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My Aspergers Child: Is it Asperger’s or Narcissism or Both?

28 Nov Though both narcissists and those with Asperger's have difficulty experiencing empathy with others, there is a world of difference between narcissism and Asperger's. Both are legitimate diagnoses, with Narcissistic Personality Disorder ( NPD) being a, well, personality disorder and Asperger's being a developmental. 2 Nov Aspergers, which now is considered a part of autistic spectrum disorders, was defined in DSM IV as follows: ( Narcissism according to the American Psychiatric Association's DSM-5 criteria for narcissistic personality disorder includes some though not necessarily all of the following features. 9 Oct Dr. Mark Goulston: “If anything they're more like people with features of Asperger's Syndrome.” - from “This Week in Startups” and Twist episode Both narcissists and high functioning people with Asperger like features are goal minded to a fault, and both can view other people more as functions or.

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I know for a fact my boyfriend has Asperger's he was diagnosed when he was younger and I find a lot of his symptoms to be charming to be honest.

Just Listen - Don't Confuse a Narcissist with Asperger's Syndrome

I really am not bothered by this and his quirks are part of what I fell in love with him over. However, I am started to be concerned that his lack of empathy is more than just having Asperger's.

He himself once said he was concerned that he may be a sociopath. Is it common for someone with Asperger's to be manipulative, pathologically lie, have a grandiose sense of self, feel no guilt or blame for hurting others in fact, if he does something to hurt me it ALWAYS manages to be my fault somehow - he never ever says sorry and he's not sorry for hurting me - he told me this point blank tonightetc.? He said he's well aware certain things he does hurts me but he doesn't care and will continue to hurt me and lie about it.

Is it Asperger's or Narcissism or Both?

If he doesn't believe it's wrong and it's not something that would hurt him, he check this out it shouldn't hurt me and will continue to do it behind my back.

Maybe that is common for people with Asperger's? I know he loves me. His friends first warned me he was very "robotic" because of the lack of emotions he displayed but is actually very emotional when he let's his guard down around me.

While I know it's hard for him to relate to my problems, he genuinely seems to try. Again, I am sorry for my ignorance on the matter. I am trying to get more insight into him and his differences.

It's common for Aspies to be unable to relate to certain problems neurotypicals have but manipulation, pathological lying, grandiose sense of self and no guilt or shame don't really fit the picture.

If I hurt someone I geniunely get upset at myself because often times I don't mean to hurt anyone but I might due to seeming unempathetic and cold. I also might have an awkward time apologizing because social situations are always difficult to approach.

I have never met an Aspie who would actively choose to do things to hurt someone. I personally have a certain "lack of empathy" and I can't relate to a lot of things going on around me but I still try my best to accommodate everyone I interact with. I have no desire to hurt anyone. I hate the idea of manipulating other people and I definetly don't see myself as anything grandiose.

I might do certain things out of stubbornness because I need some things to be a certain way to accommodate my Aspiness and some people might find that somewhat offensive. But that's as far as I'll go. I go through phases. For a few hours I will be as OP described above. Usually happens if i have a lot of caffeine and am go here a good swing of acting NT.

Then a few hours later something could happen that changes my mood or reminds me to try to empathize and I am what you described. I don't feel like a liar or different person when it changes but somehow I can be both. First of all, I feel guilt - a lot of it. I lie in bed at night thinking about all the times I've fucked up and possibly freaked people out or hurt their feelings. Most of the time I don't want to do that, unless I'm actively insulting them or something.

If I realise that or if somebody tells me I'm hurting their feelings, I'll feel awful about it and apologise, especially if it's somebody close to me like a friend or family member. I'm just really bad at telling when it happens. Mostly about little things that everyone lies about - have you done your homework, did you eat that cookie, are you sure you're okay, things like that. And I'm well aware that other people don't like to be lied to, especially since I hate to be lied to too, so I keep this habit to a minimum.

Ironically I tend to be honest when I should lie Does As Pie Dating As Pie Traits Of A Narcissistic Personality bum look big in this? Besides, I don't think manipulation is an Aspie thing at all; from what I've seen most of us tend to be as subtle as a brick shithouse, as my mother often says.


Honestly, who cares what the hell is going on with this guy? I'm not trying to be mean here, but what label would make this situation OK for you? He doesn't care how you feel, he blames you, he lies. Leave him and enjoy the single life without manipulation, or find a person to treat you with some simple human kindness plenty of Aspies have it in spades, if you're into that smart-awkward-cutie thing.

Just because he says he loves you, it doesn't mean that he does, and it certainly doesn't mean that you are required to love or care about him. Just dump him and go on with your life. Guaranteed in a few months you will look back and wonder what you were thinking. Your BF's behavior is worrisome though. Regardless if it has anything to do with aspergers or sociopathy, you need to be careful.

I am an aspie but I have the opposite problem. Click here say sorry all the time and have a hard time even telling the smallest of white lies.

If they're things like playing video games because yolo and not spending the time he needs, that's one thing. I feel honoured that you reblogged me! So if your boyfriend has been neglected as a child, and you want to marry him,, I would suggest intense therapy before you have children because he will destroy your son or daughter's self worth. He lacks empathy for others and can never be convinced of his wrongdoing.

My honesty gets me in all kinds of unintentional trouble, but I never do it out of spite. It is more like a compulsion and inability to read others. I don't think your bf may even be an aspie. It click be a co-morbid diagnosis but I highly doubt someone who is manipulative is an aspie because aspies are not generally good at that or motivated enough to be so.

For knowing he hurts you and doing stuff anyway. He is motivated to hurt you then purely to hurt you or he knows that by hurting you he can get X,Y or Z to happen. That doesn't sound like autism spectrum to me. Just severe jerkishness that is either immaturity or something worse like sociopathy, but you cannot diagnose him and nor can we.

You aren't married yet,, I would suggest counseling or getting away from this man. I feel honoured that you reblogged me! How about the latters? Very good is what Attwood says on "Asperger personality type" or Broader Phenotype of Autismand that doctors are the profession that ranks first, before accountants, IT specialists and engineers, what he says about his own son with Aspergers, and on a former Asperger patient of his and how and why he ended up as a psychologist youtube.

I just want to say An asshole above all. What's important is he is not respecting you. He is hurting you and he knows it which is again, not something an aspie would enjoy doing really, just because they are aspie - but again, there are self-important ones out there who think they are above others and their opinions are above others and since they are above others they have the right to insult anyone they want to, but those are people I don't tolerate well and I don't think its their aspergers that is at fault.

Young aspies can be assholes, imho especially overly self-important ones. But the ones I know who are my age 28 or older! So best of luck with that!

I would run far far away if I were you! It sounds like at the very least a cormorbidity. I'm no expert, but maybe he was diagnosed at a young age before the manipulative tendencies showed themselves, because it sure just sounds like sociopathy to me, and that he may be using the Asperger's diagnosis as a blanket excuse for his poor behaviour. I would seriously suggest you consider he's been misdiagnosed and he is a sociopath.

Take a look here: I would be very concerned of the chance of his behaviour escalating. It sounds like you love him very much, and that you just want to understand him. However it may be time to just cut your losses and find someone who actually cares about their effect on your mental wellbeing.

As Pie Dating As Pie Traits Of A Narcissistic Personality

At the very least, you owe it to yourself to be very careful. You like a sweet person, and I think you can find someone who treats you with the respect you deserve.

Yeah, but this is just him grasping at straws to describe his alienation. If he was actually diagnosed, that'd be different.

As Pie Dating As Pie Traits Of A Narcissistic Personality

People use lots of metaphors for their fears. Is it common for someone with Asperger's to be manipulative, pathologically lie, have a grandiose sense of self, feel no guilt or blame for hurting others. I have to say yes on manipulative, with an important disclaimer-- who can repeatedly fail in social situations without trying to use every technique at their disposal to do better? All etiquette is manipulative-- we want people to like us, so we behave in ways that would otherwise be nonsensical.

These are very alien to Aspergers as I know it. I still feel bad about things that accidentally hurt peoples feelings when I was an elementary schooler. I don't think so m8. OP straight go here says in her post that "He said he's well aware certain things he does hurts me but he doesn't care and will continue to hurt me and lie about it. Though we do need more information regarding what these certain things are.

If they're things like playing As Pie Dating As Pie Traits Of A Narcissistic Personality games because yolo and not spending the time he needs, that's one thing. If it's more malicious things that cause harm like cheating or other things that's another. That being said, having a partner that lies doesn't sound like a very healthy relationship. It's unfortunate that so many people don't understand the need to recharge.

Well, I'm not dismissing the serious concerns raised-- just saying that it's okay for people to 'wonder' if they're a sociopath. We only have so many words for non-neurotypical, and he undoubtedly isn't an expert in the term.

It is beyond playing video games and things of that nature. That is his main hobby in fact and I am more than okay with that I love them as well. However, lot of people in my shoes would be hurt by some of the things he's lied about. I almost dumped him a couple times over some of his issues but he says he can change but also blames me for why he did it.

I acknowledge I am not the perfect girlfriend with my own set of issues revolving around PTSD but the whole lying and then blaming me for his mistakes is really having me lose all hope in our relationship. He also is very passive aggressive, thinks he is better than a lot of people due to his intelligence, manipulates a lot of situations, doesn't feel bad for hurting others if he feels they shouldn't be hurt by his actions, almost never says sorry, etc.