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So, I have been able to become some sort of a more social person in the past 3 months, now I am "normal", but still, there's a thing I would like. Socially Awkward Have you always somehow felt that other people seem to think that you are weird? You might have always thought that this stems from the In my quest to overcome social anxiety and shyness, I have slowly begun to realize that the people around you are actually mirrors and just a reflection of yourself. 9 Aug Part of being awkward is devastatingly bad timing and hesitance when extending a hand or arms to greet someone. Nothing is more embarrassing than trying to play off being snubbed, so don't even put yourself in that position. If you can't firmly decide to either go in for the fist bumps, high fives, embraces.

If you consider yourself awkward, you may struggle in social situations and feel like you never know what to say. In order to overcome your How To Get Rid Of Awkwardness, you first must deal with any shyness or social anxiety that is holding you back. You can then start practicing your social skills and learning how to be a great conversationalist. It will take a little practice, but you can do it! Now you are helping others, just by visiting wikiHow. World Possible is a nonprofit organization focused on connecting offline learners to the world's knowledge.

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Building and Maintaining Self Confidence. Know the difference between shyness, social anxiety, and awkwardness. People often use these three click the following article interchangeably, but they are actually very different. Shyness and anxiety can both cause you to feel awkward, but you can also be socially awkward without being shy or suffering from social anxiety.

People who are shy may uncomfortable in certain social situations, but this usually How To Get Rid Of Awkwardness not interfere with their daily lives much.

If you are shy, you may be able to get past it simply by challenging yourself to partake in social situations that make you uncomfortable.

How to STOP Being Shy And Awkward

Social anxiety may resemble extreme shyness. People who suffer from social anxiety typically have unreasonable fears of embarrassing themselves in social situations, which interfere with their ability to function in society. If you suffer from social anxiety, a professional mental health expert can help you overcome your condition.

Awkwardness, or being self-conscious, is the feeling that everyone is watching you, sometimes leading to embarrassment. Practice self-acceptance to build confidence. When you're confident, that insidious feeling of self-consciousness tends to fade into the background. Instead of worrying about what other people are thinking, you're able to focus on enjoying the experience. Building confidence doesn't happen overnight, but you can gradually achieving it by learning how to accept yourself.

For example, let's say you're feeling shy in a given situation. Instead of berating yourself, look at it from a different angle: Realize that you're great just as you are.

You are a person worth knowing, even if you have imperfections - after all, everyone on earth has them. Partake in social hobbies. To get yourself more comfortable in social situations, consider taking on a new hobby that involves moderate social interaction. Anything that interests you and that will give you the opportunity to interact with new people even just a few will be good for you if you are trying to overcome shyness or social anxiety.

You could also How To Get Rid Of Awkwardness a sports team or a social group that gets together to do activities. Give up your safety behaviors. A lot of people who are shy or socially anxious have certain behaviors that they use to shield them from the awkwardness of social interaction. This may be looking at your phone or avoiding eye contact with people at parties, or it may be drinking alcohol or doing drugs to feel less awkward.

If you really want to get past your awkwardness, you need to identify these kinds of behaviors and give them up. The more you experience social interactions without your safety behaviors, they easier it will become. Realize that your anxious thoughts are untrue.

If you How To Get Rid Of Awkwardness yourself obsessing about all of the bad or embarrassing things that might happen during your next social interaction, you need to start actively challenging these thoughts. The next time a thought like this enters your mind, ask yourself how likely it really is to happen.

Then think of several reasons why the bad thing is unlikely to happen and keep repeating them to yourself. Practice your conversation skills. Socially awkward people often feel like they don't know the proper way to respond to others during a conversation. If this is the case for you, the best thing you can do is get as much practice as possible.

Be an active listener by reflecting back what you hear and by offering clarification on points that may have been misunderstood. If you're going to follow up on something, state that. Social anxiety stems from a constant fear that other people are scrutinizing the sufferer in order to humiliate or embarrass them. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. What if my awkwardness extends to include a crippling anxiety about showing up to anything early?

The more experience you have talking with different people about different topics in different settings, the better you will get at picking up on social cues. This is especially helpful for business networking. Find out as much as you can about these people before you meet them so you will know what to talk about. People who read fiction tend have stronger social skills than people who read non-fiction.

This may be because they have experienced a wide range of social situations through the eyes of the fictional characters. If you feel you need some extra exposure to non-awkward social interactions, just pick up a novel.

Most of them probably don't even know you. I'm constantly slipping on shit or finding the most inconvenient ways to approach simple physical tasks. You can do this by asking lots of questions--it's a lot easier to come up with a good question to ask and keep the conversation rolling than it is to try and talk exhaustively about a given subject.

If you want to build self-confidence and improve your social skills, consider taking an improv or acting class. These classes can help get you outside here your comfort zone, can teach you how to deal with unexpected situations quickly, and can help you learn to laugh at yourself.

All of this can really help decrease your social awkwardness. Don't fret about awkwardness. Even though you may think your awkwardness is holding you back, there might actually be some benefits to it.

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People tend to view awkward individuals as sincere and non-threatening. Awkward people can also be very funny in their own way. For all of these reasons, a lot of people find awkwardness endearing and even attractive. Smiling has been shown to make people more approachable and attractive. Smile when conversing, when you walk, and in public places.

You may just find that people are more likely to want to talk to you! People who feel awkward try to avoid eye contact while making awkward glances, which can give the other person the impression that you are rude and disinterested.

How To Get Rid Of Awkwardness

Maintain eye contact when you have a conversation to show that you are genuinely interested in what the person is talking about. If you find that you never know what to talk about, it helps to plan ahead a bit.

Come up with a list of several topics that you can use during conversations when you run out of other things to talk about. If you are passionate about something, whether it's cars or travel, this is a great thing to talk about. It's always easier to have a good conversation when the topic genuinely interests you.

Most people do not enjoy casual conversations about depressing subjects. A great way to keep a conversation going is to ask the right kinds of questions. Try to think of questions that will illicit a longer this web page, which may in turn prompt you to ask another question.

Instead of asking, "Do you like school? Long pauses in conversation can make people feel uncomfortable, especially if you're shy or socially anxious. Try to remember that these pauses tend to feel much longer than they actually are, so don't let them completely kill your conversation. Even if you completely change the subject, at least the conversation will continue.

If you can't think of anything else to say, start talking about something in your shared environment, such as the weather conditions or the food at the party you both happen to be at. Start with something simple like, "What do you think about this weather we've been having? Try not to let it throw you off your game and ask a question, even if several seconds have passed. For example, if the person you were talking to was telling you about his vacation to Prague, consider jumping back into that conversation a moment later by saying something like, "So you've been to Prague.

Have you traveled anywhere else in Europe? Cut yourself some slack. Try not to be angry at yourself How To Get Rid Of Awkwardness the conversation doesn't go well. Just move on and start talking to someone else. You're helping people by reading wikiHow wikiHow's mission is to help people learn, so we really hope this article taught you what you wanted to know.

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If it's anything you feel uncomfortable about, you can always say no, or stop during the lunch and leave. Not Helpful 5 Helpful 8. How can I deal with people who stare at me? Stand up for yourself. Don't be afraid to say that you are uncomfortable with the person is staring at you.

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