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How exactly do seasons work? In most cultures, including all western countries, the year is commonly divided into four seasons: Spring; Summer; Fall or Autumn; Winter. Since the year has 12 months, each season lasts about three months. However, the dates when the seasons begin and end vary depending on whom you. The Central European Summer Time (CEST) begins on the last Sunday in March, at 2 o'clock Central European Time. In , this date was March On this day at 2 o'clock, clocks will be set forward one hour, to 3 o'clock. The better use of daylight hours has been the aim of the introduction of Summer Time (also called . Is it Summer, is it Spring who knows sometimes. But we hope that the above dates will help you out. We have the start and end dates for all seasons, Summer, Spring, Autumn and Winter. Want to go to a hot country and enjoy the sunshine, when is summer coming? I like ski-ing and I want to know when is wonter coming ?.

Summer is the hottest of the four temperate seasonsfalling after spring and before autumn. At the summer solsticethe days are longest and the nights are shortest, with day-length decreasing as the season progresses after the solstice. The date of the beginning of summer varies according to climatetradition and culture. When it is summer in the Northern Hemisphereit is winter in the Southern Hemisphereand vice-versa.

What Date Is The End Of Summer

From an astronomical view, the equinoxes and solstices would be the middle of the respective seasons, [1] [2] but sometimes astronomical summer is defined as starting at the solstice, the time of maximal insolationor on the traditional date of June A variable seasonal lag means that the meteorological center of the season, which is based on average temperature patterns, occurs several weeks after the time of maximal insolation.

It is also used by many in the United Kingdom. However, according to the Irish Calendarsummer begins on 1 May and ends on 1 August. School textbooks in Ireland follow the cultural norm of What Date Is The End Of Summer commencing on 1 May rather than the meteorological definition of 1 June. Days continue to lengthen from equinox to solstice and summer days progressively shorten after the solstice, so meteorological summer encompasses the build-up to the longest day and a diminishing thereafter, with summer having many more hours of daylight than spring.

Reckoning by hours of daylight alone, summer solstice marks the midpoint, not the beginning, of the seasons. Midsummer takes place over the shortest night of the year, which is the summer solstice, or on a nearby date that varies with tradition. Please click for source a seasonal lag of half a season or more is common, reckoning based on astronomical markers is shifted half a season.

Reckoning by cultural festivals, the summer season in the United States is commonly regarded as beginning on Memorial Day weekend the last weekend in May and ending on Labor Day weekend the first weekend in Septembermore closely in line with the meteorological definition for the parts of the country that have four-season weather. The similar Canadian tradition starts summer on Victoria Day one week prior although summer conditions vary widely across Canada's expansive territory and ends, as in the United States, on Labour Day.

In southern and southeast Asia, where the monsoon occurs, summer is more generally defined as lasting from March, April, May and June, the warmest time of the year, ending with the onset of the monsoon rains.

Because the temperature lag is shorter in the oceanic temperate southern hemisphere, [10] most countries in this region use the meteorological definition with summer starting on 1 December and ending on the last day of February.

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Summer is traditionally associated with hot or warm weather. In the Mediterranean regions, it is also associated with dry weather, while in other places particularly in Eastern Asia because of the Monsoon it is associated with rainy weather. The wet season is the main period of vegetation growth within the savanna climate regime. In the northern Atlantic Ocean, a distinct tropical cyclone season occurs from 1 June to 30 November.

The Northeast Pacific Ocean has a broader period of activity, but in a similar time frame to the Atlantic. Thunderstorm season in the United States and Canada runs in the spring through summer. These storms can produce hailstrong winds and tornadoesusually during the afternoon and evening. Schools and universities typically have a summer break to What Date Is The End Of Summer advantage of the warmer weather and longer days.

In almost all countries, children are out of school during this time of year for summer breakalthough dates vary.

In the United States, public schools usually end in early June while colleges get out in early May, although some schools get out on the last or second last See more in May. In England and Walesschool ends in mid-July and resumes again in early September; in Scotlandthe summer holiday begins in late June and ends in mid- to late-August.

Similarly, in Canada the summer holiday starts in late June and ends at the very start What Date Is The End Of Summer September. In Russia the summer holiday begins at the end of May and ends on August School summer holidays in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa begin in early-December and end in early February, with the dates varying between states. In Indiaschool ends in April and resumes in late June or early July.

In Cameroon and Nigeriaschools usually go for summer vacation in mid-July and resume back in the later weeks of September What Date Is The End Of Summer first week of October. People generally take advantage of the high Celsius temperatures by spending more time outdoors during Summer.

Activities such as travelling to the beach and picnics occur during the summer months. Sports such as association footballbasketballAmerican footballvolleyballskateboardingbaseballsoftballcrickettennis and golf are played.

Water sports also occur. These include water skiingwake boardingswimmingsurfingtubing and water polo. The modern Olympics have been held during the summer months every four years since Summer is normally a low point in television viewing, and television schedules generally reflect this by not scheduling new episodes of their most popular shows between the end of May sweeps and the beginning of the television season in September, instead scheduling low-cost reality television shows and burning off commitments see more already-cancelled series.

There is an exception to this with children's television. Many television shows made for children and are popular with children are released during the summer months, especially on children's cable channels such as the Disney Channel in the United Statesas children are off school. Disney Channel, for example, ends its preschool programming earlier in the day for older school age children in the summer months while it reverts to the original scheduling as the new school year begins.

Conversely, the music and film industries generally experience higher returns during the summer than other times of the year and market their summer hits accordingly. Summer is most popular for animated movies to be released theatrically in movie theaters. With most school-age children and college students except those attending summer school on summer vacation during the summer months, especially in the United States, travel and vacationing traditionally peaks during the summer, with the volume of travel in a typical summer weekend rivaled only by Thanksgiving.

Teenagers and college students often take summer jobs in industries that cater to recreation. Business activity for the recreation, tourism, restaurant, and retail industries peak during the summer months as well as the season. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the season. For other uses, see Summer disambiguation.

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What Date Is The End Of Summer

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