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George was lbs. His wife left him because he was too fat but he didn't stop eating because nothing is more important than food! The man on the right is a bodybuilder from Facebook tagged as Food Meme. I couldn't even make up a story this good found this gem on a bodybuilding forum this is a classic story on how to completely screw up a date. . She leaves, and I grap some toilet paper pick up the turds from the floor and bathtub , toss them in the can, and then I proceed to clean off the floor and bathtub with soap. Bodybuilding Meme. Funny pictures about Waking up after a wild night. Oh, and cool pics about Waking up after a wild night. Also, Waking up after a wild . Sit back and let your personal matchmaker cut through the noise of online dating and get you results. Find this Pin and more on Funny stuff.

This reminds me there is a Youtube video of Gary Owen White male comedian speaking about when Matt Damon tried to date is Black girlfriend but current wife. These men state the lowest comments about black women. Black men are either fully formed, independent, self actualized, autonomous human being or they are, as you are suggesting puppets at the mercy of the so called powers that be. But he just focused on looks. They are both on the same level of attractiveness and th:

Maybe, just maybe, they are treated more kindly, appreciated, and building with men who share their values, not just their melanin content.

Attraction is good but you can become attracted to just about anybody if they treat you well enough! Bodybuilder Dating Meme Trash Clean Up Day has focusing source facial features and dick size gotten black women? The less those [redacted] achieve, the more low class our criteria has become.

You cant have the women of a race requiring more than the men of the race can provide. The best way to keep the race going, is to keep the womens vetting process in tune with the mens ability to achieve. Black men need to mind their businesses. Their insecurity and envy is showing. Black women and white men have the most stable and successful marriages that last a lifetime out of ANY other pairing.

Black men on the other hand have the highest divorce rate in the country. They need to focus on pleasing their white and non black women better, so they can stop divorcing them in droves. First of all, average young white guys are better-looking than black guys imo. Second of all, these black guys never factor personality or personal compatibility into an assessment of why two people might want to be together. Life is long and looks fade for everyone.

You need something beyond just looks to maintain a bond with someone when you get old.

Bodybuilder Dating Meme Trash Clean Up Day

You need common values, for one thing, a shared continue reading of humour for another. She wants a man who has a job, owns a car and can give her and any kids they have a good life with a college education. Surely BW have those longings too, unless the BC has told them to suppress those thoughts and concentrate simply on him being black.

If she left what would they do? And they know it. And through all of this, BM threat her like dirt. No woman should have to put up with that———or want to. LOL you guys beat me to it. These are the same ladies they said were being too uppity because they waited to give it up or waited for him to approach all while having West African features at the same time.


That is the ultimate demise click here black people. Men who do not own mirrors and cannot see the error of their own way.

Everyone else is the problem. The enemy will never be satisfied. Its hard for bm to even fathom that that average wm may be, you know, pleasant, easy to be around, well employed, and have a great sense of humor.

She can give me prettier kids and a lot of dome. I clicked on the picture you posted and my phone froze and closed this whole page down.

Looks like my phone can tell who evil is. Black males who think like this believe all white men are cavemen. One minute, no white men want you, next minute, you get with average white men.

Find a man who wants you and will treat you well. I notice many black women have an obsession with fat or over weight black men with beards.

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Like those Rick Ross types. But will twist their mouths to call white men like Alexander skarsgard ugly. Everything is done so wrong. As for the garbage that posted this, par for the course.

Black men to me, are irrelevant. They contradict everything they say or do sooner or later especially when it comes to black women. Destruction of communities, women and families? I thought we were talking about this piece of excrement.

He has to stand on his click here to scratch the belly of a snake.

That nut sack can take several seats. I love my White husband but lets not lower ourselves to the Crazy man who wrote that insane article. Saw a few today on my way home.

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Ladies let me introduce you to the new baby mamas…. If they do, please post. Otherwise, I will bash. You want to hear praises about black men…. No one talking about them so get over yourself and stop being in your feeling.

I guess my Mama Lion came out! I know Bodybuilder Dating Meme Trash Clean Up Day not personal you are venting! Our ire is directed at the miscreant who has for a few years now used his platform to denigrate and abuse black women to the point of building his YouTube channel as his personal toilet to deficate on black women. We have every right to deconstruct this nonsense and provide a forum in many ways a safe haven for black women who are up against countless black men who do the same as this degenerate.

The point is to give black women a space in which we provide and encourage them to open all their options. We are not changing for your benefit. Can you forgive my Faux Pas? I get it you are venting…. I do too, but I call a spade a spade. Nobody said anything about your son. These men state the lowest comments about black women. You should be on a Black Lives Matter website. You might like that crowd better and you would fit right in. We can put this behind us. There are numerous spaces that are black male identified….

Read the entire forum. There is really some intelligent women and men on this site who really give some eye opening perspective that you will not find in here spaces. No matter how many sons they have in the end its all about uniting for their cause, no matter how silly it is.

Bodybuilder Dating Meme Trash Clean Up Day

It can become exhausting. Just letting you know.

There would ne no need to expand my dating options. Ladies let me introduce you to the new baby mamas…. He can clean up his own mess.

This is everyday life for BW. But alas, as the saying, goes you can fool people some of time but you can fool people all the time. Mike was on a ski trip with his work buddy and I was buried in housewife stuff!! How odd is this meme? BW are now in a position to either defend themselves are take the beating psychologically, physically and spiritually.

These Bodybuilder Dating Meme Trash Clean Up Day men unfortunately overshadow the decent ones. BW get verbally and physically attacked by everybody because they are unprotected as a whole and the men and women of different races are aware of this.

Look who just joined the site article source Feb of this year, has a whole 23 comments to her credit and is telling us how to run the joint. I believe BW are now facing the consequences because the men are now handicapped and hate their own women. That pic is everything. Why you gotta get the Man all in our business. WW do not coddle their men. Because WW know that women fighting for the more priveleged group in their community is insanity.

So let them be in charge.

Typical deranged BM logic. Nothing about financial stability, protecting their communities, cherishing women, etc. Just whining about good looking BW having their pick of men and deciding not to choose BM.

BM are so entitled. And they are like this in every sphere: No matter what it is they want something for nothing. And they read more part of the reason why BM are being destroyed.

Maybe they are in love. But combos like that are the exception, not the rule. All that other crap about looks disparity is just that, crap for his benefit. Unless he has money, which I highly doubt. Because most plain looking people date other plain looking people.