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How To Tell a Guy You Like Him

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I like a shy guy but I don't know if he knows I like him or if he likes me back. I want to do and/or say something that will let him know that I want to be more than friends, but I think if I come on too strong he will freak out and feel really awkward around me. I don't want to do something obvious like telling him how I feel, I want . 4 Dec 1) It's possible he just doesn't feel the same way about you. So be prepared that he might say no, or might say yes to a platonic lunch but decline anything beyond that 2) Even if you like him, you may simply be incompatible with someone who is that difficult to communicate with. If you have to pull his teeth. You can use these steps to get a shy guy talking in no time, but if you're trying to win the attention of the first kind of shy guy, be patient and give him more time to . And once both of you actually start dating, you can always tell him that you really like him at the opportune moment, or wait for him to say those lines to you.

Messages You have no messages. Notifications You have no notifications. Theres this fairly new guy at work that im kind of interested in. Im assuming he might be shy because he hardly talk at all hes always looking down. I have attempted this week to talk to him i introduced myself but wenever i try to talk to him he just gives short answers or just yes or no or simply more info and smiles i notice hes like this with everyone.

So its a little hard to talk to him i dont want to be asking 99 questions everyday trying to get him to talk.

Could it be hes shy or what? But how can i kind of let him know im interested i want to talk more etc? Delete Report Edit Lock Reported. Respond Your response must be between 3 and characters. SarahK Send a private message. Delete Report Edit Reported Reply.

Need some background facts - do you rely on the mutual friend being around in order to do stuff together or do you think you could have a good and reasonably relaxed time with just the two of you click All Things Bright and Beautiful. A shy guy is likely to be fidgeting with his hair or his clothes when you are around or he may cross his arms in front of his chest. Anonymous Should I talk to him first? Mail will not be published required.

Good luck changing him to suit your personal preference. For whatever reason he does not talk a lot.

Get used to it or move on. Maybe, after getting to know you, he MIGHT open up more and become your dream Chatty Cathy but chances are, if he's like this with everyone, he's like this all the time. Prepare to ask 99 questions or prepare to move on. EtteA Send a private message. Is it bad if i have to ask 99 questions to try and have a conversatiin with him?

I dont want him to be creeped out or anything. Edited on December 4, at CaliMAn Send a private message.

Now you are helping others, just by visiting wikiHow. This will catch his interest and send the right message that you are definitely interested in him. Heres the ultimate website for this sort of thing. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Sign in Already have an account?

EtteA - Guys usually don't get "creeped out" simply by girls who simply talk to them. So, as Sarah suggested, if you are interested in him, ask him to come to lunch with you.

Bear in mind three things though: So be prepared that he might say no, or might say yes to a platonic lunch but decline anything source that 2 Even if you like him, you may simply be incompatible with someone who is that difficult to communicate with.

If you have to pull his teeth out just to get him to say word 1 to you, you may be better served to reconsider your interest in him. It is a recipe for disaster, both emotionally and professionally.

Even if he likes you, he may not feel that the risk is worth it. Kingslayer Send a private message. He's new at the worksite. It could take him a couple of months to feel comfortable and open up a bit.

I remember this one younger lady started with us and was all short answers and not much talk.

How to Get a Shy Guy to Like You and Ask You Out

Now it seems like I can't get her to shut up sometimes. IanLang Send a private message. Not much more to be said here, but: It's also possible he has no interest in mixing his work and personal lives, which is a solid policy. Don't date people you work with.

9 Great Ways to Flirt with a Shy Guy Love

No offense but not dating someone you want and desire, someone who you think could add the better half of the gene pool to your future kids While Corporate America tells you not to fish in the company pond, on company time how many of us can name an executive they know who married his secretary?

If you know any executives, you know some company fishermen who fished in the company pond Another "Do as I say, not as I do" "solid policy that means you should cower down, keep your head down, nose to the grindstone.

But that's true regardless of which pond you caught it in.


Company pond, disco pond, online dating site pond Don't you really think this whole entire "our pond" thing is really about you not competing for THEIR catch of the day? No, the hottie employee is dismissed for whatever excuse HR can muster and Baby is out the door with a Security escort before she can even finish scribbling "Manwhor Keep your eye on the ball, work, work, work, no time for play But check out the new hire in Accounting, the one with the tight skirt, asking her out like a boss would do and romance will surely follow.

And when promotion time comes, do you really think Corporate sits around in their corner offices, high back swivel chairs, hotties bringing them fresh brewed, evaluating future club members by saying "Let's promote Gilligan, he never takes any risks" Or do you think they say "You know, maybe we should give that Stiffler a shot. Did you see that hottie he was rumored to have bent over the copy machine down in Marketing? THAT'S what corporate really wants anyway.

The bold, not the meek.

How To Let A Shy Guy Know You Re Interested

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How To Let A Shy Guy Know You Re Interested

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