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Custom Against Humanity Best Cards Cards

ONE OF THE FUNNIEST CARDS EVER! (Cards Against Humanity Online)

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Cards Against Humanity Blank Card Ideas. K likes. A page to share your brilliant, silly, strange, disgusting, and otherwise horrible card ideas with. 30 Jan Despite its age, this thread has some good Google, so I'll punt it along. The existing conversation already has some wonderful specific notions, but I'll toss out these over-arching guidelines. They have served well our regular group of numerous years Against Humanity, as we have tackled the blank cards. Cards against humanity blank cards. Use tape to write out questions/answers with sharpie, then you can change out the options and not ruin the card. Find this Pin and more on Tips - Good Ideas by speckleburst. See More. 10 Ex Memes Today!#5 A Passive Aggressive Note To Your Ex. ComebacksFunny Texts Random.

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What will be our last chance for salvation when our new robot overlords take over? If a pot of gold is on one end of a rainbow, what is on the other end? Lots and lots go here bacon. Two things you need to survive on a deserted island.

Your grandpa sucking some dicks to not get drafted. Pantheon Seize the Bean Zombicide: A New Story of Civilization. Sex with vegetables either kind.

The Other White Meat. All the cool kids are doing it. New car sticker craze: Something you should regret, but secretly don't.

The real reason I've gathered you all together today. Wonder Twin powers, activate! All players discard and re-draw click here card. All players discard and re-draw 2 cards. All players discard and re-draw 3 cards. All players discard and re-draw 4 cards.

All players discard whole hand and re-draw 10 cards, or keep whole hand. Pick another black card and play it, including the Card Czar. Players vote on the winner of this card. Ties result in a draw.

Cards Against Humanity: How to Make an Extra Strength Deck

A beat so fresh, it just might destroy the universe. A box full of terrible foreign candy. A car trunk full of hot, glistening tripe.

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A day care Fight Club. A man-sized hamster wheel. A millionaire with a heart of gold. A vintage collection of Kirk-Spock slashfic. Asians being racist against each other. Baby pigs wearing people clothes. Being uncomfortable realizing you're outnumbered by members of another race.

Accidentally sexting your mom. Pick another black card and play it, including the Card Czar. Performing sex acts learned from Urban Dictionary. Being uncomfortable realizing you're outnumbered by members of another race.

Binders full of women. Breaking into a zoo to steal a monkey. Defying the laws of physics. Eating the yellow snow. Encouraging children to eat lead paint chips. Eugenics for fun and profit. Excruciatingly graphic Sonic the Hedgehog fan fiction.

Forgetting the safe word. Gay cowboys eating pudding. Giving over to the dark side. Having a PhD in 'experimenting' with homosexuality. Hitler's Read more of Barbeque. Hugging your grandma while you have an erection.

Indians dots not feathers. Ladies' underwear purchased from a vending machine. Making love to a really sexy sheep. Never being able to look your dog in the eyes again. Putting peanut butter on your junk and letting the dog lick it off.

Best Cards Against Humanity Custom Cards

Taking a dump in the ball pit at Chuck E Cheese. Taking body shots off your mom. The dreams of a child. The rich pageantry of Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. The three wise men. Three and a half babies. Three Asian strippers, two porn stars, and a suitcase full of blow. Traveling back in time to become your own grandparent. Underage cosplayers in bondage gear. Wearing theg enitals of a defeated enemy around your neck as a trophy. A glass jar with a preserved two-headed fetal pig.

A grown man Best Cards Against Humanity Custom Cards at a movie. A hilarious failed suicide attempt. A man pretending to be a woman's "gay friend" in order to get article source that sweet vadge. A suspiciously convenient plot device.

A televangelist getting caught picking up male prostitutes. Accidentally sexting your mom. Asians Asking her when she's due and finding out she's not pregnant.

Assuming all handicapped people are retarded. Becoming a Junior High Chess Champion for the sweet hook-ups. Becoming what you hate. Being "a little pregnant". Being friends with somone who is awful, but frequently picks up the check at dinner. Being happy you just made a gay friend so you can use the phrase "my gay friend"… Black Jesus.

Chimpanzees with anger management issues.

Best Cards Against Humanity Custom Cards

Dressing up in blackface. Editing Wikipedia to win an argument. Encouraging your passenger to moon a bus full of children when you pass it. Feminists with facial hair.

I'm making a custom expansion to add to my Cards Against Humanity box. Any suggestions for cards?

Forwarding your grandmother all your erectile dysfunction pill spam. Frantically clicking pictures of cats on the internet. Free candy from strangers. Gay-marrying your prison rapist. Getting angry at something just to pass the time. Getting unfriended by your mom source Facebook.

Lying to terminally ill children about their life expectancy. Mocking autistic children because they don't have feelings. Mother Theresa's rotting corpse. Nicholas Cage's storied career.