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31 Mar Dolph Ziggler's career may have suffered from some start and stop pushes, but it seems that the dating opportunities that the professional wrestling business has afforded Dolph are more than enough reason Recently, for instance, he has been seen on social media flirting very heavily with Dana Brooke. 17 Feb Unlike Emma and Zack Ryder, Dana Brooke and Dolph Ziggler have never outright admitted to being in a relationship, but it's pretty obvious they are, based on the number of photos they have appeared together in over the past two years. It's no secret Ziggler has dated his fair share of notable names since. 3 Sep #3 Dolph Ziggler and Dana Brooke. This couple have been dating quietly before it got exposed on Twitter. The blonde couple was quietly dating until Rusev called them out on Twitter in November Soon after the couple came out publicly, adding pictures on social media. It is not clear when the duo.

Anyone who has ever worked in a shared office environment or similar set-up knows that there is a very good reason why many romantic relationships begin at work.

To call that thing a woman is an insult to the decent women on this planet. No image posts that are: Rumors have swirled about Batista still having been married during their tryst Batista explicitly suggests it was shortly after his divorcethat Morrison may not have broken up with Melina or had some arrangement where she dated both men concurrently, or that hard feelings in the aftermath saw Batista politick against Morrison.

That being the case, can you imagine the temptations that the average professional wrestler feels? They have raised the bar for locker room affairs by seemingly making it their goal to sleep with nearly every person available to them. These are the 15 wrestlers who have hooked up with the most wrestlers.

Matt Hardy ranks low on this list for the simple reason that he tends to enter long-term relationships with the fellow wrestlers he hooks up with. Most everyone knows about his infamous relationship with Lita and the fallout that resulted when Lita left him for Edge another guy who almost made this list.

Hardy is also currently married to fellow wrestler Reby Sky. Raven has never exactly been shy about telling stories of his various sexual conquests. In various shoot interviews, he has relayed some of the raunchiest stories that you will ever hear. The thing about that, though, is that Raven sometimes refrains from naming the specific women he is talking about.

Dolph Ziggler And Dana Brooke Hookup

Still, others have suggested that Raven liked to look towards the ECW roster for a night of fun. Then there are the rumors of his alleged relationship with an underage Becky Bayless which have haunted him for years. For the most part, it seems to be agreed that Jackie got around quite a bit with the boys in the locker room when she was younger.

The names vary, but the general idea is that she was an attractive young star who hooked up with other attractive young stars. For instance, it was rumored that Kevin Sullivan hooked up with Jackie in order to upset his wife Nancy. Details aside, the more stories you hear, source more you realize that Jackie deserves a Dolph Ziggler And Dana Brooke Hookup on this list. It took a while for Nikki and Brie Bella to get into the wrestling business, but once they did, it became clear that the twins simply preferred to date fellow wrestlers.

Without those rumors, we know that Nikki was in a relationship with Dolph Ziggler for quite some time, and that she is currently in a very public relationship with John Cena. Recently, for instance, he has been seen on social media flirting very heavily with Dana Brooke.

In fact, Ziggler seems to be a bit of a social media flirt in general when it comes to interacting with WWE women. Obviously, you have to count his current wife Stephanie McMahon in with the pack given that Triple H essentially married into the future of professional wrestling by marrying her.

Paige is behind Dolph Ziggler's awkward date on Swerved on WWE Network

While there has never been any confirmation of this rumor from any party involved, it has lived on through the years. However, that leaked information really just confirmed what some had suspected for a long time which is that Paige has had enjoyed a few different wrestling sex partners over the years. One of the more persistent — and honestly kind of ugly — rumors in the wrestling business involves how Lita got into the business.

If you believe these rumors, then you are buying into the possibility that Lita essentially traded sex for wrestling training. Without validating those rumors, it does seem likely that she dated wrestlers El Dandy and Danny Doring during her early days. Skipping through the rumors involving her ECW days, we know that she dated Matt Hardy for quite some time before infamously cheating on him with Edge.

From there, Lita would go on to date CM Punk, as well as some non-wrestlers. Through it all, she has exhibited a preference for wrestlers which James has admittedly traced to the practicalities of being an adult in the professional wrestling business.

She is also currently married to professional wrestler Magnus. Kelly Kelly went through Dolph Ziggler And Dana Brooke Hookup WWE career without drawing much discussion regarding who she was sleeping within the back. At the time, he specifically named Dolph Ziggler as one click here those guys.

This triggered some discussion regarding the other names. That might be true. Not only was Batista an incredibly talented big man, but in retrospect, he had a certain personality that was hard not to rally behind.

Submit a new text post. I scrolled through her YouTube channel and then saw she had over 2 million subscribers. She wears strength and darkness equally well she's half goddess and half hell.

If you want to account for rumors, you could easily add about five names — if not more — to that list. Currently, Batista is married to a competitive pole dancer. There had been attractive female wrestlers before Sunny, but she was really the first star who played up her sexuality as a primary characteristic. Her most persistent rumored relationships involve her supposed hook-ups with Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart which Michaels mentioned on-air during the infamous sunny days promo.

Dolph Ziggler Dating Dana Brooke?

The Hart one seems unlikely — Sunny has always denied it — but it feels safe to add Michaels to the group. Punk seemingly possesses a magnetic draw that female wrestlers are simply powerless to avoid. In the case of many the wrestlers on this list, you do need to apply a degree of when it comes to talking about just how many hook-ups they have enjoyed.

No such speculation is needed in the case of Missy Hyatt who has been more open than any other wrestler when it comes to her various wrestler relationships.

There is no point in even bothering to name names here. The link list likely numbers in the dozens. It could even go as high as a hundred. It is, however, highly unlikely that anyone comes close. Please support TheSportster so we can continue providing you with great content! Please whitelist TheSportster or disable your ad blocker to continue.

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Dolph Ziggler And Dana Brooke Hookup

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