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Does He Like Me? (How to Know if a Boy Likes You)

Does your teacher like you? [girls only]

She/he teaches you how to spell catastophe, and tells you to be quiet, but what does she/he REALLY think of you?(quiz idea by Veraah) My Results: She thinks you're naturally smart. Teachers love easy work. And you, getting everything right, and always on time. She's glad to have you around when she's having a bad. Booored. ;p Take this quiz! Firstly, do you like HIM? Does he look at you much? Will he call on you in class much? If you're just walking down the corridor, and he sees you, what will he do? Is he noticeably nicer to you than everyone else? Are you quite smart, in that class, would you say? Does he ever act flirty / say. 3 Oct If you have a crush on your teacher, you may want to show and gain some admiration. But know the limits from "get-go". Remember, a "crush" c.

Published March 13, Does your teacher like you too? My friends don't know that I like him, but they say that he "loves" me and that sometimes he a little creepy toward me.

Maybe since they don't know you like him.

Does your teacher like you?

He was talking to me when I was right in front of him, then he walked past me and bumped into me with his chest on my neck and didn't acknowledge it. Then continued talking to me again.

Okay so every day I would smile when I seen him, and stair into his eyes. But it's almost like flirting but a little different. Will you comment with your thoughts about him and what you think i should do? Just be careful about this, beacuse if you are in love, you can easily can missunderstand signs with coincidents. Age difference, laws and such, but if it's her teacher's doubts, then it's even more understandable because he'll be the one in trouble if they are in a relationship and such.

He touched you on purpose. I don't think he likes you. We walked into class and i looked up and he was already looking at me, he then winked and gave me grin and asked how I was out of all people that were in class?

He definitely likes you. No he doesn't like you.

Secrets Teachers Don’t Want You To Know

He likes you a lot. One time my friend and i were in the hallway beside his class room but i looked away when he came out, then my friend said he just stared at you there now. Then he walked in and came out again here my friend said why does he keep looking at you?

Is My Teacher Flirting With Me Quiz

He wanted to talk to you. I told him something my friend said about me and another teacher having an affair its a joke ; and he gave me a weird smile that looked a little pervy. Will you comment with your thoughts about him and what you think i should do?

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Is My Teacher Flirting With Me Quiz

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I just lost mine about 2 months ago. No, he doesn't compliment at all. Or do something ovious, what makes him realize that.

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Does your teacher like you?