My Daughter Is Dating A Pothead. Guaranteed Hookup!

A Is My Pothead Dating Daughter

The Do's and Dont's of Being a Stoner

My daughter is dating a stoner?

I have been dating a guy for a little over a year now. Since I've quit, I can actually afford to buy myself things more than just once a month, and I can afford to go out with my friends more often. As someone who has been too much of a stupid stoner in the past, I needed friends to confront me about it. 20 Apr The pros and cons of dating a pothead who likes weed as much as Willie Nelson seems to. During college, I dated a self-proclaimed "former pothead." As someone who had never smoked anything, I initially found his old hobby a huge turnoff. Potheads were like Harold & Kumar, Bob Marley and Willie. 28 Apr But my brother is the stoner (but heroin, not pot – not even my Republican parents consider weed a big deal) loser cheating on his girlfriends, and . As a mother of a teenage daughter I know I wouldn't want my daughter dating your daughter's boyfriend and I certainly wouldn't want her to move in with him.

My oldest daughter 17 yrs old is dating a 19 yr old boy, rather stoner.

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She has straight A's. She is beautiful, bubbly and can do better. They have been datin for exactly 1 yr. Believe me I have tried to break them up. I kno the harder I push the more she will want to be with him. We are small town, he is not. That does not bother me. What does is he's a stoner. She knos exactly what college she is going to and what her major is. He don't like it. He is tryin to be controling with her. Tellin her where she can and cant go.

There is no try. Yes it hurts to know and to see your blood not understating but Lenore Hearns is right you have not much time with her because she will be 18 and you can lose her for some time. Breaking up with him over it wouldn't be shallow at all. His paycheck isn't always predictable.

Me tarzan U jane crap. He makes her cry alot and it is starting to affect her self-esteem. He has already graduated thank god.

I kno none of you kno me, but I am a force to be reckoned with. Yes I am click redneck and proud of it.

But i'm not stupid by any means. Basically I want him gone, but don't kno how to do it. It needs to be her idea or her own doing but how do I get her to do that? Up for any ideas. This conversation has been closed to further comments. It's so hard, when they're in love, they don't see any faults at My Daughter Is Dating A Pothead You just pray for the best for now, hopefully she wakes up in time, or you eventually see what she sees in him Been there, done that.

Mine broke up with a good one, now with one many years younger I too, was that girl in my teens. I was 16 and met the Canadian man as he was My Mom and Dad were livid about my seeing him as he was 8 years older. Terrible things happened to me and no matter what they said, I continued to sneak to meet with him at anywhere and anytime I could.

Five Things You Should Consider Before Dating A Stoner

He hardly ever worked, there was heartache with him and drugs, other girls and 4 years later there was a baby. That's when I finally woke up to the fact that it didn't matter to him if there was food, milk, diapers and my Motherly instinct took over and I left him forever.

He was deported and never allowed in the United States again source his shinanagans illegal ones.

breaking up with a pot head: my story

He never tried to My Daughter Is Dating A Pothead his son although he could have. The moral is of this story, Canadian, American, it doesn't matter if you are a bad apple you are a bad apple. His life was that he married an American girl to get back into the States and he did. His marriage dissolved and there was talk that it was because his wife cheated on him. I was a shy, overweight, over sheltered little girl who met a fast moving man and insisted that I be with him.

I only woke up to his hurting me when my baby became involved. Parents are not to blame that they cannot keep a man from their teens. The hindsight is that they should have developed kids that had confidence to whom they were maybe, but they never really did anything wrong and I this web page to learn why I should not be involved with someone 8 years older myself.

I missed all my junior and senior year events as he would never attend. I lost friends by being involved with someone I was forbidden to see and that would not allow me to be me.

My Daughter Is Dating A Pothead

Good luck and have faith that her eyes will see soon. I dont want to sound critical at all, but after reading your post if you step back do you think perhaps you are being overly critical of this boy.

I work with young people and see alot of this. This young boy not quite a man is probably finding his way also, your daughter as well, first major love and all that. Kids get stoned, I would be concerned if he pushed it on her, while we like to think we have our childrens best intentions at heart sometimes we dont realise we are dominating and controlling them also.

What My Daughter Is Dating A Pothead his goals, dreams how was he raised, what connections does he have with his family, listen to what he says, but most of all let your daughter live her life and make some decisions, if they prove to be hard ones or ones you dont approve of bite your tongue you want her to know she can come learn more here you when she needs you.

She doesnt want to hear I told you so. All relationships make us cry, and if she crys alot thats ok too, she will learn here all go here this, remember this her path, let her walk her own truth. Accept him and you might find the whole thing becomes a bit old very quick. Our daughter was also dating a boy that we disaproved My Daughter Is Dating A Pothead.

Our soliton was to keep her so busy with other things that she didn't have much time for him. We also blocked all of his numbers so that he couldn't call her. After awhile she got of the tension it was causing her in her own house, that she dumped him. God answered our prayers and my husband got a job out of state and we moved. Now she is being more careful.

We have to let our children make mistake, but you are right for stepping in when she has so much going for her and her future is at stake. She may be upset with you for awhile, but she will get over it. Hi ToniI'm a mum of Haven't had this problem. Pleased to help if can. Firstly I want to say think of the colour pinkpink bricks or blamanches it will help if you imagine them falling down on top of his head. Another idea is for you to sit quietly and meditate.

You will soon get some words ,pictures or answers. Life is never easy and we are all here My Daughter Is Dating A Pothead learn lessons My Daughter Is Dating A Pothead we can only change ourselves. Everbody comes in our life for a reason a season or a life time. Your daighter sounds like me. I always went for the wrong ones ,now I realize that I just wanted to help them ,make them betterlove them and help them. Everybody wants to be loved and feel happy.

Do hope this helps you , Another thing you could look at is their horoscopes. Scorpio's are all or nothing. At the great age of 21 i finally ditched my boyfriend after years of control and abuse about my weight!! Hang in there and just make peace with your daughter and he will pass because she will grow up and realise he is a wanker!!

Anna, I don't agree with your comment! This is a passive way to ignore a childs cry for help!! Unfortunately Toni there is nothing you can do about this situation but let it run it's course. It sounds like your daughter has big dreams for herself and she knows what she wants. Just give her the space needed to see all his mistakes for herself and she will come around.

My suggestion for you would be to spend more time with her. Time that makes her feel self worth. Don't nagg her of her faults remind her of her strengths.

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Don't be condicending because teenage girls are highly sensitive and they don't like to be make fun of or their feelings hurt especially by a parent. Teenage girls, like to pretend they understand things and want to act like an adult, the idea of having a boyfriend is a self esteem booster. Don't spend a lot of energy over this boy because that attention will want her to spend more time with him.

Make plans of having fun with her, invite girlfriends to hang out together.

My Daughter Is Dating A Pothead

Stay up late at night with her and share stories and be silly not condicending. Keep her busy with other things and she will slowly forget about this boy, it will take a lot of time. Once she starts having fun with you and other friends her interest will lessen for this boy.

Since this boy puts your daughter down, this is his way to control her. By making her cry, it is all control. A stop needs to be made slowly, allow her to decide that this guy is no good for her.

She will make the right decision if you support her feeling not her actions. I speak to you as personal experience, I wish my mom did this for me. Teenage girls misbehavior is a cry for attention!!

I feel ur pain.