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7 Dec Many of you guys are probably wondering what girls like and may not like about you. Well, you have come across a wonderful, but truthful article. Now, most of this stuff is true because it's coming from a girl's perspective. From humor to looks , I've put down the most common but important things we ladies. 25 Oct Other ways to her heart include not being overly needy, surprising her every once in a while, seeing her as an equal in everything and even being happy to watch rubbish TV together, a survey says. Ever wondered what women look for in a man? You may think you have it all. But if you're still not getting the girl you want, you're bound to wonder what you're doing wrong and other lucky men are doing right. Just like there are a few things about a girl that attracts you, girls too have their own wish list in a guy they meet.

There is a stigma in today's culture that makes it seems like women have an unattainable list of things they look for in a guy, but really we just want someone who can make us laugh, who loves us well and who makes us feel special. This is a big thing girls look for! We want a man who wants to be successful. We don't care if you want to be a teacher, a doctor or a trash man, as long as you reach your goal. We don't care about extravagant gifts, girls just want to feel loved! So buy them flowers every once in a while and leave a cute note on her car and you will make them feel like that most here girl in the world!

Tell her the things you like about her, always build her up and never tear her down!


Girls love having a constant in their lives, so always answer her phone calls and make her feel loved and supported! Girls like a man with a big, caring heart. If you want that girl's heart, walk an old lady across the street, volunteer, do anything to show her that you want to make the world a better place. Girls want to feel secure not only about themselves, but the relationship they are in.

So try your hardest not to say anything that will make her feel insecure. One of the most attractive things to a girl is a hardworking guy! We don't want a lazy boy who just sits on the couch all day playing video games!

As we all anxiously await the opening night of "Black Panther," it's a good time to sit back and reflect on the past cinematic masterpieces that are Marvel movies. While Marvel still trumps DC in every which way and area, we can all admit that even Marvel's worst still isn't anything compared to.

CGI wasn't that great yet, acting was subpar I mean, listen, no one can beat Mark Ruffalo, as a person or as an actor. But overall, there are a few parts of that movie when it made me painfully cringe. Alright, before people start throwing things at me, just hear me out. When I first saw this movie, I couldn't even focus. For some reason, this plot did not stick with me one bit. I tried watching it again, but nope, go here was not my thing.

For some reason, this movie is just not one that I think Things Girls Want In A Guy the greatest. The acting is good and the effects are amazing.

Things Girls Want In A Guy

The plot is interesting, however, I think that Marvel could have just played this out a lot better. Ah yes, the first Marvel movie ever at least in the modern universe. We got this taste of superheroes and the click was hooked. This movie packs humor, sadness, and all around bad-ass technology into this neat little package, wrapped up with a bow. However, graphics suck, the plot doesn't really flow as well as it could, and some of the scenes just really kill me.

This movie had me holding my abs dying of laughter, but I felt as if that was literally the only good part of the movie.

Things Girls Want In A Guy

The whole Jane in London thing, yeah, no. Honestly, whenever I watch this movie, I'm just in it for Sif and Loki. The rest just kinda I am a firm believer that they did not need to kill him off in order to continue and further the plot. And for this reason, and the reason that Ultron was mediocre, this movie is not one of my favorites. I do enjoy the movie, but those few parts really just throw me off. This movie is a whole bunch of laughs and was by far one of my favorites during the beginning of Phase One, but as more movies have come into the Universe and better plots have been put forward, this guy just kind continue reading sits in the back for me.


It's very interesting to see how much Tony progresses during this movie in terms of character, not to mention we get our first real taste of Happy and Natasha, but it just doesn't stack up to the other movies as it should. It's still a good one though.

Ah yes, our first introduction to the loveable, teddybear of a god. This movie is packed full of humor, from the shot given to Thor in the butt to the fake license oh, hello Dr. Donald Blaketo the coffee cup, pop tarts, and the request for a horse, this movie is an all-around comedic masterpiece.

Also, Stan Lee's cameo from this movie is probably one of my favorites. But this movie just doesn't really stack up with Things Girls Want In A Guy others. The first time I ever saw this movie, I was extremely sleep deprived, hour fifteen of an eighteen hour flight to Spain, with little to no leg room and a pounding headache.

It was hilarious to me at the time. But I watched it again, a little more awake this time, and I found it not nearly as intriguing, nor funny. Yes, it was funny, but it was also kind of I feel like they treated this entire movie as one big running joke and didn't take it nearly as seriously as they should have in some parts.

Deadpool and Spider-Man are the comedic reliefs of the Marvel Universe. This was just too much for me. Also, I hate ants. Give me the creepy crawlies. This movie is absolutely hilarious.

15 Things Women Look for in a Man Before Falling for Him

If I ever need a pick-me-up, this is one of my go-to's. The soundtrack was actually what my high school color guard would use during our warm-ups.

I love this movie, just not as much as I love others. This movie is another good one. I love the relationship between Thor and Hulk, and honestly, Loki is one of my favorite characters, so any movie with him in it is a good movie to me.

We will fall in love with you over and over if you can make us laugh. When it comes to romance, a high percentage 73 per cent of women say they would ideally like more in their lives — however a slightly higher percentage 75 per cent of men said the same. Help click friends and classmates on projects when they're struggling. Compliment her to show her you care about her. Has she found love again?

I would like to just start this off by saying that this is the first movie where we really see a relationship between Clint and Natasha and have the opportunity to get to know them better. Clint and Nat are some of my favorite characters in the Universe, not to mention Coulson and Fury. This is the first time we see Tony actually work side by side with other people and having to swallow his ego. We also see Cap come forth as a leader and prove himself yet again.

We see him still struggling to work through what happened to him. All around, this movie will always have a special place in my heart it was the first Marvel movie I ever saw. First off, this movie gets extra brownie points just because of baby Groot. This movie was a lot more personal for the characters than the first.

Things Girls Want In A Guy felt like I could connect with the characters a lot better than the first. Let me just start off with the fact that Cap is my favorite Avenger, always has been, always will be, so there is definitely some bias coming into play here. This movie is what truly got me into the Marvel Universe. It was the first movie that made my heart jump, made me laugh until I couldn't breathe, shook me to my core, and then proceeded to rip out my heart and beat it with Negan's bat.

The whole story of Captain America is amazing too. I mean, come on, the cover of the first comic was Cap punching Hitler across the face. During World War II. Also, Little Steve is someone that I can relate to on a deeper level.

Not to mention the friendship between Bucky and Steve is one that I strive for. While this movie is not my favorite, it is by far the most This movie tackles so many current and real-world issues.

PTSD, anxiety, Middle Eastern relations, sweatshops, childhood abandonment — you name it, this movie addresses it. We finally see a character in a prominent movie breaking down, having flashbacks, and saying that they are having an anxiety attack, saying that they are experiencing symptoms of PTSD, showing that it is not at all pretty.

Bloodied body inside Florida school after shooting Students flee a Florida high school after a gunman start shooting Moment police arrest and handcuff 'Florida school shooter' SWAT team searches shooting school as students cower in terror Suspect in Florida high shooting in custody: Thanks you for sharing! Keep yourself well groomed. This movie is packed full of humor, from the shot given to Thor in the butt to the fake license oh, hello Dr.

This movie was pivotal for the Marvel Universe. Since this movie, they have dabbled more with darker themes and allowing the characters to show their absolute weakest points Bruce admitting to attempting suicide, Cap going to a meeting for PTSD, Sam leading those meetings for fellow soldiers, Nat having PTSD from Russiabut still being bad-ass superheroes despite this. This movie found a way to smash my heart into a million pieces, but I am okay with it.

Again, major bias here. All of the fight scenes in this movie were beautifully planned and choreographed, the script was spot on, and the emotions of the actors really allowed us to feel what they were feeling. It tore me up to see the Universe split into two, and don't even get me started on Peggy's death, however, the introduction to the Black Panther and seeing how they seamlessly blended three or more plots into one coherent movie is just pure gold.

Let's be honest, how can you not love this movie? Peter is hilarious and Tom Holland pulls it off so well. We really get the sense of the super-awkward teenage kid who just really wants to fit in.

I do wish that they would have included Things Girls Want In A Guy little more backstory in this movie, but we have to take what we can get. Vulture always kept me on my toes and Spidey just click for source failed to make me laugh.

You can really feel the depth that Tom gives to the character. It makes for a great movie, and it shows. Okay, this movie ripped out my heart, tore it to shreds, threw it into a meat grinder, then put it into a blender, then a juicer, drank it, digested it, and then Things Girls Want In A Guy it out and buried it with a shovel.

Bucky is my favorite character in the Marvel Universe, so seeing him in this much pain and struggling to put his life back together killed me. There are parts of the movie where you can pause it and I can tell you exactly where they are in Cleveland. That scene after Steve's mother's funeral?

Shot right next to my dad's work. This is cool stuff people.