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Aries & Leo: Love Compatibility

When fire meets fire, all you will get is hotter flames and this is no less true when Leo men and Aries women get together in any capacity. Both signs share a Leos are extremely sexual creatures and clearly view sex as being more about fun and satisfaction with emotional connection simply a side effect. A healthy sex life. Love Compatibility Between Leo Man Aries Woman. Can Leo men and Aries women have a successful relationship that is compatible mentally, emotionally and sexually? The Leo Man and Aries Woman both consist of a bright fire. Together they will be able to keep each other's firing burning. But they also have the potential. The vibrations given off by the Aries woman and Leo man are very powerful. This pair has many moments of sexual intimacy which are marvelous and even mad. Sex between the two is very fulfilling because each of them gives the other what they need and want. There is a strong emotional bond between the two.

When looking for a partner or when in a relationship, many people rely on the zodiac compatibility between the two sun signs, to presume which way the relationship is heading. There are in all 12 signs in the Zodiac, with each one representing certain common traits. Compatibility between the two zodiac signs depends upon the number of common qualities or traits they share.

Leo and Aries are both fire signs and hence, share many traits among themselves, here as, both are extroverts, attention seekers, hardworking, status-conscious, egoistic, energetic, passionate and highly individualistic.


Having so many things in common can be both advantageous as well as disadvantageous, at the same time. Let's discuss the compatibility between the two further. One greatest thing which will keep them bonded together is their sexual chemistry.

Both of them have similar sexual needs and urges, and will sexually satisfy each other beyond words. Their strong sexual chemistry is bound to keep them together for a very long time.

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They have lots of things in common. Both of them being fire signs, tend to have similar interests and like the same kind of activities, people and places. A shared interests of Aries and Leos is their love of all things that are costly and luxurious. Having similar likes as well as dislikes gives them enough material to talk about, thus, keeping the relationship going strong, long after the sexual aspect has faded a bit.

Young, Alive and Energetic Dispositions Leo and Aries, both being fire signs, are always full of energy.

Leo Man And Aries Woman In Bed

They believe in doing things together, today, rather than leaving them for tomorrow. This unbound energy keeps them young, alive and kicking, and both of these together are capable of accomplishing lots of things. Both Leo and Aries are very individualistic and love their freedom, and both of these will let their partner be. They can both be very loyal and link in their relationship, yet in no way it means that they will cling to one another.

They will give full freedom to one another and love each other very strongly at the same time.


Leos and Aries both like to be the center of attention. They lay great emphasis on power and status too. Their strong personality enables them to handle each other's success very well. There is not even an iota of envy in both these signs if one of them becomes successful or comes in the limelight.

The couple is able to attain high levels of satisfaction when they make love to each other as they perfect understand what the other one desires and needs. If this comes too soon for Leo Man, he may be tempted to dismiss her virtuosity out of sheer prudishness on his part. She will be upfront and honest when she is simply out for a lusty adventure and, in that case, she mirrors the lion's approach to intimacy.

Leos need a partner who constantly praises them, here up to them and admires them. Aries, on the other hand, are blunt and to the point.

They believe that if once they have told their partner, how good or handsome or worthwhile they are, there is no need to repeat it again and again. This might create a friction between them.

Leo Man And Aries Woman In Bed

Another drawback is that both of them are very strong signs. So if at all they have a fight or disagreement over something, they can bring read article the roof literally with their words and actions. Both Aries and Leo are stubborn signs, so if they use this stubbornness to make their bond strong, this relationship has a huge potential. However, if they are stubborn in their dealings with one another, with either of them refusing to budge even an inch, they can prove to be a disaster, though this is a very rare case in compatibility between these two sun signs.

There is no doubt that both these sun signs are highly compatible, although, one precaution that they should take when being with each other is that they should keep their egos in check.

The Leos especially should refrain from influencing and pushing their ideas down an Aries throat, cause Aries is not going to be told, how to live his life.

Aries women are quite individualistic and certainly won't admire the laziness and dependency on admiration that Leo men display. When does it seem worth it to roll the dice for a movie romance? December 3, 1: While a woman of the ram is blind to her own outgoing possessiveness, she is quick to rebel the moment she is the one being guarded and controlled.

If such things are handled carefully, these sun signs can certainly make a very happy life together! Sagittarius and Leo Compatibility: Is it a Match Made in Heaven? Leo and Libra Compatibility: Do They Make a Perfect Pair? Leo and Taurus Compatibility: Leo Man and Aquarius Woman: You'll be Amazed to Know.

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