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Signs a Libra likes you

Libra Man In Love: 10 Unmistakable Signs To Tell

Scale back on the libra slander, please. I'm looking for genuine reviews, lol. I met a libra via mutual friend back in October. Whenever we met up. However if a Libra guy really likes you they will often act more relaxed and like they have fewer problems and worries in the world. If you Showing vulnerability is a sure sign that he's interested and once you begin to peel back the layers of your Libra love interest, you'll know you've reached steady relationship territory. 1 Dec We're going to take a look into ten surefire signs that a Libra man seriously likes you. From fancy gifts to changes in communication, there are a number of things a Libra man might do to show you he seriously likes you. So if you notice one or more of these signs coming from the Libra man you're interested.

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How do you know whether a Libra male is interested? Jan 17, 1. Scale back on the see more slander, please. I'm looking for genuine reviews, lol. I met a libra via mutual friend back in October.

Whenever we met up, we ended up spending quite of bit of time together just walking around, getting into trouble type of thing. Eventually he started inviting me to these social events in the city.

He wants his lover to be beautiful, so she needs to make sure she continues to take care with her appearance. The Capricorn woman lives in her own imaginary cold and closed world, which she will have to leave behind if she wants to be in a relationship with the Libra man, who is overwhelming and charming. If the Libra man you love behaves like this, you surely know that you've won his head and heart.

Community events, parties, etc. Invited me out to a New Year's Eve kickback. I never went to any cause I was busy. He also texted me throughout the week for general convos. Because we're flirteous with each other, I wasn't taking it seriously for awhile.

Until one night, it just clicked and lo behold I was wrapped up in that libran charm. We've only hugged during these outings. We see each other once a week, just us two. Usually going out to local restaurants in the city. He hasn't come onto me at all other than playful gestures.

Very gentlemen like above else. Ive met his younger brother and some of his friends just by chance. Idk, his way is very subtle.

I know enough about libras but I can't tell his level of interest simply cause I know they're lovey dovey people. He has also shown some signs of jealously. Nothing major or overt. It was very passive but I could tell cause the article source felt different and little detached then usual. So what do you guys think? What signs stood out the most for you? Jan 17, 2. I think he's interested.

THIS is big - This is rare.

Secret Signs Your Libra Man is into You

I usually only do when my relationships are official. Does he call you? I can admit as a Libra woman - I always have a few in the back pocket. But, he is probably trying to feel you out right now to see if you two are a good match.

If he thinks you are, he will move forward pretty quickly - meaning more dates, wanting to see you a lot more than once a week and wanting some type of commitment. If not or still indecisive about how he feels -- he will remain the same and you won't see anything past just being cool and hanging out here and there.

He will remain friendly and flirty - but it won't mean he is trying to move towards something. Jan 17, 3. What's your sign OP? And does he playfully tease you? My good libra sis dede already mentioned most ways so I can only reaffirm what she said. Also I wanna add he is an air sign man so good conversation is a must.

He might like how you look on his arm but if y'all don't get into deep convos then it's gonna go as far as it How To Tell If A Libra Man Is Interested now. Jan 17, 4. Seems like he's trying to feel you out. Libra men are just really nice to women in general though. They know how to make women feel comfortable, but you can definitely tell when they actually want to pursue someone.

They can get very touchy and usually hint with a extra flirtatious gesture. Jan 17, 5. Yes, he has called and FaceTimed a few times. And, we playfully tease all the time. There is a never a dull moment. I'm a earth sign, particularly a Virgo-leo.


click Lol, I definitely can offer deep, lively conversations. We have discussed a wide range of things so far. He has opened up about his family and his perceptions about them in little bits. He tends to joke whenever I start asking a load of questions. He always answers so I take that as an ok to prob. He usually asks me things when he recognizes that I haven't shared as much.

I feel good about him so far, but I was looking for other perspectives. Jan 17, 6. Jan 17, 7.

Let the Romance Begin

Jan 17, 8. Libra males aren't shy in that sense, they go for what they want. From what you listed it seems he's into you. I just don't know why you're willing to deal with their constant bullshit and lies. Jan 17, 9. It depends on what his Venus is As for Libra in love.

How To Tell If A Libra Man Is Interested

Libra is a masculine sign, despite having a feminine ruler, so he'll show you and approach you if he likes you. Masculine signs are ones that tend to approach you if they like you.

Libra is also a cardinal sign, so he will initiate conversation. Libra is also an air sign, so if he likes you then he'll spend lots of time with you and love talking to you.

How To Tell If A Libra Man Is Interested

He'll wine and dine you as stated above because they are ruled by Venus the planet of romance. Your Story He seems to like you a lot.

Says I never should have left. From what you listed it seems he's into you. Who Is Stormi Bree? The more you pay attention to his behavior, you may be able to catch the signs that tell you that he is in love with you.

He takes you out, has conversations with you, invites you into his circle, and jealous. Jan 17, They would be trying to mack you hardcore unless they have Aries in the chart to severly offset the need to charm or Aquarius causing some aloofness or even a really strong Saturn would cause them to be shy but Libra's are BIG TIME charmers so you would know if they were interested. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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