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Marriage, Not Dating Episode 10 Mini Recap

4 Aug Okay, I dig this. Episode What You Must Never Let Anyone Find Out Cold Open: It's raining outside. Gi Tae, grandma and aunt look around uncomfortably as Jang Mi asks, “Does this really have special meaning to you, mother?” Mom says that it does so Jang Mi needs to treat it preciously. Jang. 뒷탄왕 on. Asian GuysAsian MenKorean MenKorean WaveKorean StarKorean DramasKdramaMale ModelsSexy Men. Jung Jin Woon as budding chef Han Yeo Reum in "Marriage, not Dating". 5 Aug This drama is getting better and better. Jang Mi is more than ready to move on with her life & wrap up this game by pretending all the goosebumps.

So somehow, it turns out that Yeo Reum managed to walk back to their little house on the beach to grab Hoon Dong and get kissed by him and then walk all the way back through the forest just in time to witness the kiss. Hoon Dong finds Hyun Hee at the temple and when he tries to talk to her, she tells him to leave.

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Good thing the monks come to stop them. At work, Hyun Hee is all smiles, while Jang Mi is sighing from confusion.

Marriage Not Dating Kdrama Ep 10

Jang Mi gets a call from Gi Tae, which she ignores while telling herself to stop thinking about it. Jang Mi is surprised to learn about the fast marriage plans, but Hyun Hee says that they have to do it before her stomach shows. Cut to Hoon Dong, kicked out of his house with nothing on but his socks and boxers. She finds Hyun Hee and when Jang Mi notices, she tries to diffuse the situation, only to get yelled at. Hyun Hee tears up, apologizes and leaves. Mom also storms off and Jang Mi gets scolded by the manager.

Marriage Not Dating Kdrama Ep 10

Hoon Dong tells Hyun Hee about setting up a date for a meeting between both of their families since his parents have approved of their marriage. Jang Mi congratulates them but Hyun Hee looks reluctant. When Hoon Dong asks about what her parents do, Hyun Hee says that they run a small business in the fashion industry. Hyun Hee just says that she grew up independently so her parents would want her to take care of her own wedding.

I'm sad Yeo-reum did this because now I can't blindly support him any more we already knew he was opportunistic but this was just hurtful buuuuuuuuut at least the show UGH. I think I have been watching similar thingey in so many variotions! Jang-mi says that this was the last time, and holds out her hand for him to shake. Come on, drama, bring it on. I WANT to see how difficult it is for him to open up.

Hoon Dong can meet them at the ceremony. When Hoon Dong pushes, she uses her pregnancy as an excuse and says their child, named Luxury I knowis hungry. Hoon Dong immediately fusses over her as she eats. She cracks me up! Even Gi Tae breaks into a smile at her adorable antics. Gi Tae goes outside as well and warns her that everyone else will notice if she acts like this. At the mention of the kiss, Jang Mi places her hand over his mouth to silence him and drags him back to his office. Maybe the con created a real attachment.

Does your heart flutter when you see my lips? Does your heart skip click beat? Jang Mi closes her Marriage Not Dating Kdrama Ep 10 and builds the courage to ask if he likes her. Gi Tae takes offense at that and claims that if someone were to draw the line, it would be him, but she just keeps crossing it.

She asks click the kiss was about then, so he says that it was to shut her up since she was talking so much. She asks how he knew she was there but he says, pointedly, that he knows everything, where she is and everything she does. He puts his arms around her and leads a not-so-happy-looking Jang Mi out.

Yeo Reum and Jang Mi take a stroll across a bridge and when it looks like a reckless bicyclist is going to hit Jang Mi, Yeo Reum pulls her in realclose.

She tries to get out of his embrace but he continue reading pulls her in closer. Gi Tae sits in front of a fortuneteller trying his best to put on a happy face. And she has a rare, lucky fortune.

The fortune teller looks at Gi Tae and says. Their compatibility is such that the woman saves the man from quagmires. She probably already did save him from death before. LOL All of their reactions are priceless.

He's so giddy and touchy touchy. Unfairness to HD, and lovelessness aside Thank you for the recap LollyPip!!

All three are uncomfortable at his perception but Gi Tae continues to tease Jang Mi about their great sexual affinity. Jang Mi tries to persuade mom to push back the wedding date but Gi Tae just cozies up to mom. Gi Tae asks mom what she would like to eat but mom leaves first and teases them about their sexual affinity. As soon as those words leave his lips, Jang Mi has to pull Gi Tae towards her to prevent another reckless bicyclist from running into him.

They embrace in the most epic of spins and just stare at each other for a suspended moment. Gi Tae asks her for some time to think about a solution. The mothers meet up Marriage Not Dating Kdrama Ep 10 for another wedding planning session. Jang Mi goes home to find her mom drinking soju alone. Mom also shows Jang Mi a magazine in which the Gong family had an article written about them.

What should she do? Gi Tae listens to all this quietly while staring at the pictures and then he solemnly stands up and finally tells Jang Mi to ask for the ring.

Mom freezes when she hears Jang Mi mention the pink diamond ring read article even burns the shirt she is ironing. Mom tells Jang Mi that they should have this conversation in person and asks that Jang Mi stop by their house this weekend. Jang Mi tells her not to go around saying such things so Hyun Hee says that maybe Jang Mi really Marriage Not Dating Kdrama Ep 10 to get married.

Of course she does, but with someone she really loves. Her heart feels like the wind is blowing and it feels strangely ambiguous. That seems to sink in for Jang Mi but she still tries to deny it and says that she has Yeo Reum but then accidentally lets it slip that her and Gi Tae have kissed.

Hoon Dong is also meeting up with Gi Tae and tells him that he knows everything so Gi Tae can tell him. It must be a one-side love so Hoon Dong sympathetically says that Gi Tae must have been so sad and lonely but when Gi Tae tries to touch him, Hoon Dong freaks out. Gi Tae comes home to find Jang Mi sleeping on his couch. He bends down next to her and brushes her hair. He pulls away when she slowly opens her eyes.

It is something that only a person like Kang Se Ah can pull it off?

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Jang Mi follows him and continues to asks him why. Regardless of how strange I am, I must hear that answer from you. So you know, right?

Is it because my family is so-so?

We flashback to when Gi Tae and Se Ah went to a jewelry story to look at rings and they ran into dad, just as he was picking up a ring. The day happened to be the same day in which that magazine article was being written and Se Ah accidentally let it out that dad was planning to propose to mom a second time.

Gi Tae asked to speak to dad privately and returned the card back to him. How could dad do such a thing? Before dad could answer, mom showed up and told Gi Tae to be quiet since they will hear him outside.

Gi Tae could only watch on the sidelines. Back in the present, both Jang Mi click at this page Gi Tae are tearing up. Jang Mi walks towards Gi Tae and holds his hand. They both just look at each other. Turns out, Se Ah and Yeo Reum has heard and witnessed this whole exchange. The next day, Jang Mi and Gi Tae sit in the car. Jang Mi thinks about their handhold from the night before and what Yeo Reum told her.

But why am I feeling so unsettled? They reach the house and Gi Tae opens the car door for her, so that she can stand under his umbrella.


Jang More info asks mom if the ring really has a special meaning to her and mom says that of course it does, so Jang Mi needs to treat it preciously as well.

Jang Mi storms out, Gi Tae follows after her and mom goes to her room to let it out. Jang Mi cries some more outside but once Gi Tae arrives, she wipes her tears away and puts on a smile. At those words, Gi Tae just hugs her even more tightly with both arms.

They break apart and grandma asks about what they were just talking about. Go, go, go Jang Mi! Finally, our outspoken, sassy, honest, lovable and alcoholic heroine is back!

She asked Gi Tae to explain what the kiss meant but sadly, Gi Tae was too much of a wimp to tell her that he likes her but at least this episode gives us A LOT of movement in the desired direction. At least her tearful inquiry led to something pretty amazing. The moment Gi Tae poured his heart out to Jang Mi was precious. He allowed himself to be vulnerable in her presence. And then what was even more amazing about that scene was when Jang Mi went up to him and just quietly held his hand.

I was legit swooning! Just as the fortuneteller said, Jang Mi is basically heaven sent. Any guy worthy enough to win her heart should think himself lucky. Even Gi Tae has changed the way he with Jang Mi in this episode.

He has become a lot softer Marriage Not Dating Kdrama Ep 10 teasing towards Jang Mi. This family needs someone as authentic and human as Jang Mi. Her motives and actions are always to look out for his best interests and to protect him. I love the juxtaposition between the kiss they had in episode 6 and the hug from this episode.

Although a kiss usually signifies a more intense display of emotion, this hug definitely felt more personal.