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1 YEAR SOBER: The Story of an Alcoholic

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Like most people, I love going out after a long week at work, having a few drinks, and decompressing from all the stress and exhaustion. The fact that I enjoy consuming alcohol says nothing about my sexual life, however, so if you assume that I want to hook up with you just because I'm a bit tipsy, you couldn't be more wrong. 8 Apr Tinder's boring conversations and clumsy hookups are unbearable without a drink as social lubricant. Doing Tinder is a nightmare without alcohol. You come to the conclusion that you had a lot of truly awful sex when you were drinking – a realization that alone has been enough to put me off one night. 21 Mar But even so, is that enough for you to make the first move??? For me it was not. It freaked me out, and then I realized that what would make this situation better was a stiff drink. And then thinking that freaked me out! Are we dependent on alcohol? If alcohol is my source of courage to actually make a move.

Read The Forum Rules: We have a clear set of rules to keep the forum running smoothly. Click here to review them. Threaded Mode Linear Link. Gilgamesh Male Feminist Posts: I have been following this forum and Roissy's blog for the last few months. But I have been learning alot lately and am actively working on changing myself One problem I have is that I can not click at this page alcohol due to a hereditary liver illness hemochromatosis.

I asked a girl out on a date today while we were at a dance When You Are Hookup An Alcoholic thanks to Samsau, Mixx, Speakeasy. I know you guys recommend instant date, but my game is not at the level to score one night stand yet. She is East European, plain looking. I just don't know where will be the best place to take her. Should I take her to a bar and let her drink but not drink myself? I have done that a couple of times but usually girls act weired and don't want to drink once they find out I will not be drinking.

Should I tell her about my hereditary illness from the begining? Even if I do that, how can I get some alcohol into her system to speed the process of her putting out?

When You Are Hookup An Alcoholic

You have at least two options 1 I can't remember if it was Roosh or Roissy that recommended just lying. This will take care of her "weird" feeling.

It's gameyou control the frame. I went on a brainless date with an attractive hairdresser who I had only texted with a few times. My game was not even that good. Still, at the end, I saw my opportunity, and I pulled her in for the kiss.

She was amazed, intrigued and might I say, pleased. I find what works is to not focus single-mindedly on results. To get her to do that, you have to make her comfortable, so for the first few minutes, you have to set the right tone. This post was last modified: I just started going out completely sober, two nights in a row.

How To Help An Alcoholic - Scientifically Proven

Both nights, I ordered Coke instead. Beer was making me slow and lethargic, and hurting my game. This'll mute feelings of awkwardness that sobriety might otherwise bring about. It'll give When You Are Hookup An Alcoholic some energy without reminding you and everyone else, that you're a cheap fuck like water does.

As for the date, lie. I dont drink either, I am currently I don't tell people anymore than the fact i dont drink im an asshole tho. Be playful about it. Thats all I can say, there is not one thing wrong with it.

Order shots of cranberry juice, pass them out to a girl or two and tell them 'this shit makes me crazy' If a girl asks what im drinking ill pass her my cup, usually cranberry juice or ginger aleand ill say 'they made it so strong can you taste it?

No hangovers, sloppy decisions, DUIs, outrageous bar tabs. I've never been a huge alcohol drinker either, which is why I look like I'm 25 when I am actually turning 37 soon.

I never drank because I was a huge Salsa dancer, and it was a big no-no for me to drink as Here use to compete many years ago. An alpha always does what he pleases, not what others influence him to do. Don't drink if it's not what you want to do. Check this out fucks up your liver, and I don't care what bikini model they use to convince you otherwise.

I usually walk around with sparkling water in a glass with ice cubes - drunk When You Are Hookup An Alcoholic think it's Gin and Tonic. This does not mean I have an issue with people that drink, I don't - and I will use alcohol all the time to lighten the mood of my targets.

I don't need to tell you how easy it is for you to seal the deal! Do you ever say anything back to the snotty bartenders? The second night, a bartender said to me, eyebrows arched, "A Coke? I don't drink either On other occasions I've found that some girls will actually respect you more for it and you'll have a bit more to talk about why you don't and potentially get a conversation going.

I don't drink a lot and I've noticed that even if a girl is a drinker, if I don't drink much she won't let herself go as crazy. I wouldn't mention that you have a hereditary disorder, like another poster said just order a coke and say it's a jack and coke, keeping drinking those and while she gets a little tipsy you stay sober and work the situation to your advantage. You'll probably be more focused and alert than her while gaming.

Also you won't have to use drinking as a crutch like other guys do for pick up. It was like I was speaking another language.

The Outlandish ‘Sober Hookup’

Or, you could have escalated to a sexual vibe with the following: Too bad you can't make it on Monday to find out" When you're not drinking, take girls to cool spots. Lakes or rivers, mountains or cliffs, concerts, festivals, outdoor markets, anything fun or beautiful. Great G Manifesto post on Sunshine Maneuvers: Never underestimate the power of a Beautiful View. Mixx love this move Gilgamesh - Since you met her in a dance class, why not take her to a dance club?

You'll be touching already and you can turn her on this way. Then pop back to your place and make a couple drinks, just load yours up with ice filler and no alcohol.

Tinder and sobriety are incompatible

Seems simple enough to me. Mixx - Genius as always. I'll be using that line on the next lady bartender that says "that's it" to me. I also don't drink. But I think what could compensate would be a larger tip. I did that with a waitress at the bar on Saturday. I asked for a coke, she said it was 3 dollars.

Although over half of the girls I've slept with have been coworkers. Alcohol has never been invoked with any girl I've ever smashed. Show 25 25 50 All. Always been alcohol on first time.

I gave her a 5. She looked at me and said do you need change with a baby doll faceI said no. She smiled and left. But when I ordered a second glass, I handed her a 10 and she smiled and didn't even say a thing and just walked away fast! She didn't come back to me that evening. I thought about running after her but then decided to let her be happy. If nothing else it's extremely unprofessional because for all she knows you are a recovered alcoholic just meeting friends although if you're younger that might not occur to her even though it should.

On Saturday I hit the polish cafe bar in Athens to get some action and instead of picking up polish girls I got shitfaced by Zywiec and wodka. It is impossible to outdrink the Slavs.

Notify me when new comments are posted. The second night, a bartender said to me, eyebrows arched, "A Coke? Using alcohol as the initiator in sexual situations can provide people with feelings of false confidence.

Although one two beers may help I have found that ingestion of strong quantities of coffee frappe or even ice coffee considerably help to sustain high amounts of energy before you hit clubs. Fuck drinking, it's done me more harm than good. I have a problem where when I drink I just go all out and get hammered I'm no longer going to spit game under the influence of alcohol. It'll be my first time trying this weekend. Plus like Mixx said, I feel as if it'll be advantageous if the girls link than you are.

Plus no chick really wants to hook up with a sloppy ass drunk dude. Like the attitude but the extreme changes aren't necessarily needed. It's fine to try and close the deal with a drink or two. Girls are more reluctant to drink while you don't drink. Going to game drunk is really what you're alluding to. If you can't control your alcohol, you can't control your emotions.

Would you drink to black out at a company meeting? You have a problem Can you drink socially and be fine?

When You Are Hookup An Alcoholic

Men know when to stop. If you are absolutely forced to stop due to health that's a different story Yes you are absolutely right. I was getting at gaming drunk. Learning to drink socially without getting trashed is what I need to work on.