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84 Avengers Members Ranked From Worst To Best

5 May A Jehovah's Witness cartoon that preached against same-sex parenting has been re-edited to be more accepting. PinkNews reported earlier this week that the Jehovah's Witnesses poured money into a cartoon that teaches kids to oppose gay parenting and that homosexuals can be “changed”. . 1 Feb In response to these Islamophobic messages, street artists affiliated with the Bay Area Art Queers Unleashing Power acted quickly to cover the ads with vibrant images of Pakistani-American superhero Ms Marvel along with comic-style blurbs trumpeting messages of equality: “Calling All Bigotry Busters,”. This Pin was discovered by Paul Cooke. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.

Go here how do you get to be the worst Avenger? Anthony Ludgate Druid — was a psychiatrist an occupation largely centered around sitting and talkingwho got trained by an ancient mystic to be the backup sorcerer if anything happened to the more popular Doctor Strange. Besides being a literal superhero understudy, he also got mind-controlled by a villain named "Terminatrix," left the team in disgrace, joined another team, got mind-controlled again, faked his own death, betrayed at least one more team, and then bravely got killed for real.

Jack of Hearts is a half-alien whose scientist father exposed him to experimental "zero fluid," giving him the power to shoot energy blasts. He chose a playing-card-themed identity for unclear reasons and hung out in space for a while, before joining the Avengers during an emergency hiring crisis, and eventually College Hookup Gay Parents Cartoon Drawings Of Superheroes himself up in space — along with a child murderer he grabbed on the way.

This dude is a disgraced Olypmic athlete who got his powers from a weird cult that subsequently pushed the Avengers to bring him on as a diversity hire as part of a secret plot to infiltrate the team. He later becomes the 3-D Man, maybe because he didn't feel dorky enough. Justice, aka Vance Astrovik, is about as generic as College Hookup Gay Parents Cartoon Drawings Of Superheroes get. He's like some off-brand toy in a dollar store, and while he's not particularly offensive, he is depressingly bland.

Rule of thumb when choosing your superhero name — don't make the joke that easy for future compilers of definitive rankings. The Forgotten One is Gilgamesh — you know, from the epic poem! Marvel's Gilgamesh is from Jack Kirby's race of Eternals, early godlike heroes created by aliens during prehistory.

Gilgamesh joined the Avengers during another low-membership era, wore a bull's head over his regular head, and was eventually killed by a villain named "Neut. Sersi is another Eternal, so she's older than dirt, and palled around with the Avengers for a while before Captain America extended an official membership offer.

Also, they already knew each other from when Cap traveled back to Ancient Mesopotamia. She was the inspiration for the character of the same name in Homer's Odyssey older than dirt and she can fly, manipulate minds, manipulate matter, and — sure, why not — is immortal. We had to look this guy up. Blue Marvel debuted in as one of Marvel's occasional Superman analogs see The Sentry higher on the list — but not that much higher. He seems like a pretty cool guy; a Korean War veteran older superheroes are pretty rare!

So, at least now we know who he is — and so do you! Ava Ayala is the fifth hero to don the name and costume of White Tiger, an originally male hero from the s, and a title passed on to both male and female characters — although notably always nonwhite.

The current White Tiger derives increased strength and agility from magical tiger amulets she inherited from her brother, the original White Tiger.

College Hookup Gay Parents Cartoon Drawings Of Superheroes

She's also a pretty big character on the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon. This is the College Hookup Gay Parents Cartoon Drawings Of Superheroes Torch that no one really cares about, and has "human" in his name despite being a robot. Mantis is a half-Vietnamese martial artist who was basically the resident flirty bombshell character in mid-'70s Avengers comics. She has a weird vocal tic where she constantly refers to herself as "this one," and left the team to live out a Kree prophecy that she would mate and give birth to a celestial messiah.

We're doing Quasar a solid by using a more recent drawing of him — when he was actually College Hookup Gay Parents Cartoon Drawings Of Superheroes Avenger, he looked like a total dweeb. But hey, respect is due for him not trying to cover up his overwhelming dweebiness at the time. He's cool, but hasn't done a lot to distinguish himself just yet. Agent was created to basically be the opposite of Captain America — patriotic, but a total douchebag. He actually was Captain America for a while, but eventually reverted to just being a violent Cap knockoff.

Speaking of dickish alternate versions of beloved characters, the Red Hulk is the gamma-irradiated version of Hulk's nemesis General Thunderbolt Ross. Unlike most versions of the Hulk, Ross was able to keep his tactical brilliance whenever he turned into a monster. Ares joined the Avengers during the Brian Michael Bendis era, and was basically a maniacal, hyperviolent Click analog at a time when the real Thor was unavailable.

The mixed-race son of the original Nick Fury has mostly replaced his click as one of the top agents of S. Jackson in the Marvel movies. Firestar is best known to Gen Xers as one of the three stars of the Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends in the early '80s, but is kind of an also-ran in comics.

She's got some nostalgic charm, but she's mostly quite generic. Swordsman is a French-ish, debonair Errol Flynn-type who is best known as the mentor of Hawkeye — a more famous purple Avenger with a better spot on this list.

He's a nonpowered weapons expert like Hawkeye who has been both a hero and villain like Hawkeye and originally joined the Avengers as a double agent sent to kill them, had a change of heart, joined the team in full, and eventually settled into the usual Avengers retirement plan of getting killed.

Black Knight is a character built upon a strange contradiction — he's all about continuing a legacy from medieval England, but is actually an American. He's here a bad character, per se, but is one of only a handful of Marvel heroes dating back to the '60s to never attain any kind of iconic status.

Starfox is Thanos' brother sure College Hookup Gay Parents Cartoon Drawings Of Superheroes has the power to make you horny for him OK. This is everything you need to know about Starfox. Tigra is a furry sex-symbol probably? An occasional but memorable Avenger, Tigra was a normal woman who got transformed into the mythic defender of an ancient race of cat people we think. She's another strong, fast, acrobatic character with retractable claws.

Captain Universe is a near-omnipotent being that has taken on many host bodies. The most recent host, Tamara Devoux, became a member of Jonathan Hickman's Avengers, but her role has mostly been limited to serving as a deus ex machina and someone who says totally inscrutable stuff all the time. Also, like most omnipotent cosmic forces, she loves pie. Night Mask is another mysterious cosmic character from Jonathan Hickman's Avengers. He mainly serves as a sidekick to Star Brand, who also has roots in the New Universe, but mostly says a lot of ominous, cryptic exposition.

For some reason he does not ever wear a mask. Sharon Carter is first and foremost an agent of S.

After traveling to the present and numerous adventures with X-Force, he developed a relationship with fellow mutant Rictor. As a member of the alien race known as the Skrull, Xavin has both male and female forms. Danny is rescued by the citizens of the mystical city, trained in martial arts, and graduates from kung-fu school by punching his hands into the heart of a dragon, imbuing them with "The Iron Fist," a Chi-focusing technique that lets him punch real hard. The Simpsons TV Series

She's also Captain America's girlfriend! Sunfire has somehow spent more time as a member of the Avengers than he ever did as an X-Man. He's an unrepentant asshole and deeply antisocial, but was able to overcome this to become a key member of the Avengers' Unity Squad. OK, let's do this one super quick.

Sometimes referred to as the first "Ultimate" character existing outside Marvel's s to present continuity in their rebooted Ultimate Unvierse this rogue alien teen was folded into the primary Marvel universe, where he begrudgingly shed his desire to conquer Earth and joined the grown-up Avengers under the click Protector, then a team of teen Avengers.

He is a hunky boy with white hair who loves to dance and shoot lasers. They're, like, basically from the same hometown.

She has a big sword and rides a winged horse and sometimes assembles teams of female superheroes to beat up the guys just for the hell of it, so that's pretty dope. Echo — previously under the guise of shared superhero secret identity Ronin — is both Native American and deaf, so that's cool. The mysterious faceless and gender-ambiguous Ronin identity has been used multiple times to conceal a surprise team member, but Echo was the first after teaser images and fan speculation spilled the beans on the original intent to have the mask conceal Daredevil.

Echo has "photographic reflexes," meaning she can copy the fighting techniques of others get it? When Abyss was introduced at the start of Jonathan Hickman's Avengers run, she seemed College Hookup Gay Parents Cartoon Drawings Of Superheroes a straight-up villain, but has shifted into a more ambiguous role as a member of the team.

She isn't as developed as she could be, but has a great creepy vibe. Ex Nihilo also seemed like a villain at the start of Hickman's run, but that was a great bait and switch.

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He looks kinda satanic, but is in fact a force for life and creation in the universe. Eden Fesi is often played as a handy plot device — he can teleport himself and others across time and space — but when he's allowed a character moment here and there, he's a charming presence among his fellow noobs in Hickman's Avengers. A sexy robot of some kind, Jocasta is what happened College Hookup Gay Parents Cartoon Drawings Of Superheroes Ultron the evil robot voiced by James Spader from the commercials tried to build himself a girlfriend.

He named her after the mother of Oedipus, which seems unhealthy even for a killer computer network, but then she fell in love with The Vision a good robot and spent the rest of her Avengers tenure exploding and unexploding. Wait, yes we do. Doreen Green is a mutant with squirrel-like appearance and abilities, including prehensile tail, and the ability to command squirrels — first and foremost, her sidekick "Monkey Joe.

Captain Britain has only popped up in the Avengers now and then over the years, but has always been a welcome presence, both as a powerhouse and as a character with strong ties to the multiverse. Remember Spider-Man's bully, Flash Thompson?

He went to Iraq. Then he lost both his legs and succumbed to alcoholism. Anyhoozle, he got bonded to the Venom symbiote in the character's relaunch as a militaristic anti-hero and it gave him new Venom legs and also Venom guns, and very Venom-y anger issues. Because his clothes College Hookup Gay Parents Cartoon Drawings Of Superheroes an alien, he most recently spent some time with the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Hyperion has spent most of his existence in comics as a stand-in for Superman, but he's become a strong presence in Jonathan Hickman's run on Avengers.

Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Marvel Share On facebook Share On facebook Share Share On pinterest Share On pinterest Share On pinterest Share On pinterest Pin Wasp may be the most underrated major member of the Avengers — she's been a mainstay since the very beginning, and practically embodies the optimistic, moralistic spirit of the group. He'll always be best known as a key member of the X-Men, but he's become a mainstay of the Avengers over the past decade and it totally works. Edit Storyline Told from the perspective of an unseen documentary filmmaker, the series offers an honest, often-hilarious perspective of family life.

He grew out a beard, became a father figure to the super advanced "Zebra Kids" in the Savage Land, and is now best bros with Thor. A highly trained mercenary, Marc Spector died and was resurrected by an ancient Egyptian god, unless he imagined it he also has multiple personality disorder or, as here most recently suggested, is actually the host to an interdimensional entity. He has a little airplane shaped like the moon and throws moon-a-rangs and yeah.

Sometimes he pretends to be a cab driver. If this was a ranking of Marvel superheroes in general, Storm would almost certainly be in the top But she only served in the Avengers for a few issues in the Bendis era, and didn't contribute that much. Still, she's Stormso she's still ahead of a lot of characters.

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Star Brand is Jonathan Hickman's spin on an old New Universe character, and is basically like a skinny outsider kid like Peter Parker who is granted the incredible power and responsibility of becoming the Earth's sentient defense mechanism. He's extremely powerful, but has the perspective of a college kid who's in way over his head, but excited to be doing cool cosmic superhero stuff.

Nick Fury's right-hand woman. You know Maria Hill — she was in the movie!

College Hookup Gay Parents Cartoon Drawings Of Superheroes

She was played by the woman from that show! She's more by-the-book than Nick Fury, and has taken over for him a number of times as the government's top superhero-wrangler. She lives in a fourth-floor walk-up and cuts her own hair.

Susan Richards may be crucial to the Fantastic Four, but she's mostly a footnote in the history of the Avengers.

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Still, she gets some of the best and most surprising moments in the later issues of Hickman's Avengers. Daredevil was an Avenger? Daredevil was an Avenger!