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I love how spooky, yet sweet, they've made the new client in episode 9. Moo Jin just looks at her and she faints. Wow, that's awkward. I liked that the setup/he. 26 Jun Dating Agency Cyrano: Episode by javabeans. Ah, time for the major complication to show up and throw our agency into a tizzy. Muahaha. Not that I haven't been enjoying the breezy romance-of-the-weeks thus far, but there was a level of emotional conflict in the inherent Cyrano premise that hadn't. 28 May A zippy and fun opening for Dating Agency Cyrano, the fourth show in the Flower Boy series on cable network tvN. With likable characters and a story .. The show's setup and characters may be new to some or familiar to those who have seen the movie Cyrano Agency. You can place me in the latter.

Another cute, funny episode with a case of the week that works to push our main characters on the romance train. Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here.

You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. Late at night, Byung-hoon sees two shifty-looking goons lurking outside the restaurant. Master gets a gleam in his eye.

dating agency cyrano ep 6 sub eng

So Seung-pyo slides the door open to give Byung-hoon the chance to eavesdrop as he asks Min-young out. Meanwhile, Byung-hoon looks surprisingly disturbed by this turn of events, turning grumpy at the thought of them dating.

Min-young asks whether this is read article joke, and Seung-pyo answers that depending upon her response, he can turn it into one. He plays it off like an off-the-cuff joke, and Min-young just about falls over in relief.

The thing is, Seung-pyo was in fact up to somethingeven if this last-minute dating offer was pulled out of the blue. They also complain about the stuffiness of wool ski masks and want to complain to the hat-making industry: The next morning, Byung-hoon is grumpy as Min-young heads off for her first day on the restaurant job. Okay, grumpier than usual, since a certain amount of grumpy is a fixture of his soul. She reminds him of how hard she worked with Master last night, which is just the thing to get him sniping at her, Oh, were we working, or working it?

Then Moo-jin comes by with her cooking supplies, and asks her for a favor.

Love is an operational thing or First impressions of Dating Agency: Cyrano

No change in pulse. He actually looks perplexed by this, as though this makes little sense. This leads to an amusing dick-waving session with both men shooting barbs at each other. After Master leaves, Byung-hoon has a fit of the itchies at the mere mention of cats. On to the restaurant. Mi-jin is a tough but fair boss, and sets her to slicing onions.

Min-young is much better today, and explains her bad display as a case of nerves. Watching from the surveillance van, Byung-hoon gives her the go-ahead to begin their actual mission.

Hookup Agency Cyrano Ep 6 Dramabeans

Min-young casually brings up Hookup Agency Cyrano Ep 6 Dramabeans cooking show and praises winner Dal-in, but the response is, as usual, unequivocally negative. Men who are cruel and mean and prejudiced, who fire women for being women, who care about power and fame more than their food. When have I ever acted like I was awesome? Moo-jin stages an encounter with her on her daily run, approaching with his slo-mo action hero shot and then professing great respect for her work.

He takes her hand, allowing his special ring to get a read on her pulse, and asks if he could work in her kitchen. This provides Byung-hoon with a helpful starting point, since what will attract Mi-jin is a trustworthy man who will be reliable in times of crisis. Send in the goons! Kick up a huge fuss see more the bakery employees, which includes insulting them and acting self-important.

They make sure to insult her for being a womanand that gets her hackles up even more. Which leads us to…. Enter Dal-in, all smoothness and exaggerated confidence. He adopts a hero pose and steps in, noting that it appears the Thumb Brothers fixed the tainted bread. The goons apologize and slink out, Mi-jin starts to regard Dal-in through new eyes, and Byung-hoon is satisfied.

Arang, meanwhile, is on a reconnaissance mission of his own. He snaps photos of a certain chef and sends those to the team. Min-young is the first back at the agency, and in looking for Byung-hoon she spies his letter sticking out of his drawer—the one from his friend Do-il. His face darkens and he accuses her of snooping. What does it matter to me whether you still like your first love? He notes the backwardness of him consoling her when she should be begging his forgiveness.

Not gonna lie, his smile creeps me out. Stop creeping me out, Master! With a sigh, he puts it away. The next day, Min-young roundly denies to herself that she could like Byung-hoon, and huffs that it was arrogant and presumptuous for him to think so.

As she watches Dal-in Hookup Agency Cyrano Ep 6 Dramabeans, she wonders what he likes so much about Mi-jin, who was so mean to him. Act 3 plot twist? Mi-jin wonders if she should help—you know, just to pay him back for helping her. This could end badly. Min-young calls Byung-hoon to request backup on her broth-making duties, only to be told that the boys are busy, so she can handle it on her own.

Master to the rescue. Seung-pyo is once more her gracious tutor, assuring her that he enjoys cooking together. Over at the bakery, Dal-in lights up in the cutest way when Mi-jin steps inside.

Byung-hoon instructs Dal-in to dab some whipped cream on his lip, and Dal-in proceeds to smear a whole gob all over his mouth like a fool. But Mi-jin just wipes it off his face with a finger… and then licks the cream off her finger.

He literally double-takes, and then flips out in giggles and thanks. She says that they want her to move back home and help with the family fig orchard, and promises to send him the best link the next crop in thanks for being her teacher.

Confused, Dal-in asks the guys whether he did anything wrong. But Byung-hoon is smiling, and assures him that he did very well. With this leg of the operation over, Byung-hoon immediately gets up to leave with an obviously lame excuse about prep.

Speaking of which, our broth-makers are enjoying pleasant conversation when the door opens. Min-young panics—they have to do something before Mi-jin sees him here—and in her haste she sends some soup flying. For Byung-hoon see.

I can sort of buy that Min-young is developing a very unwelcome crush on her difficult boss, because there are elements to the character that support that dynamic.

It makes it a little less drama-like and more like American TV. The focus was here on their relationship as such, but on Su-ah's journey. I like watching this show. You should also watch this show from the beginning, alot of times watching adds more depth than just reading recaps. Chul-soo should buck up and give it a proper try instead of taking his first rejection, and Hae-shim should be honest about how she feels.

Again, I have no problem with the setup s —in fact, I actively like them. But they feel too hastily developed, so I find myself just going with the plot because I ought to, and not because it feels true. Your email address will not be published.

Hookup Agency Cyrano Ep 6 Dramabeans

I love Moo-jin in this episode, I like the fact that he is slowly realizing from the preview that maybe he have feelings for the waitress, its like seeing a robot turn into a human being. And everytime I see Hookup Agency Cyrano Ep 6 Dramabeans I just cant help but smile, he is so adorable. I also agree with you that sooyoung is doing a good job portraying her role.

I agree that this show is just so light and airy. I LOVE watching it right now because all the other shows seem so dark and moody. I save this one for last since it's a great pick me up from the depression the other shows bring.

I love both main guys and agree that both are bringing the sexy. Master is so shifty and mysterious. I'm very interested in learning what exactly is his issue with Byung Hoon. And the h manages to make a character that could be obnoxiously chipper somehow cute. I like this drama, but it definitely isn't one that pulls at my heart too hard. But it's just what I need, a drama that is fun to watch in the moment but doesn't linger after it's over.

Love Master in this episode! He started to became love sick puppy and our proper 2nd lead XD Lol He's more n more humanly now I was thinking that perhaps Master blames BH for sth related to his hyung's death, Hookup Agency Cyrano Ep 6 Dramabeans wants to cause him pain, but I've just had a sudden thought: That feeling doesn't really match master's scheming face but Aaarg, I'm confused, too many ideas crowding my head: It's funny but omg so much second-hand embarrassment. As for Chunderella I actually dig his voice so very much.

I am also really happa that Kwang Soo made an appearance: This show entertains me and makes me laugh.

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It doesn't grab my heart yet? I have fun and I'm happy. I can't pinpoint why I'm so crazy for Moo jin - it's that non smile he gave - swoon! That he relies on a heart monitor to reveal his feelings to himself is hilarious, not trusting his own jedgement of his heart. And his sort of lightbulb moment when he realized boss was going to check on in person rather than call The weekly match making scenarios is a distant second for me. Reminds me of beginning to read children's chapter books that force an episode with the same characters.

It's an okay method since my real interest lies with the CDA cast and Master.

Plus, it shows Minyoung's strengths as a team member of Cyrano as well: I also am looking forward to his falling for Min-young. I loved the Flower Boy cameo tie-in! Russe12 June 12, at 1: