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This is a really easy one to accomplish, not sure if you can do this with a couple that are already married or not - but for simplicity I found a person living alone in my default neighbour's town and sent over one of my Sims to make friends, after that it's just a matter of keeping on being romantic until you reach the dating stage . 12 Apr Your Sims can form a variety of relationships, from friends to frenemies and back again! Learn how to drive your Sims closer or push them apart. 9 Aug You pick a neighbor's sim and then do the relationship building the same way as you would in your game, maxing out the Be Nice Action than the Romatic Action until they are dating. Rate answer: 3 6 | REPORT. Showing latest comments show all (36). Guest said: 20th Nov | REPORT the friendship.

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Building Relationships Sims free play ep 2

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How To Start Dating In Sims Freeplay

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How To Start Dating In Sims Freeplay to come back to check for updates to this guide and much more content for The Sims FreePlay. Print this page More Guides. Follow this guide to hear about updates. In order to get the Stork to deliver children your Sims need to be married.

Who says tradition is dead? Relationship status is just the start click here creating a comfortable home with enough activity objects is also important. Comments for Marriage, Family, and Relationships Add a comment Please log in above or sign up for free to post comments. Page 1 of 4. This is to report a problem with the comment to the staff for moderation. It does not reply to the comment. Why are you reporting this comment?

Please do not be rude, what may be obvious to you may not be to others. Feb 16th jbdean I'm trying to propose but I only get one ring choice the one that takes LP.

I don't want to spend those as I don't have s lot. Why can't I access all the rings? Feb 14th Guest It won't leave the partners stage to the budding romance. I only have a few hours to finish my quest for the baby bundle. Nov 16th Guest My sims are stuck at being partners and the bar is all pink, do you know what i can do to get them to be engaged?

Nov 24th Guest same problem please tell what to do.

The Sims FreePlay

Nov 25th Guest U press propose marriage and they get to become partners. Nov 1st Guest I am trying source complete the 'Love is in the air' quest but it won't go past the 'Form a budding Romance' part despite the fact they're already partners please help: Nov 2nd Guest You have to find another sim to become a budding romance with.

It doesn't pick up on the fact that they are already past that stage. Oct 24th Guest Help! I can't get my sims to make the double shot coffee. Dec 4th Guest Check the direction of your coffee maker. Oct 24th Guest I can't make the double shot coffee!

Oct 1st Guest Yeah I can't really do it thnx!! Aug 26th Guest How do you get the Sims to go out of there houses and speak to another? Sep 19th Guest Go to town map and then tap on the persons house you want to go to. Aug 14th Guest How do I get passed the bff zone if I click be rude or complain it will go up but if I click be nice or be funny it will go down. When I click complain and I'm almost done read more will go back to good friend.

Aug 16th Guest How are we supposed to know it's your device? Jul 28th Guest Where is the home store. Jul 3rd Guest I can't get past the bf zone someone help!? Jun 18th Guest Wow Thnks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May 13th Guest efrgwes. May 11th Guest Just to let u know this cite is so freakin useful and I'm really thankful for it thanks. I haven't played sims freeplay for ages and normally they give you 5 because they say 'Are you having trouble completing your quest?

Let us top up your LP for you I want to grow my baby up to a teen one day because my daughter in the game is a teen and I want them two to date. Please help I would totally appreciate it. Apr 6th Guest Why won't my sim parents interact with their baby? Apr 6th Guest To get the marriage bar up, you have to do negative actions. Once it is filled, that's it. You can't go any further. How To Start Dating In Sims Freeplay 6th Guest How do you get passed bff zone?

Mar 28th Guest I can't get past the best friend stage what do I do someone help me plz. Nov 29th Guest You continue reading go past the best friend stage, that is the highest status for friends. If your sims are already beat friends, they can't go any higher. Aug 25th uyahoo. Apr 28th Guest Just keep doing stuff to your sims or taking them to work or just collating non the town map.

Dec 5th Guest If you divorce sims do you still keep the children. Party Boat Unlimited Gift. My friend has multiple families on the game, and I can't even get them to date yet! Be rude, be funny, be nice, complain Reward for becoming acquaintance: Answers that are too short or not descriptive are link rejected.

Mar 17th Guest All my floor has turned blue plz help!! Jun 14th Guest This means you've changed the colour of the carpet. Jun 26th KittyCatSeaus That's happening to me too! Feb 21st Guest But after their married thine how do you get the bar to go all the way up thet says married please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 9th Guest Use the action complain but then that's as far as it goes up. Feb 19th Guest Ok somehow I made a baby and I forgot to give it a last nameand when I made the baby some it got transferred to another Sims house that is not married, is a single and a male. I have no idea how to move the baby sim out to it original family.

My grown-up Sim in that house with the baby ,the How To Start Dating In Sims Freeplay I moved him out so now I have a baby in crib living on its own and I don't know how to move a baby and it's still in the crib and I have no idea how to put it back to its original family it just transferred it to a different Sims house.

Apr 28th Guest Just keep doing stuff to your sims or taking them to work or just collating non the town map. Please do not use this box to ask a questionit will be rejected - this box is for answers ONLY. Flirt 5 minutes 4 times Budding Romance:

Feb 16th Guest I can't get my sims onto the budding romance part if you can help it would be much appreciated thanks. Feb 15th Guest How do starters get to the main store. Feb 14th Guest If you have a baby and then get divorced and move with a friend well the baby move with you and your friend are stay in the

How To Start Dating In Sims Freeplay

Feb 12th Guest how do you get the marrige bar up? Feb 9th Guest Help!!!! I was promised a wedding bundle if I got my sims married in a certain number of hours, I did but I can't find the bundle!!! Jun 12th Guest the wedding bundle is supposed to be in your wardrobe or a closet. Feb 8th Guest Wi have been doing all the stuff but every time I do be nice it dose not go like up on the best friend.

Feb 7th Guest if you become good friends with your child, will the relationship go futher How To Start Dating In Sims Freeplay that I don't want that to happen. Jan 26th Guest My sims are stuck on bestfriend the bar want even move. What do I do? Jan 21st Guest My sims are stuck at being partners and the bar is all pink, do you know what i can do to get them to be engaged? Jan 15th Guest Umm how do u turn my toddlers to preteens.

Jun 26th KittyCatSeaus You have to wait for the quest that lets your toddlers turn into preteens. Jan 6th Guest Help. Jan 3rd Guest to make the marriage bar go up, you have to have kids. Jan 3rd Guest Help!!!!