is a symptom of major-league problems in a marriage.

You give him the opportunity to be authentic, because there's no part of him you haven't seen before. With you he, he is comfortable.

Why Cheating Husbands Stay With Wives

Many times, a cheating husband doesn't go into an extramarital relationship with the intent to leave behind his family. He looks at the act as something without major consequences - as a simple vacation from his marriage. Of course, these cheating men are in no way justified for being unfaithful.

But in their minds, the situation is not as big a deal as it really is.

Why Cheating Husbands Stay With Wives

You seem happy to see him when he can fit you in, so why would he leave his wife? Apparently comfort and having the best of both worlds, is one of the biggest reasons relationships continue. Divorce is painful, expensive, and emotionally draining.

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Why would he choose to go through that when he doesn't have to? Before you close the idea that infidelity and love can not go together, think about the times that you have done something hurtful to a person you loved.

Outrageous, Cheating Wife Orders Her Husband to Stay With Her

Of course, cheating is an extreme, but all the same, it's possible to love someone and still choose to hurt them. In many cases, unfaithful men stay with their wives so their children can have a "traditional family.

Most cheaters live in a reality that does not exist - a reality in which their bad behavior is totally justified. Common justifications are "I'm not doing anything that most of my buddies don't do," or "It's a man's biological imperative read article have sex with as many women as he can.

Why should I be any different? In my personal experience, I believe that HONEST communication between a couple and not getting angry when that open dialogue occurs is the most important thing for marital survival.

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Reacting furiously restricts communication and secrets form. When this happens, unhappiness is almost guaranteed. I always think about my relationship with my mother. Even today there is nothing I do not tell her - from my best experiences to the things that embarrass me by just thinking about them. I always wonder how my mother developed this relationship with me and I try to do the same with my daughters.

She guided me and advised me, and I was open to her advice because she was always open to listen to me without judging me. Marriage shouldn't be far from this. Always try to make your husband feel that he can be completely open with you because you are not going to yell and judge him.

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