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Bipolar disorder, sometimes referred to as manic depression, is characterized by extremely high and low moods. People learning how to deal with a bipolar person often are confused by the sudden mood swings and may feel responsible for the changes or at a loss how to react. According to researchers at the Mayo Clinic. 30 Jan In the United States, bipolar disorder affects about percent of adults. If you have a friend, family member, or significant other with bipolar disorder, it's important to be patient and understanding of their condition. Helping a person with bipolar disorder isn't always easy though. Here's what you should. 23 Feb Caring for someone with bipolar disorder can be very hard, whether you're a partner, parent, child, or friend of someone who has this condition. It's stressful for everyone it touches. It's tough to strike a balance. You want to be supportive and empathetic, because you know the person with bipolar disorder.

Hello out there, normies! That's what some of us in the bipolar community call those of you who don't have a mental illness or haven't been diagnosed with one yet. You're reasonably sane, enviably average, relatively predictable. You're the control group. You've got it all going see more, except. Sometimes you run across those of us who aren't considered normal, and you just can't figure us out.

Maybe we're your best friend, your employee, your boss, your child, your siblingyour lover. You'd really like to treat us well, but let's face it: We do strange things and don't even realize it. It's not always easy dealing with a bipolar person. So first let me say, on behalf of all How To Deal With A Bipolar Man bipolar people I've met, thanks for making the effort. And in the hopes of establishing better relations between our two worlds, I'll offer you some insider's tips.

Here are a few things you should avoid doing at all costs:.

How to help someone with Bipolar Disorder or Mental Illness

When I first started practicing law, I noticed that a great many lawyers relied on boilerplate: One day I asked a senior partner why the use of boilerplate was so endemic, and he told me, "Real writing means you have to actually think.

Who has time for that? Don't subject a bipolar person to the dregs of your intellect. If he's going through an episode, don't tell him, "It's all in your head," or "Everything will look better in the morning," or "Time heals all wounds" or "Try making lemonade out of lemons" my brother actually said that! Look the situation in the face, and let your words reflect what you see. Whether someone elects to say "I am bipolar" vs. Check this out you're bipolar, the illness is a part of your life.

Some people are more symptomatic than others, of course, so for them it plays a bigger role. But for all of us who have correctly received this diagnosis, it's a constant companion. That said, I am so much more than my diagnosis, and so are all the other bipolar people I know. I accept the illness as a large part of my identity —it's the lens through which I see the world, and for a writer that's essential—but a slice is not the whole.

Being bipolar doesn't define me any How To Deal With A Bipolar Man than, say, my passion for Sherlock Holmes does. That's why stereotyping a bipolar person is sure to lead to misunderstanding and mistakes. If I've learned anything from the thousands of emails I've received since Manic was published, it's that there's wondrous variety when it comes to bipolar folk. They are not just "the mentally ill.

The illness plays no favorites. But if you must stereotype us, consider the fact that people with bipolar disorder are quite often highly intelligent and unusually creative.

I know she does not want this and has attempted suicide several times never succeeding. I've been a best friend of someone with bipolar disorder for about 6 years, and I'm sorry to say this but she has caused me a lot of stress in my life. And especially vulnerable are people who have bipolar disorder. Set boundaries for yourself and stick to them.

I'm going to shock you now with some statistics, because numbers tell it like it is. Here's what studies have shown:. I could go on, but I'll bring it home. In my own life, I have seriously and earnestly attempted to kill myself several times.

As for suicidal ideation, shall we talk about last week's bout? Sometimes the pain is just that bad—you figure death has to be the kinder option. I'm better now, but I disclose these facts because you need to know that suicide is a real and ever-present risk How To Deal With A Bipolar Man bipolar disorder.

People don't just talk about it; they do it. And if they don't succeed at first, they try, try again. It isn't just a cry for help—it should be considered a call to action. So if someone you know or love talks about suicide, even jokingly or in a passing remark, stop and listen. Ask if he has a plan.

Ask how you can help. Sometimes the smallest alleviation of stress can work wonders where suicide's concerned. Above all, take it seriously.

When I'm far, far gone down the blackest path of depressionI know the phone will eventually ring, luring me back to my living room. Or when I'm so high my link can't contain me, I know I'll eventually have to come down to answer the ping of an email. I have people who love me, and they insist on annoying me when I most want to be left alone.

God bless them, they haven't given visit web page hope. To be frank, I don't get it. I would have given up on me around about the second suicide attempt. But no, they hang on because they're normies and that's what normies do: They drive me to the doctor and they read about the illness and they know how much I hate the pills but they make me take them anyway.

They tell me stories that start out "When you're feeling better. They believe in me, and in a future that doesn't revolve around doctors and meds and hospitals. And I believe them, because they're normies and so they must know what they're talking about.

How To Deal With A Bipolar Man

That's why normies must never, ever give up hope. They hold it in trust for those of us whose vision is slightly blurred, who can't quite see the path, who need a dose of hope now and then to make it through the day. Your four points are so normal They would apply equally well to any condition.

My first marriage broke-up because of my undiagnosed bipolar disorder. My daughter is bi polar and Submitted by Anonymous on October 3, - 6: Here's what studies have shown: They tell me I'm intelligent, but if I am, why can't I function like normal person?

They exhale common sense. What more is there to say? We are al damaged in one way or another, to some degree or other. There should be no problem of empathy. Source your post does some good - it should!

I am 39I have had anger issues for years, I also have bad back pain and been on pain meds for years. The bipolar I always said was cause I was just an a-hole. I didn't know it was real. I just lost my dad. My brother has sold all of his stuff he had.

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My anxiaty is so crazy and my mental state is slowly going. I had got a couple pills for pain and guy had read article cocaine in the capsules and I felt like I was gonna have a heart attack.

N hospital said um cocaine can cause you to have heart issues n I couldn't believe I had took it. I am married have 3 daughters and I have no one really who understands my pain,mental state of mind, and if I hear someone say to me again its all in your head, or you are so strong you quit the pot so easy. I fewl like i want to rip their face off. I am a huge mess I was on pain pills for 15 yrs And was suddenly took off with nothing and now the pain is so unbearable.

And all my issue r bleading together. This makes me imagine a world where medical texts are written based on such reasoning. Of course that would be difficult because physical realities are so much harder to lose sight of.

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I'm afraid I let down a friend with bipolar ii many times. During a depression I let her pessimism stop me from doing her a favor that she actually wanted of me. While I meant to do the first I am very bad at choosing words to suit the occasion.

Innumerable failures I will not How To Deal With A Bipolar Man. I believe your articles would get more traffic if they and all the Bipolar related material were on their own site or linked in such a way that it appeared so. There is just so much 'psych' to sort through.

I am honestly shocked, not at the statistic of depression and suicide, but at the exclusion of any mania attributed dangers. I can understand the common public misconception of Mania being a plesant experience but this isn't a complete depiction of bipolar disorder.

Depressive episodes are common and more easily treated than Mania. Mania have very serious symptom that impact the health of the patient indirectly. I have seen my father too hyper and active to finish a simple bowl of oatmeal or even remember to take it out of the microwave.

How To Deal With A Bipolar Man

Articule wasn't helpful to me at all. I agree with you, though the depression is more easily spotted, my husband has done far more damage to himself and others during his manic phase. He crashed his motorcycle into a minivan, set the kitchen on fire because he was moving too fast to remember the stove was on, fallen off of a ladder, broke a window, etc. Now all of this was done unintentionally, but all due to his overwhelming energy and lack of clarity.

Been reading all the info and I feel so blue I dont want to but sometimes I feel things would be better if I were not around,but then more info it would be so hard on those I love. I have given them such a hard time. I read are we dangerous? I never thought of that but I guess being loud and abusive I have tried not to be I worked so hard but man it is so so hard.

I am so tired really tired of it all.