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How to Keep a Guy Interested in 21 Effective Ways

Either way, you tried something new. If it is, great! You've pushed the boundaries of your comfort zone and found something you really liked. Plus, if you show that you're willing to open up your comfort zone, he'll be more willing to open his to try things that you're interested in. more: The Best Way To Keep A Man. He'll appreciate the fact that you're willing to take care of him and cater to his likes without the need of a special occasion. #2 Be Independent Guys love being with their lady but they also need their own time alone. He wants to see that you can do your own thing without needing him by your side. It'll keep him wondering. 28 Sep No, no, we don't mean stalking his or her Facebook to find out all pertinent likes and interests so that you can become the carbon-copy of his “type. Therefore, the more you can effectively start and end a conversation prematurely, you will create an open loop that will continually keep a man coming back.

Want to really know how to keep a guy interested?

How to Get a GUY to CHASE YOU

Every guy wants to be with the girl every other girl envies and that every other guy wishes they had. How to Keep a Guy Interested In order to really keep a guy interested, all you have to do is capture his attention for a split second but within that split second you have to be extremely desirable.

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The best way to be spontaneous is to plan something that the two of you can do together. Set up a picnic in your local park or take him to his favorit e sports bar and front the bill. He wants to see that you can do your own thing without needing him by your side. A highly recommended solution on how to keep a guy interested.

How To Keep A Guy Liking You

Your guy will love the idea that you two can match when you go out in public. Take notice in his style and complement it with your own.

Most coaches offer a free discovery session, just speaking with someone might open your mind to what is possible. Thank you so much for reading and for your comment. And even more so when it comes to what you may or may not want in the bedroom.

This is an instant reminder of you in the morning and a sure bet on how to keep him interested. This opens up a window of possibilities when it comes to concerts and local shows in your community. Guys would rather be complimented for their qualities than their looks.

How To Keep A Guy Liking You

Now not every guy drinks okay almost all guys do but if you really want to keep a guy interested, beer is the way to his heart. You should only do this because you genuinely want to make an effort to get to know his family. Sixty-percent of the time this works every time. So handle your finances, avoid debt and be on your grind!

So if you really want to keep a guy interested, food and beer is the way to do it.

Hold your liquor, avoid the drama and impress your man one shot at a time. Guys definitely want a girl that looks good, but they also want a girl to communicate with. In the beginning stages of a relationship this is okay, but eventually you need to learn how to deal with your own problems.

If you really want to keep his interest and earn his respect at the same time, throw a joke back when he throws a joke at you.

Unless you change the routine he will get bored very fast. So the best thing you can do is expand your sexual creativity, break down the walls and be open to new things. Start by dressing up in a sexy outfit playing out some of his fantasies is a great way to keep a guy interested. You can also tell him what you want instead of him taking control all of the time. Guys like it when you express what you want instead of them having to figure it all out.

You can go out with him on Friday and your girlfriend's party the next night. The 3 of us my best friend, this guy, and I had a class together in college. You are valuable and deserving of love.

Finally, have sex in different environments outside of the bedroom — the crazier the better. Image Credit — Flickr: Dating Advice for Women. About The Author Mr. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Comment.