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Proposing to your girlfriend, most often than not, can be quite a tricky and anxiety ridden situation. Go beyond the regular candle light dinner; profess your love on the highest motorable pass in India or on a starry night in the desert, enchant her with a hot air balloon over the breathtaking wilderness or in an open air Jacuzzi facing the mountains. If nothing else, you would at least be applauded for your ingenuity which might want her to reconsider into a yes!

As she Best Place For Dating In India busy enjoying the beauty of nature with clusters of green below, the open blue skies above and wondering about the loveliness of life, you can pleasantly catch her off guard with a proposal.

And since she is stuck with you mid-air for some time, there is no evading the answer. There is something about Goa. The winsome beaches, hippie vibe and crazy nightlife set the air of cheerfulness. You can take advantage of that and set off just click for source a peaceful and romantic yacht cruise in Goa.

Enjoy the sweet solitude with just each other for company. As the sky breaks into a mesmeric view with sunset, pop the question.

Break into a song too, if you desire!

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It would be hard to say no in such lovely settings. Best places to visit in Goa. You can treat your beloved to a Jacuzzi experience.

Best Place For Dating In India

And not the regular one! Opt for an open air Jacuzzi of a fancy luxury resort in Munnar or Wayanad that spells class and romance. Not only will the magnificent view of the nature teamed with the pampering of the tub mellow her, but she will also be proud that you did not mind shelling out the money for this special occasion. Places to visit near Bangalore for an amazing trip.

Being surrounded by snow-capped mountains and breathing in the crisp air, brings in its Best Place For Dating In India allure and makes for a worthy remembrance. Also, Best Place For Dating In India freezing weather may just want her to cuddle closer. Catch a flight to the nearest airport and thereby continue the rest of the journey by road. After learn more here, there is a reason why actors would break into a song at Dal Lake when they had to woe their love interest.

The whole setting is simply soaked in romance. Starry nights bring in a romantic appeal. You can further amplify this experience with camping in the Thar Desert with your better half. Setting the perfect tempo for your proposal are the stars, which unlike in the city are actually visible in this pollution-free airthe vast expanse of dunes embracing you both and that magical desert aura.

Does your girl have a thing for the offbeat? Take her to the salt marshes in the Rann of Kutch. Enjoy the surreal feeling of being isolated from the world. With unbridled view of the horizon, you can confess your unhindered love for her. You can profess your love and make a grand proposal at Udaipur Lake Palace, a divine floating sight in white.

Dripping of royalty and with ornate architecture and the background of Aravalli Mountains, feel like a king and queen of an enchanted era. It would be hard to say no in such settings. This luxury tent is embraced by the stunning backdrop of Aravalli Hills.

The unique combination of romance in the wild that also provides luxury, peace and the comfort of nature are sure to melt her heart away. You can check out here places in Delhi to propose your girlfriend. You can do something extraordinary and take her on a ride to the highest motorable point in India -Khardung La Pass. As she holds you tight, passes through the winding roads and takes in the breath taking views of pristine nature, it is sure to stir up some romance and adventure.

Pop the question at the heights and if would be hard to refuse. If nothing else, you can always pride yourself in going biking at this highest mortorable point! Know more about the Land of high passes! Adding to the magic is the misty waterfalls. Spend special moments with your beloved here. As she is overwhelmed by the stunning sight of the cascade and Best Place For Dating In India by the caresses of nature, you can pick your moment and further leave her pleasantly dazed with the proposal.

How about taking article source to the sea of sand dunes in the golden city of Jaisalmer? Feel like two lovers on a quest seated on a camel and making way through the extensive desert. Take your cue for proposal when the sun sets into the horizons and turns the clear sky into a fiery shade.

After all, there is a reason why actors would break into a song at Dal Lake when they had to woe their love interest. Culture The best and worst blokes of Contains: Chembra Peak in Kerala Image credit: With its crumbling colonial villas and colourful leafy streets, the influences of French rule are clear to see in the French quarter. Culture Versace biopic slammed as 'fashionable, but flat' Contains:

Jaisalmer also provides many things that can be done with your partner like camel safari,jeep safari,paragliding and many more. If you wish to try something that has seldom or rather has never done before, then you can opt for this. Ask for her hand while spotting a tiger at Kanha or Corbett. Something about the offbeat proposal, sight of a tiger in the wilderness might just stir something in her. And if she does concur, it is a story that you can proudly narrate to your grandkids years after!

You can sweep her off her feet at Shilma, where the air is crisp and the sights are divine. The salubrious weather and soothing aura of the place would instantly set her in a calm peace of mind. Spend quality time together as you amble through the main town where cars are banned. Take in the mystic charm of the place and pop the question.

Best Place For Dating In India

If she is the sorts who loves history, mythology and arts, Vyas Chhatri of Jaisalmer, a place of epic proportions is where you can profess your legendary love. For a fetching experience, you can go here her away to the Jawai Leopard Camp.

This rather unexplored side of Rajasthan opens up many charms for you and your partner. In the heart of dramatic wilderness, are the luxury tents. Providing the romantic setting is the private deck with the background of rocky caves, kopjes, Anogeissus scrub and river-bed. As you unwind and cherish this wonderful experience, gently bring her attention to your proposal.

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You can discover the fascinating underwater kingdom together with the riveting activity of scuba diving in the azure waters of Andaman. While you both unravel the mesmerising corals, colourful link and natural sponges, confess how you want to make your kingdom together with showing a ring.

This is especially great if you are not too good with words as neither of you will be able to speak at that time and will have to communicate with sign language. Click here to book Andaman Nicobar tour packages. For Honeymoon in Andaman click here. As you both stroll around the Taj Mahal hand in hand and are awestruck by its magnificence, set the tone by your proposal.

The most romantic places in India

Here is how the legend goes. This was not approved by her father and in a fit of sorrow, the love struck woman jumped off the cliff into the Arabian Sea. This sandy retreat today stands as a symbol of love and romance. And if your girlfriend is the sort who loves a love story then you have come to the right place.

It is almost as if nature itself made the perfect setting for a proposal. You can make your desire clear at the heart-shaped lake with an enchanting view of the valley at Chembra Peak in Kerala.

Get to spend spellbinding moments at this misty and fresh spot. It would be hard to say no at such a salubrious place. You can take your girl to the fun capital of India. And if she is a article source lover then all the more better!

Select a beach resort on the crystal clear blue waters. Celebrate your love by the therapeutic sounds of the waves. You can pop up a champagne bottle and along with it, pop up the question too.

Once you build an anonymous profile which is freeyou can make private calls and send private emails with those who catch your wandering eye. Being a teenager is one of the most exciting times of our lives. Culture Versace biopic slammed as 'fashionable, but flat' Contains:

Also, check out places to visit in Mumbai and make your trip more amazing. In the tranquility of Daman and Diu. You can leave all article source stresses behind and bask in the tranquility of Daman and Diu with your better half.

Marinated in untouched natural beauty and unbridled serenity, this is just the place to get away and spend quality time with each other. Also, it is among the ideal places in India where it would be hard for your girlfriend to say no to your proposal.

To make your Pune trip amazing visit these places. If both are you are the daring sorts, challenge yourselves to scale one of the highest peaks in India, the Kangchenjunga. As you both weather hardships together to reach the top, she might just realise the longevity of the relationship and be inspired. You can celebrate your feat with a proposal amidst the snow-kissed peak and heighten the entire experience. You can take your beloved away to a place that seems to have come out of a story book.

Let your love blossom in the Valley of Flowers over quaint meadows laced with alpine flowers and variety of flora. Spot endangered species, enjoy the magic of the place and top it up with a hearty proposal. Adding to the charm is the virgin splendours of nature, range of forests and pleasant weather. In in this beguiling Best Place For Dating In India, you can enjoy an ethereal stroll that feels like a walk in the clouds.

Soak yourself in love, propose to her and get elevated to cloud 9! Plan a trip to Meghalayaand propose her in this beautiful abode of the clouds where she will surely accept your proposal. February 7, Proposing to your girlfriend, most often than not, can be quite a tricky and anxiety ridden situation. In a hot air balloon over Ranthambore National Park Image credit: