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31 May Characterization of "Cold" self-absorbed; insulated, passively withdrawn; emotionally unavailable, inaccessible, unresponsive, indifferent, uninvested; unfeeling, unemotional, affectionless; unsmiling--straight-faced (or stone-faced); cold-hearted--as in "cold On the Primary Cause of "Cold" Personalities. 5 Jun My friends would at times call me a robot, laid back, cold. I took pleasure out of this—to me it was proof that I had succeeded. Cold-heartedness is a spiritual and emotional condition that takes time to cultivate. Such people sometimes are born this way, but more often they are created. By allowing oneself to nurture and to cling to pain, losses, betrayals, and the inequit.

Emotions play a crucial role in our lives. They are the senses of our psyche, and they are as powerful as our physical senses. Your emotions tell you what you like and what you dislike, what you want and what you don't, and because they deliver such important messages, you need to bring awareness and acknowledgement to your feelings.

However, when you're controlled by your emotions, they can seriously affect your ability to perform and to think clearly in crucial situations. When you need to be at your How To Be Cold Hearted And Emotionless, you need a variety of tools to keep your emotions from controlling you. Now you are helping others, just by visiting wikiHow. World Possible is a nonprofit organization focused on connecting offline learners to the world's knowledge.

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Don't lose yourself in laughter or tears; keep it together and try not to convey too much emotion. D I disagree with what the author said about cold people living empty lives, that's completely untrue. Becoming a rock served me well in high school.

Thanks for helping us achieve our goal of helping everyone on the planet learn how to do anything! Featured Articles Managing Negative Feelings. Accept that life just is.

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It's not that it's unfair, it's not that it sucks, it's not that it's great or full of rainbows; it just is. There's no changing it; there's no doing anything about it. You exist, thus it exists. There's nothing flowery or romantic or terrible about it. This is the mindset you need to get into. When nothing is a big deal, when nothing has meaning, emotions fade away. Really, what is worthy of a display of emotion? It's all over the place and not at all unique.

And often it's wrapped up in selfish or sexual motivation. They may be better off not seeing it. Convince yourself that there is no point, that life just is -- and it'll all be a bit easier. Think community, not self. It's a lot harder to be emotionally caught up in yourself when you're focused on others. In highly individualistic communities, the self can easily become paramount at the expense of a sense of connection with others. In turn, this can cause us to be too emotionally self-involved because the How To Be Cold Hearted And Emotionless is all we've got to concentrate on.

Connecting with other people is healthy and uplifting in an individual's life. By helping others, volunteering, giving time to mentor or guide others, sharing your knowledge and your cup of sugar with other people in your community, you'll find your emotions aren't such a driving force.

By focusing on others, you leave less space and time for turning any inner emotions into overwhelming inaction or self-distress. When others rely on you, you find the courage get on with it and stop wallowing in your emotions.

Create new mind maps.

How To Be Cold Hearted And Emotionless

According to neuro-leadership expert David Rock, it's very hard to rewire our neural pathways. Instead, it's a whole lot easier to make new ones.

And the How To Be Cold Hearted And Emotionless news is that new mind maps, or new ways of thinking, tend to be stronger because they're fresh and highly focused. Rather than spending inordinate amounts of time trying to overcome an ingrained perception of yourself as sullen, hopeless and never-going-anywhere, make a new mind map of yourself as inspired, goal-oriented and exciting to be around.

Spend all of your energy on creating this new mental map through actions that confirm objectively that this is the person you are. With practice, you'll shape this new neural circuitry, and you can simply ignore the old wiring that had you so emotionally overwrought.

Monitor your positive emotions, too. This link about being emotionless, and unfortunately, that spans the positive end of the spectrum, too. So when your mother buys you those concert tickets you've wanted, or your best friend walks in the room, acknowledge the person or the gesture, but don't let loose. Smile and be grateful, but keep it at that. If you really want to appear emotionless, you won't get enthusiastic or excited about anything.

The good news here is that if nothing really makes you happy, nothing can really make you that sad.

How To Be Emotionless

You'll just have a baseline neutrality when it comes to everything. Let go of what you can't change. You may feel angry when you find yourself powerless to change a situation, but you have to acknowledge your anger to release it.

How To Be Cold Hearted And Emotionless

Instead, focus on changing what you can so that your mind is pointed in a positive direction instead of being mired in misery. Thinking positively sets the stage for emotion. While this is an option, consider not really thinking at all. Disengaging is something the human brain is capable of. So if you're looking to be entirely neutral, don't think positive or negative.

I'd suggest consulting a therapist who specializes in such things to provide you with some useful ideas. What are some good ways to signal people to go away without actually saying it outright? We've got to stop that! Not Helpful 7 Helpful

Experiment with shutting yourself off entirely. Dissociate from the situation. Think of your life and what's going on around you like a movie. Rise above what is happening and pretend you're observing somebody else, not yourself. This action allows you to objectively interpret a situation without involving your emotions. Imagine that you're looking at the situation as an outsider, with no prior knowledge of the subject matter and no emotional involvement.

With dissociation, you don't allow yourself to be subjective; instead, you remain objective, like a doctor treating a patient.

How To Be Cold Hearted?

In neuro-linguistic programming, this technique is called "reframing. Dissociating too often can lead to unhealthy results in your mind and your personality if you're not careful. Only dissociate on a situation-by-situation basis, not as your ultimate response to every difficult situation. Sometimes you need to face certain things head on instead of dissociating.

Don't anticipate the future. Because you'll probably be wrong about the outcome! When we start thinking, "Oh God, so and so is going to do this if I do this," it's all too easy to start freaking out. If you don't concern yourself with the consequences, there's no fear or worry. Simply act on your gut. You can't predict the future, so why try? If you absolutely must How To Be Cold Hearted And Emotionless the future, imagine yourself 5 minutes from now, totally losing your cool.

Do you want to be that person? Use negative imagery to determine who you don't want to be. Rather than assuming things based on fear, anger or similar emotional reactions, work purely with facts.

Logic often combats out-of-control emotions and allows you to see the reality in any situation. After all, reality is outside your head -- not your interpretation of it. If you're afraid you won't do well in a job interviewremind yourself of the facts. First, you wouldn't have gotten an interview if you didn't have the qualifications. Second, if you don't get the job, you may not be a good fit for the company, but it doesn't mean you aren't a good candidate.

Staying logical in an emotional crisis allows us to take well-established mental shortcuts instead of thinking things through more substantially. When you're used to reacting emotionally to difficult situations, you have to retrain your mind to think logically. Don't whip yourself into a frenzy of self-pity and internal loathing. Media images of the perfect body, the perfect lifestyle, the perfect job and the like are targeted at making us all feel "less than. Stop comparing yourself to others.

The moment you compare yourself with others, you reduce your own unique worth. You have talents, abilities and foibles more info are unique to you.

Own them and help them to either shine or disappear, as needed. The comparison is for prices, not people. Stop thinking that you aren't equipped to handle a situation or thinking everything always goes wrong regardless. Thinking this way actively undermines your continue reading. Instead, replace thoughts like these with logic, and try to find a solution to your situation.

Know emotions have their place. Once in a while, they come in handy. We have them for a reason -- if they weren't useful, we wouldn't have evolved them. In fact, studies that when we go off our gut, sometimes usually when we're low on energy we make better decisions.

If it is, you may want to stick with it. If it's not valid, throw it out the window. If it's paranoid, neurotic, worrisome, fearful, or nauseating, let it go. It's How To Be Cold Hearted And Emotionless that voice in your head that's there to drive you batty. If it is valid grief, for example, is a negative emotion that's validacknowledge it.