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However, that doesn't mean she isn't interested, either. The only way to know is to ask. If you want it to mean she likes you as more than a friend, then ask her to date you. If she's comfortable kissing you, then she should be comfortable enough to give you a clear response to your question, and then you'll know. k Views. He may have mention the married women chasing him thing just as chat, trust me if he wasn't into you there is no way you'd be chatting to him every night, let alone "gorgeous", long chat in person, kiss on the lips. Don't say hi to him the minute he logs on, but an IM saying something like "Hi there! Had a great time at the. 21 Jan In here, your lips are pursed as if you're really kissing your partner but without actually touching your partner's lips. Sometimes, it includes check-to-cheek. It's also accompanied with a mwah sound. This is frequently seen in Western cultures. When someone air kisses you, it would mean that he/she has.

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Does kissing someone actually mean something to a man? So if a man was drunk ,does that mean ,hes only doing it because hes had a few? It's not like scratching your butt or something. Of course it means something! Kissing is one of the greatest parts of a romantic relationship. Guys that don't like kissing? They're missing the boat - and a lot of other things. As for a friend who kisses you properly Or, do you mean he kissed you on the cheak or gave you a quick peck?

Personally, I've been told I kiss properly All kisses mean the person has feelings for you of some kind. If your friend kissed you on the lips or slipped his tongue in your mouth, that's a good click here he wants more than a friendship. If, however, it was a split second smooch, that would mean he's just being friendly Kinda makes you wonder if Gorbie had any romantic feelings for Ronald Regan, doesn't it?

I mean I certainly don't kiss my platonic guy friends on the lips that I simply hang out wtih and they certainly don't kiss me that way so yes it does mean something.

I think if any of my guy friends kissed me that way I'd be a little taken back by it or shocked of what they If A Friend Kisses You On The Lips. Most guys, like myself, like to go around kissing women whether we know them or not. Hell, sometimes, if we haven't kissed anyone for a few hours, we will even start kissing inanimate objects, family members, or even other guys But hey, it's what we do.

A peck on the cheek for bringing someone a sandwich is one thing Leans in for the kiss and for the next hour passionately kiss?

He probably would have sex with you however. You need to understand ladder theory to understand what happened, when it comes to the opposite sex, males have one ladder sexual rating system and females have two sexual rating system AND friend rating system. Now the problem is that men have no idea which of the two ladders they are on and women don't understand that men only have one ladder.

If A Friend Kisses You On The Lips

What happened with your guy was called a ladder jump, now you can choose to let him onto the sexual ladder or you can let him fall into the abyss, the choice is yours but i guarantee you that he is sexual interested in you. For more information go to this site, it's hilarious; www.

If A Friend Kisses You On The Lips

For fun, and just curious to see how the woman kisses! Thats why i posted on here as i knew some smart person like yourself could answer my question!

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And different types of kisses mean different things. In my eyes, a quick peck on the cheek is just a friendly action between two people. The tricky one to descern is the quick peck that is on the lips. Two friends that are very close could give eachother pecks on the lips closed mouths and no tongue and it still only be a friendly gesture. It could also mean that either or both parties think of the other as more than just friends. I know when I look back, I have given pecks to friends and it was nothing more than a friendly gesture.

I have also given pecks to people I have wished something more than just friendship. Is the Pope catholic? Having said that - depends on context It probably means more to us than it does to women. You don't kiss someone 'properly' as you put it, if there isn't something there.

She would lean her head on my cheek then i give a hug to her,kissing and slight move my hand on her head. So I have a girlfriend and me and her just peck. He used to kiss me on my cheek or i would kiss him on his cheek. I have really learnt a lot.

The only way to find out this would be to ask the said butt sratcher 'why are you scratching my butt? If a male friend who you knew for a long time kissed you properly ,does it mean he has feelings for you? Depends on which head he was thinking with and how many martinis he had in his system. Only if there's some tongue involved JMO. Http:// it's on the cheek then it's friendly.

The best bet is next time it happens No he had nt had a drink.

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Maybe he just wanted to share his cooties with you. Does a kiss mean anything? I would think it does mean something and he's definitly giving you a obvious signal that he thinks of you of more than just a friend. It was probably meaningless.

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The ending of a kiss may have deep emotional meanings, but then again, a very shy person may not make eye contact after a kiss when they really meant it. The fact that a "proper" kiss was initiated is the first sign that their is something meaningful in the air. This is all assuming you are not talking about a peck on the cheek, because I, personally wouldn't call that a proper kiss Only then is their the possibility that their was no meaning behind it.

All kisses have meaning, the hard part is figuring out what that meaning is. I kiss my dog, my parents, my kids. It generally means they love you in some way. Kissing is one of the most intimate things two people could do! It was a proper kiss,lasting 20 mins on and off!!!!!

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It means as much as he wants it to mean. You best believe it means something to a man.