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The baby monitor for the smartphone age. Includes all standard features of an audio hardware baby monitor, along with video streaming (using your phone's camera) and some surprising extras. Works at any distance. Dormi can use any available route to connect parent and child units (WiFi, mobile data - Edge, 3G, 4G. 25 Jan These 10 Android apps can help out any dad who wants to be better, smarter and more committed to his role as a father in his family. Whether your child hasn't arrived yet or your toddler is sitting in your lap right now, there is something here that can benefit you. Learn about pregnancy, keep your family. The Family Link app from Google helps you stay in the loop as your child (under 13) uses their Android device. Family Link lets you create a Google Account for your child that's like your account, with access to most Google services, while also helping you set certain digital ground rules. • Manage the apps your child can.

Try Google Play with Chrome. Item added to wishlist. Item removed from wishlist. Whether you're a new dad or adding another cub to the family, Daddy Up is the man's field guide to pregnancy. It's a little cheesy, but so are all the baby apps that compare babies to things like avacado and acorn squash.

Dads Hookup Daughters Applications For Android a perfect app and theme for any guy looking for a manly attractive baby tracker. I honored and incredibly fortunate to have been able to use this app. I'd love to use it again on my next go round. Reviews should contain some criticism or areas to click here but I couldn't think of any at all.

So this review will just have to be my whole hearted recommendation. It's funny, informative and the explanations and terms used are simple and understandable. I would like to see a section where all-time-pro dad's can give tips and part their ultimate wisdom with guys still lost in the woods Maybe just an in app blog where guys can talk and help one another. For a 28 old year male, with a 23 year old partner, this makes it a little easier.

First Time Pregnancy amiiSolutions 1. Paid version is priced very nicely. Was a 4 or 5 star app until this morning 34 weeks and it won't load anything and even deleted the doctor info which is pretty dang important especially this late in the pregnancy!! Unfortunately it's half baked and missing many simple features.

As a teacher, the layout, design, and animations are fantastic. She agrees with me, this app is perfect for any expecting father. It gets me more excited and involved with the process, woo-hoo! While some may find this app useful, my wife was less than impressed. She's said it's very condescending, and the terminology used for the trimesters gives it totally the wrong connotations. As for me, I feel like it's a bit dumbed down and I'm being talked at slowly as if I don't understand the language.

I love this app, very helpful for a first time dad. But the last 3 weeks it continues to have Dads Hookup Daughters Applications For Android loading.

If they could fix the bugs on the load up it'd be 5 stars. This app won't even load anymore.

Dads Hookup Daughters Applications For Android

I click enjoying it until it decided not to work on my Oneplus 5 today. User reviews David Mathes December 22, Good job guys Full Review. Thomas Hangsleben December 22, Shamus h January 10, If they could fix the bugs on the load up it'd be 5 stars Full Review.

Sycamore Spur January 2, Keagan Campbell January 1, Chris Hammersley February 13, I am not sure if I am doing something wrong, but it just doesn't work. It sticks on the opening screen. Sycamore Spur February 13, Quick to reply and fix issues I experienced. Love how it's set up and a male theme to make it appealing and simple. Unable to sign up Getting 'database connection error' Full Review. Great app for us expecting dad's. Fun tidbits on our wives weekly experiences and how to make it better.

Great free app for sure. Thank you Full Review. Rai Gai December 31, It's great when it bothers to load. Which is Dads Hookup Daughters Applications For Android increasingly rare Full Review. Jordan Taylor January 1, Downloaded this app and I cannot even create an account.

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Chris Schubauer December 28, It's pretty funny but also incredibly accurate on the weekly play by play. Brian Godfrey January 23, Just a great job on this!

Awsome app Full Review. Will Smethurst February 3, Peter Dermott October 4, Cool app with some great tips and info but it would nice to be able to clear the contraction counter!

We used this app to track contractions during my OHs labour, worked pretty well thanks for adding the ability to clear contractions! However there seems click be a bug wherein clearing a contraction will cause further contractions to not be logged!

Mike Teiken December 5, The checklist is legit, very practical and useful.

Fun tidbits on our wives weekly experiences and how to make it better. Item added to wishlist. Jordan Taylor January 1, And why can't I set certain days to 0? Was looking at buying a baby monitor, had a look around and found this app.

The advice is spot on, accurate and time-specific to what the different trimesters each bring in terms of ailments and emotional impacts that they experience. It's really handy to have the heads up on what changes to expect and what is normal as your lady source. Read her the 'lady clues' It'll get ya a weekly chuckle from your lady for sure.

Steve Hayes October 27, It's shallow, and provides virtually no information. Try treating men as actual intelligent people rather than stereotypes Full Review. Cheeky little app with a great user interface, fun theme and tips on little things you might not remember.

Get the bulk of your info from reading good baby books and taking advice from trusted sources, then use this for tracking, tips and fun stuff. The dude with the one star review needs a sense of humour Albert Clarke December 19, I loved this app. Then I got a new phone and at first, the app had trouble loading the tips, as though something about my network had changed.

Now it doesn't recognize my email and password nor can it reset. It won't even let me re-register. Sycamore Spur December 19, David Sneller December 13, I had enjoyed the Dads Hookup Daughters Applications For Android, but it stopped working today. It wouldn't even allow me to give feedback without an error message. None of the content would load, despite reopening and refreshing repeatedly.

Dads Hookup Daughters Applications For Android

Chris Schwarz November 12, Was a 4 or 5 star app until this morning 34 weeks and it won't load anything and even deleted the doctor info which is pretty dang important especially this late in the pregnancy!! Marlon Merriweather September 29, This app was very helpful in identifying things that were going on with my wife and daughter during pregnancy.

Even though it wasn't a plethora of info, it is the best app for men. Wezley Morgan December 5, Whatever you do don't go treating this app as the bible of men's experience in pregnancy.

User reviews

It's meant to be fun, make a sometimes challenging few months more fun and light hearted, and provide some useful tips.

I suspect the users who rated and slated the app want a detailed user guide - my advice is to actually do some of your own research My wife is weeks in and is using the ovio app I Dads Hookup Daughters Applications For Android which may be more appropriate for those who want more straightforward facts. Mike Judd November 12, When I try to sign up, just keeps saying "error registering". Can't even get an account here use it unfortunately.

Kyle Wilson December 11, Thank you for providing something for us. The wife appreciates the hints and tips geared towards helping her feel more comfortable and I appreciate the little quips that make this situation even more awesome Full Review.

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Daniel Barfield September 30, Not a lot of information.