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Bungie Explains Why Destiny Doesn't Allow Matchmaking for Raids. November 2 , Written by Alex Co. Destiny The taken King impressions 2. Bummed at not being able to match up with random people for Destiny's now-infamous Raids? Well, you're not the only one. While the chances of Destiny having matchmaking . 13 May Destiny: The Taken King is in pretty fine shape after the April update, with lots to see and do, and many delightful rewards to earn. Unfortunately a It's not a perfect, smooth matchmaking experience, but it's the first “official” LFG tool we've seen Bungie support, and it could be very helpful. Personally I'm a. 27 Sep According to Schreier, Destiny: The Taken King director Luke Smith and executive producer Mark Noseworthy will fill the same roles on the Destiny 2 dev team. The duo apparently scrapped the studio's existing story plans for the sequel and want the next Destiny to feel drastically different from the existing.

Light Mode Become a Guardian of the Light. An exclusion filter allows a flair to be hidden from your browsing experience. Who finally Destiny The Taken King Raid Matchmaking a PS4? Discussion Raid matchmaking would be a no good very bad thing self.

I've seen a ton of threads starting to pop up again, after dying down for a good long time, and I blame the division for it but really it's players failing to see why the division has matchmaking for everything. Now I was in the same group as you all, I even refused to use LFG out of principle early on but then something happened.

I did a raid and I instantly understood why the lack of raid matchmaking was a smart decision. A lot of us have really only played shooters and in said shooters nearly everything is matchmade now. Sure WoW has a raid finder matchmaker, but it's for dumbed down raids with a lower tier loot because the real raids require communication. Now since destiny isn't WoW, it doesn't have the resources to build out different versions of the raid other than two pretty easily scalable difficulty You need to communicate in raids, and yes in PoE imagine doing Skolas without talking.

Good luck with thatand without it you are never in a million years going to beat the raid.

Destiny The Taken King Raid Matchmaking

You need to talk to decide who is going where, when to jump on what, etc etc. Imagine trying to run sword on Crota where players are fighting over who gets it, nobody has switched to the team chat channel so the DPS on Crota doesn't happen in time. I use this as an example mainly because Crota would be the raid you could actually have some success because it's so source soloable. You can solo one part of Kings fall.

And even that is a lot harder now since Destiny The Taken King Raid Matchmaking stealth nerf to sleeper simulant. I get where players are coming from, I really do. LFG can be annoying as hell but the thing with it is you know what you are getting into and most of the players have time to actually attempt the raid. This isn't some thing to spite the players or keep the high end gear exclusive, it really isn't. Those of us that are against it understand that the failure rate would be enormous, so much so that the success rate would be almost nonexistent.

We aren't being spiteful but we are instead trying to save you from yourselves and save the level of difficulty that the raids currently have.

Destiny The Taken King Raid Matchmaking

source I personally hate anchovies on my pizza. However, their existence as an option has no effect on me as I never choose to eat them. I feel bad for the poor souls who put anchovies on their pizzas and subsequently complain of the "hard" taste, but I'm glad they at least got to try the pizza.

Occasionally I'll give in and put anchovies on my pizza. Sometimes the taste is better than expected, sometimes not. Destiny The Taken King Raid Matchmaking supply a menu of things you know you do well and that many people will enjoy because you wish to provide a good experience and make money by doing so. Several patrons come in and demand a shit sandwich. Just a big pile of shit in two slices of bread. You know it's a bad idea, your employees know it's a bad idea, all your customers who have actually eaten your sandwiches know it's a bad idea.

Hell, even the jackasses who want the shit sandwich know they're not going to be happy with it. The only thing that will come of you serving this idiot a shit sandwich is listening to him Destiny The Taken King Raid Matchmaking when it tastes like shit. Do you do what he wants or do you ignore him like The raving lunatic he is? How about, you go to a restaurant and ask for a seat.

The host tells you no, and that only parties of 6 can eat there.

Your argument assumes the absolute worst of everyone involved. There are a lot of websites that have spread people around. The faults are obvious, but I choose those trade offs than random chance. Put it in game. In Crucible, it is necessary to do what they do or else a great many people will find themselves without matches.

You ask the host of there are any other people who need more people to eat with. The host says yes, thousands. You ask if the host can seat you with those people.

'Destiny 2' Getting PC Port, Raid Matchmaking And Major Narrative Changes [REPORT] |

The manager comes out and says that while there are plenty of people who need extra party members, they wont seat you with them because someone in the group might leave, and then youd have to find another member. The manager instead tells you to go outside and just yell until 5 more people show up.

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However, I don't see that playing well in this community. Last updated by Eddie Makuch on August 25, at 9: Communication is essential for raiding. I dont think matchmaking in its current form is a good idea, but some type of mechanic in here is certainly feasible, and I have seen multiple successful attempts at designing such a system.

I will save this comment and link to it when this topic inevitably hits the front page in the future. I like the thinking behind the anchovies comparison, but it isn't as relatable as the shit sandwich.

We have all had a sandwich, but not one as good as the sandwich from this particular place.

Destiny Dev Still Thinking About Matchmaking for Raids

We know how good it can be, but from someone who has never had this awesome sandwich, trust us Leave the shit off of it. People on this sub love beating dead horses. Most posts are repeats. There's a new "should I save my exotic engrams for the update" pretty article source every day. Matchmaking should be added to nightfalls, those are not that hard.

Even a mediocre team will get through it, even if they wipe once in awhile. I think match made activities should also give the option to prioritize matching you with people with mics. Besides it just being kind of lazy to not add one seriously, why do we need to go to another devicebut also to consolidate players a little more. There are a lot of websites that have spread people around. Even if there are a lot of people on each one, having visit web page options at once would be better.

Although with how long LFG sites have been around, an in game version might not pick up steam. So long as I can turn it off. I for one enjoy soloing the NF, as it makes it actually somewhat moderately difficult. I would rather solo it, then be lumped in with two potatoes. I don't see why it couldn't be optional, and it should be optional. Soloing strikes can be fun challenges, even if I don't do them solo all that often. I wouldn't care if they implemented it - I would simply never use it, and would laugh at the horror stories.

I disagree specifically because you're thinking matchmaking has to be a flat experience. It does not have to be as simple as saying "find people" and clicking the go button.

Destiny The Taken King Raid Matchmaking could easily link toggles that allow you to select what you're looking for. These parameters could then easily be fed to matchmaking. The best part about this? As a new person, it would be WAY easier to find people because sherpas no longer need to coordinate.

They simply hop on and make themselves available at specific times and let the group fill up. This does NOT need to be a lesson in putting together the potential worst players. These are all things that have been done in the past with far less advanced tech. I see it as just having some boxes to check when you sign into a raid LFG, even just as simple as checking a box for Experienced or Inexperienced. Sherpas and those less confident in their raiding can get put into the Inexperienced pool, while everyone else is put into the other.

And if you want to specify further about what kind of raid you want to run, then maybe go to an external LFG site. This simply isn't Destiny The Taken King Raid Matchmaking case; I run LFG every single week and, more often than not, get paired up with randos that are skilled, knowledgable, and communicative. That's the thing though, by going on LFG here committing yourself to the group and the time it takes, and you have a mic to tell everyone that.

Destiny matchmaking in the Taken King

If you are afk or plain bad, the group leader can kick you. If we add a matchmaking system in game and it's anything like strikes, where the only hardship is just clicking "start," you get many more players who didn't take the time to look up a video beforehand, more people with no mic, more people who quit after 10 minutes, and there is no group leader to kick slackers. I used to think that in game matching would be good, but I've since changed my mind.

LFG self-selects people who at least kinda give a shit about not being bad, which is why most LFG experiences are good. Ever see people bitch about afks in your LFG raid? No, because you kick them.

Ever see bitching about afks in your matchmade strike? Yep, and you can't get rid of those people. Destiny The Taken King Raid Matchmaking are not even matchmaking then, you are just moving the LFG experience from external sources to internal. Which I think would be an awesome compromise for Destiny 2. That and moving the companion app information grimoire, stats, vendor inventories into the game as well. Setting parameters is still matchmaking. The system will go through, as it currently does, and look for people within a parameter set.

You just don't, currently, select what the parameters are. You are basically arguing semantics at this point.