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Zechariah and Zerubbabel

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Jill Marie Gebhart Campbell was born in St.

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Joseph, Michigan, and has lived in Colorado since She is a graduate of Brigham Young University with a degree in humanities and a minor in English, with supporting coursework in Chinese and business. Her passion for art, poetry, and literature developed from her studies at BYU.

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She is married to Dan Campbell, and they have two children. William Shawcross Author Author Reader.

Best Ever Book Lists. A memoir of a young woman's journey with bipolar.

Youtube Cat Hookup Video Introduction To Zephaniah Pronunciation

Jill Gebhart Campbell's passion for poetry, writing, and drawing prompted her to write this book, utilizing these creative genres, in order to portray her bipolar illness in a more personal way.

It is also a reflection of how the devastating effects of bipolar disorder shaped her life.

Youtube Cat Hookup Video Introduction To Zephaniah Pronunciation

The author's story is about a young woman's odyssey of triumph and sorrow and her journey to find herself again. Before her diagnosis, she was a beautiful, compassionate young woman who excelled in both athletics and academics.

After her diagnosis she gained more than pounds-due to health issues, sick children, psychiatric hospitalizations, and unsuitable medications. She became depressed, self-consumed, and bitter.

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The debilitating depression and hauntingly real hallucinations forever impacted the way she sees life and how life sees her. Her faith in God proved to be her ultimate anchor through her heart-wrenching circumstances.

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After admission to solitary confinement, due to hallucinations, she experienced an even more profound depression. She overcame all the odds to become the woman she longed to be. She has attained the serenity one reaches when they've been to the very end, beyond hope, yet made it back.

Best Ever Book Lists

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