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Neil Hilborn - "OCD" (Rustbelt 2013)

When we first started dating poems

At first I was confused and then a couple of days later, she announced to me, our mum, my little sister (her half-sister) and my Dad that she was pregnant and it was her ex's. I was a bit worried, at first. But when I started High School a couple of months afterwards, I was in science and we learned about the fetus and what can. 25 Feb Going through what I went through I use to think about how my life sucks, Wondering if in relationships I'll ever have luck. Then I started talking to this guy I was introduced to by a friend, Hoping my broken heart would mend. We started out talking through e-mail, Thinking if we started to get close to soon it. 29 Jan Making relationships last is a lot of hard work. But it feels like nowadays the hardest work is trying to make them happen in the first place. We've become so jaded by the widely propagated hookup culture, we're no longer willing to go the long run. We come, we see, we conquer. And then we move on as if.

No Romance, just the way you liked it. Believe me, I did my best not to be bitter But your cynicism was never sexy No one cares What you don't Like You would look into the Grand Canyon and just see a void.

Avoiding the obviously numinous Like where your heart was Before it was split with a river streaming your constantly pessimistic consciousness. Maybe I was too sweet finishing last like a nice guy that you just left salty To slide down the throat of your thesis statement: I don't know how much it meant to you.

First Love Poems

When we touched and kissed and told secrets. But it's all that I can think of. I asked you how I should cut my hair, and you didn't answer for a long time. I wondered if you were with her again.

I don't know how much I mean to you, or why you suggested a cut that looked To Ask Yourself Before You Start like hers. But you are all I can think of. Oh, so very, very much. A dirty couch rests in the living room, Like an old green stump. Worn from too many soap operas and football games The pillows droop like tired eyelids.

The smell of exhaustion and grime clings to the well-worn skin That itches if you get too close. Dog hair is sprinkled across the cushions Along with mysterious stains and crusty popcorn between seats. It gobbles up change, remotes and secrets. Far from a fairy-tale throne It has as much romance as a sock. Link since the bedroom was off-limits, It would have to do. I ain't no maybe girl so don't be puttin' me on no back burner I ain't no maybe girl so don't put me in your phone and not call my number if I'm second choice I won't be a choice you probably hate that I have a voice and you think my ass is fly but only half the time I ain't no booty call so grow some balls even if your dick is small and if you want to get in my pants but not take me out I'll punch you out and don't send me drunk texts in the middle of the night lookin' to fuck or get When We First Started Hookup Poems a fight I ain't no maybe girl so don't be puttin' me on no back burner I ain't no maybe girl so don't put me in your phone and not call my number.

About a week or so ago, I fell in love with a man when I went to sleep in a boy's bed. His chest read "weird" in black-block ink his self acceptance made me smile. His eyes, puppy dawg brown, breathed in every edge of my body knowing exactly where they were going, but never fully meeting mine. Up my hips on our dance floor. Down my tummy on his bed. His distant self assurance consumingly relaxing.

His freckled face and dimpled smile only implied deep sincerity matching his overgrown words. In adolescence I'd forced myself to give up the idea When We First Started Hookup Poems being with a boy whose fingers read "bad.

He took in my toes my ankles my hips.

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He acknowledged the marks on the skin of my backside i became self conscious and uncomfortable But he noticed. He tinkered with the ring of my belly button grazed the edges of my breast. He breathed in my ears He wanted badly for me to feel good.

I sat there and cried. I am a widow and after just over two years my friends told me to try. I knew I had to tell my parents soon. The smell of exhaustion and grime clings to the well-worn skin That itches if you get too close.

They were both giving gentle and distantly warm. So much sincerity from a man I accidentally fell in love with the briefness of a boy. My lips would roam not only on your lips but down to your neck and your thighs.

When We First Started Hookup Poems

Will you blame me for missing the times I get to kiss you? My dear, I'm a mess but I miss you. So now my favorite purple sweater, the one with the elbow patches, smells like you and filet mignon. Little did I know, I'd actually like you. Little did I know you'd say you wanted something.

I got your number, we planned on meeting up. Our plans fell through, but we continued to talk and flirt anyways. I left for school, as did you. Hundreds of miles away, you could tell click was something wrong through a text message. You were there for me, everything I needed, you were it. You told me you didn't just want someone to fuck, you wanted someone to love.

The texts dwindled down to barely any. All I wanted was for you to respond, or finally text me first.

When We First Started Hookup Poems

We planned on meeting up for thanksgiving, you ignored me. Finals week approaches and I finally hear from you again. You want to meet up for real this time. We say, let's meet over break. You text me, four nights before I'm leaving again. You ask me, I obviously say of course. Terrified, I think you're going to stand me up, but when you finally walk into the Starbucks, my heart drops. This is actually happening. You come back to my place, this and that happens.

But what I didn't think is that we'd be back at square one. Ignoring my texts, yet snapchatting me and liking my moments. I run to rid you from my mind. But yet you appear so vividly and I can hear your voice saying, "are you gonna come and get it?

The first hand I held, The first one I cared for, Just as rhyme was seen in some Anglo. But it's all that I can think of. Maybe if I just told the truth. The use of alliterative verse continued into.

So I never had the time to dry clean my favorite sweater, so it still smells of your cologne and filet mignon. Instead of stealing glances at me, then turning away when I feel your sneaky eyes burning on me and pretend I don't exist, how about you stop acting like nothing had happened between us. Stop acting like you never hugged me so tight that first week of school, wrapping me in your arms like I belonged there and at one point I thought I did.

You're acting like you never kissed me once gently, then let the words "fuck it" escape your lips before you grabbed me around the neck and kissed When We First Started Hookup Poems check this out, hard enough it seemed like the world stopped and it was just us. Kissed me until I was seconds from ripping your clothes off, but I pushed you away because I can sense toxic, and hell, you were beaming.

Stop acting like nothing happened, like I don't exist, and instead of stealing glances, buy one. Craving affection never got me to far. A tongue down your throat isn't a hand on your heart. Pushing out your boobs won't make them see the real you. They don't get to see, and feel, and love what you do.

To the hookups we'll never see again, It's only a matter of time that I break what you continue to bend. I don't want to wake up, To regrets and judgment, Shut up! Will I ever find some one who wants me for real? I won't find When We First Started Hookup Poems because I don't even want to feel.

Sabrina Benaim - "Explaining My Depression to My Mother"

When will I learn? I don't need to break and burn. Was it a Hookup? Isaac Huston Nov Emily Williams Mar Ode to a Couch and a mediocre hookup. Heather Valvano Aug I wrote this as a joke after spending an evening at my local dive bar. Scottie Green Jun A Tango Mar Marisa Hope Jan It Had Happened-Face It. Michael Kreitman Nov Never fuck a girl with rats. A girl who cares for rats. A Tango Feb Tommy Johnson Aug