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Watch Send a Note Give. My Goodness Pretty gosh darn important Sun Oct 22,2: I've been doing a lot of thinking, and now that I'm eighteen, I decided it's about time to really announce what's going on. I'll be leaving DeviantArt, YouTube, etc.

I'll be leaving behind my identity as DrakynWyrm. Before The New Year is here, I will be totally and completely gone.

Moved on, grown up, and starting over fresh under a new identity. I'll be gone on my small leave of absence a bit longer from this site now until November 1st, which is when early decision college applications are done and dealt with.

After November 1st, I will return, and clean up loose ends and all that. There's been too much piling on me which has prevented me from returning, and seventy-percent of this will be resolved by November 1st. Thus, CatSIMs will resume normally read article its conclusion.

Thanksgiving Hookup Sim Deviantart Pokemon Oc

I will also be selling my characters. I want to do a few more special things before I go, but I want to be sure I can do this before I announce it and get everyone's hopes up.

Explore Freddy S, Night, and more!

And, of course, I'll open commissions one last time. I want to do so by the end of November Thanksgiving Day Weekend? I will never use the DrakynWyrm username again. Just be aware, in case anyone ever tries to impersonate me. I've already moved to new accounts and a new username. One day, maybe, I'll be comfortable enough to share it with the click here. Until now, it's really going to only the people who ask.

This was a hard choice, but one I feel is ultimately the best. When I was thirteen, fourteen, this place was my life, my identity. I was DrakynWyrm, and would always be DrakynWyrm. This was my peak.

Hair ponytail

I lived and breathed this place. But now it feels like it's better to move on. To build myself up anew, and just relax. I love this place, and I love you guys. You've made this so much fun, and I'm so happy to know every single one of you. I met the people whose art I idolized since I was thirteen. I've had friends come and drift away through the years I've been here, and I've loved each of them click am happy that continue reading all doing well on their own.

I've been in positions of authority in the warrior cats amino, and basked in the feeling of being loved and idolized for my artwork. And I've had so much fun roleplaying and being involved with the warriors community, and even starting my own. I see people's artworks, all clearly inspired by my art and style, and I feel a little warm feeling every time.

I see love, and happiness, and friendships. As I write this, there's so many people and memories flashing in my mind, too many to list, too many to forget.

Thanksgiving Hookup Sim Deviantart Pokemon Oc

Weird furries, nerds, dorks -- all my kinda people. I'll never forget this place. But it's time to move on, and get on with my life. I will never stop drawing, but now, I think I'm more free to draw what I want.

Love you all guys. And have a good one. Given my extended absence, and the fact that there won't be a CatSIMs next year, I will be re-opening the sign-ups and allowing more people to enter.

I will extend the events a bit longer with at least twelve events instead of nineto give more chances to new-comers. Also, logging out after posting this, now that I've commented on some of the gift art I've gotten!! I'll be back, my dudes.

Sun Sep 3,9: As it says, I'm looking for Dracostryx buddies! I really want to do a kind of world-building with my characters, and so I would really appreciate having friends to play with me! Maybe get a discord server for our flock set up, or something. I have a Stryx AU Drakyn and a here world set up too, as a matter of fact!

It's a fantasy world, we can make it work. Cx But in general, it's a medieval-type world, where Drakyn lives in the forest to raise her Stryx babies in her barn.

She's totally open continue reading welcome to travelers and people who mean to Thanksgiving Hookup Sim Deviantart Pokemon Oc from her. I'm a survivalist, too, btw!

I need new books to read on my own anyways, aha. It starts out with Peter Parker hitchiking back to New York from somewhere that looks more akin to the countryside near my own home IRL. So recent comic book movies to look into as well. I did take some prescription pain meds, but one brand has lousier side effects and the other is too expensive.

It's been one see more my obsessions as of late. The admins are on their week-long break, so we have time to learn as much as you need. ARPGs are fairly heavy in reading content, and might be a bit confusing to anyone not familiar with them, but I'm totes able to explain and help people out especially if you have discord or something!

Maybe design them a bird or something, idk. And with the upcoming flock feature, well, let's just say, with all punning intended, I'd be more than happy to take people under my wing. September 3, 48 Comments 4 Favourites. The Stream is here! And only an hour late, it's a miracle! My Tablet's all set up, and rearing to go!

Not quite sure, I'll be letting people know. I always do the streaming on YouTube. Anyways, I wanted to do this thing where I chat only in the discord with voice, Thanksgiving Hookup Sim Deviantart Pokemon Ocand let the people who are on the YouTube stream simply listen to music.

With OBS, is that possible? Oh, ye, for those who want to get on the discord thing a bit early: I'm new to running a discord, so, uh, bear with me. There's little else I like to see more than people's improvements.

Nothing more inspiring, either. So, why don't you share some of your older artwork, and compare it with your more recent works?

If you have Thanksgiving Hookup Sim Deviantart Pokemon Oc redraw showcasing direct improvement, more power to ya! And say you're a bit new, and don't feel like you've been drawing long enough to improve. Maybe get a bit of inspiration from their older works too, and see how far people are able to come along.

Highrock Thu Jul 27,9: Lightningstar's voice booms over the Clan. Let them come forth. They have trained hard to understand the ways of your noble codes, and I commend them to you as fully-ranking cats in return. Do you promise to uphold the code StarClan has laid out for you, even at the cost of your own life?

CM. Pokemon Trainers Speedpaint

You, via participating in events or telling stories, have earned enough stat points to increase your rankings! That's 15 for warrior apprentices, and 17 Thanksgiving Hookup Sim Deviantart Pokemon Oc medicine cat apprentices. You will come up to the highrock, and Lightningstar will give you your full name. Your name will come based on your character's personality which, if not described anywhere, will be determined from your statsor your character's distinct visual trait.

Recommendations are fine, but these can be overridden if they do not suit your cat and only suit your tastes. And for the Thanksgiving Hookup Sim Deviantart Pokemon Oc of ease of access, both warriors and medicine cats will be named this way.

Your details on your design can be changed if you'd like it to be. As well, if you want to add white to your design, you may! White, however, is obligatory for cats who have been described with white on them.

Strength determines physical might. Spirit determines not only one's connection to StarClan, but also your willpower. Intelligence determines how perceptive you are, and may have extra details revealed to you. Stats can increase as the game goes on. If your stat total is equal to or exceeds 15, you become a warrior. To become a full medicine cat, you must have a score equal to or exceeding At any point, you are allowed this web page start over with a new cat.

This is important in case your cat dies or is forced to retire. She also has 2 ginger splotche Have your cats affirm their vows, and they will receive their names.

Keep at these goals, because while I may slip up and lapse, I know I have the ability to do this. He first comes in wearing some strange Jack Skeleton mash-up with inflatable hands greeting everyone. When it finally looks like everything is back on track, and back in order, he fucks it up.