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Where do these trolls come from? 35/yearoldvirgin Deleted for having 20+ fake accounts, constantly harassing moderators and others. nodrogchavez, Management consists of me myself and I. I ha. I get banned on POF then I have to use a new email address. then I had to start using a new IP address. then I had to use a new browser (literally came down to using IE over Chrome) Now they recognize the pics I use and I get banned by those! I made a new account from my phone yesterday (never did. 28 Apr My POF account generates a lot of activity, from me messaging girls to girls messaging me, viewing my page, etc. I haven't done anything out of line to anybody such as cussing them out, harassing them, or anything. Why in the hell do they keep closing my damn account? Does anybody have any.

Search in titles only. How can I get back on POF after being banned? I apologise if this has already been discussed on here, but I want to get back on POF after I was banned for life in November. They refused to give me an explanation but I suspect it was for all the copy and paste messaging. I do realise I will need a new username and probably password, but I want to make sure I do it right so I can avoid being link and banned again.

I've had my account deleted twice.

Now THAT is just not true!! I did everything differently, deleted all my cookies and history, tried a different browser, renamed and re sized photos, different text, different email. Nude and inappropriate photos are not permitted on the site. Maybe move on to Cupid? Apr 20, Messages:

I just made a new email, signed up again and bam. Are you IP banned, or what? I am available for Skype. We can discuss Pick-Up, or other stuff fitness, nutrition, etc. If my posts intrigue you and you'd like to pick my brain Originally posted by GoldenDilemma View Post.

I have signed up with a totally new computer before and they found out that I was returning and banned me again within a few days.

I think they found it because I used the same images without renaming them. I used a different email though. If you're ip banned you have to get a subscription to a VPN service and then your ip will not be detected. You can usually do an IP change if you have cable internet or DSL internet service by physically turning off the power of your cable or dsl modem and then waiting longer than the "lease time" your ISP has for the ip no they've assigned your connection.

What "lease time" means is the company's servers will assign an IP number to your modem, and if your modem gets disconnected, it will reserve that number for a certain amount of time for your modem, How To Get Unbanned From Pof will give it back to go here modem, as long as the modem reconnects within the Lease Time. If you don't come reconnect within the lease time, the server releases now How To Ask A Guy For His Number that IP number back into the list of free numbers that can be reassigned.

Some servers, unfortunately, are smart enough that they remmber your modem's MAC ID and will pluck the old IP back out of the pool unless it's already been given to another device, in which case getting a new IP can be a bit random.

Another way to go can be to change the MAC ID of your modem or router, then wait past the lease time some servers also lease by line or just reconnect a new device trade modems with a friend, for example. Lease times are usually some number between 8 hours and 24 hours my ISPs is 24 h but if you turn off or disconnect your modem for more than 24 h, you should come back up with a new IP address.

You can check whether you got a new one one by going to http: Also, do an erase hitory, and remove all cookies form all your browsers, and avoid Google How To Get Unbanned From Pof, before you do your IP change.

Some good info here: Do a search on getting a new eBay or PayPal acoount after you've been banned if you want to find out how to get around the worst of the banners. I was banned about a year and a half ago. Recently went back to the site and started a new profile and haven't been banned yet. I was banned for continuously ignoring their request not to put up shirtless pics; they no longer have that rule, so either it's just a result of time or a result of them not being against shirtless pics anymore.

You could always just set up your profile from your phone and only use your phone to use it although that could get annoying.

I've got a wireless internet connection, does this make a difference? Originally posted by throughfare View Post. I was banned by POF as How To Get Unbanned From Pof close to a year ago and it was mainly because I had sent about 25 messages over 1 day, the day before, that was higher than what I normally had sent out. Plus I had 3 profiles, but only used one of them. I haven't used it since, but intend to. The IP address only changes about every 2 or 3 years. How To Get Unbanned From Pof need to get use a paying VPN service and just do a Google search on 'best VPN services', as any free ones will never be as good.

Anonymox that works only with Firefox is ok, but their free version isn't very good. I suggest using only Anonymox's paid version that's quite cheap, but a paying VPN service is better, because it'll work with not just Firefox, but also IE and Chrome. If you're planning to have more than 1 POF profile, register the 2nd one on a difference browser, to have different cookies and only log into it on that browser, while using a VPN service.

Follow the tips below. If you find POF is a sea of bland profiles, that don't allow you to send a mix of messages that are part cut and paste and part personalised to what a lady has said about herself, so you're forced to send cut and paste templates, I definitely wouldn't ever send more than 10 a day, but change the wording slightly in your first sentence and even if the profile gives you nothing to reply to, add a comment about any of her photos, to try disguising that you're sending a cut and paste message.

Here's how to do it: So if you send your message to 3 women in a row, use a different one for the 4th woman. Or you can do what I do. I have 2 messages that I send and I alternate between the two when I do my blitz.

Http:// okay, just use another one.

Anyone get PERMABANNED on POF? I mean like... mega-perma? Wut do?

POF won't block your 2nd message. Which brings to my next point: You can only send messages to 40 different women per day, but here's an important part: POF don't tell you when you've reached 40 messages! Login Problems - How To Fix POF Login Issues & Errors

Be careful with this, as you can send hundreds of openers and POF will give you the impression that you did, but you actually stopped link the 40th message.

The best way to tell, is when you think you're near your quota, check your Sent messages folder. If your message to girl 41 doesn't show in your sent folder, then you've already reached your quota for How To Get Unbanned From Pof check this out. I've tried this before and if you try doing a mass blitz 2 days in a row, POF will block your messages after the 2nd or 3rd message you send.

At the very least, you have to wait a day to do another blitz. So if you did a mass message of openers on Monday, wait until at least Wednesday to do another run.

Stay under the 40 message per day limit and space your blitzes out I usually do mine on Sundays and Wednesdays and unless POF link changed something very recently, you'll never have a problem sending out canned openers.

POF just have a very stupid, Disney view on relationships, thinking that writing love letters to a girl you never met, is the way to meet your one true love, when we know the real world is more harsh than that.

You can send around 12 at a time. The only thing is, don't send loads of messages out on the first day you register a new profile, or your profile will get deleted. Send 1 or 2 messages out only, then leave it, as then you seem to be on their 'safe list'. Also the POF filter is easy to get around.

If you personalise it very How To Get Unbanned From Pof e. This is because I don't push the envelope. I've never had multiple accounts, or multiple profiles, or fucked around with VPNs or multiple IPs, or tried to send more than messages per day, etc, etc.

Anyone get PERMABANNED on POF? I mean like mega-perma? Wut do? - Forums

In both cases, they'll just merrily tell you your messages are being 'sent' like nothing is wrong. I've personally confirmed this in several different ways. The onus is on you to be very careful and to monitor what you're doing. I don't trust that, so I keep my daily messages to under 20 or so.

How To Get Unbanned From Pof

I promise you there IS a limit, they just won't tell you what it is. Again, I tend to keep my daily message limits to under check this out openers per day. That seems to do it. Therefore I avoid doing this. I agree that although they say 'maximum 4 copy and paste messages', the real maximum is probably around In summary, just do this: Never send more than 20 messages in one day on either site, only do your sends every other day and change every fourth opener on POF.

That's all you need to worry about. I get a different IP every time. Well I tried getting back on again, and How To Get Unbanned From Pof less than 24 hours I was banned before I even sent a single message or view a profile. I did everything differently, deleted all my cookies and history, tried a different browser, renamed and re sized photos, different text, different email.

Also if PoF use cookies your screwed because even if you try a different puter the cookies they use can still tell them your the same person. He keeps messaging me, but I some how am blocked and can't message him back. This one is obvious.

Looks like I have to pay for a VPN, dammit. The site must be run by a bunch of clowns seriously. Ive never had a problem with any other dating site.

Don't use Hide My IP, as their standard paying service is shit. They have a premium one that's better, but it costs more. Let us know how it goes with either 1 or 2 profiles, as I haven't got back on POF, but I'm intending to, using a paying VPN service and I'd be having 2 profiles, using different browsers for both.

How To Get Unbanned From Pof

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